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First Look At Wii U Mii Studio

Nintendo Japan has provided gamers a glimpse of the Mii Studio for Wii U. The set up appears to be very similar to that found on Wii and Nintendo 3DS. You can choose your characters facial shape, hair, nose and mouth, and so on. If you can’t be bothered to tailor your Mii to your needs, you can use the inbuilt camera on the Wii U GamePad and a Mii will be generated for you. The screenshots also show a QR code so you can share your Mii characters.

69 thoughts on “First Look At Wii U Mii Studio”

          1. Once again xbox improved upon wii avatars. You would think nintendo would have improved on xbox’s since it was their original idea. But NOPE. Nintendo never looks at what the competition is doing. It is their biggest fault.

            1. Please,I rather have a Wii avatar.I heard that the xbox avatar don’t get laid because there too busy playing CoD and what not.

    1. I’m pretty sure you can transfer it the way you get Miis off the Wii. If not, you can always create a QR code and scan it off your 3DS!

              1. Wow. I’m far mature than you. First of all, it was a joke. Secondly, your comment tells me you are barely literate.

  1. Not that I’m complaining or anything but they mould keep this model for the 3ds and for the wii u had more detailed HD miis
    Hands clothes. Accessories etc. but that’s just mii I guess

    1. It seems exactly the same as wii. They should really take miis to the next level now. Like you said more HD detail would be apreciated as well as tons of clothes and accessorys.

      1 thing i absoloutly freaking loved about Mario Tennis Open for 3ds is you could unlock over 150 clothes , rackets , etc etc and it was really really cool.

      My mii had a full Boo outfit with a baby bouser racket ofcourse.

      Please Nintendo make some sort of shop where we can spend ”play coins” on mii clothes.

        1. ikr ? Have you played Mario Tennis Open ? The game is a 7/10 (imo) but the Mii customization ?? i don’t know how Nintendo aren’t continuing it because it has the potential to make Mii’s the worlds greatest and coolest thing!!!

          Seriously awesome. Imagine a shop (fake money shop) on wiiu where you could buy a Miyamoto T-shirt or a Reggie T-shirt or a Mario T-shirt or a Link Outfit with something similar to Play coins. I mean it’s not rocket science , that shit would be off da hook!!!

  2. Sigh!!!… way too kiddy looking. Once again Nintendo talked out their ass about going after the core gamers (those owning the PS3/Xbox360). They will not buy this console just based on the kiddy looking interface. I hope Nintendo would at least allow for UI customization for those not into the cutesy looking stuff. Wii U interface have Casual appeal only written all over it.

    1. Ps3 avatars are just pictures, although I do prefer that, I hate that they charge for the good ones. (Yes I do buy em anyways)

    2. No one is asking you to make a mii in the first place. And even if you have to, just pick one of the pre-made miis. And boom! You made a mii in 5 second

    1. The only thing Xbox 360 avatar’s offer are clothes and the like. The Mii’s at least allow you to significantly change your facial features. What would’ve been nice would be the ability to give your Miis clothes, something they already started on the 3DS but didn’t push.

  3. I hope they have more options. Every time I try to create a new Mii to look like a character I like I end up giving up for the lack of options.

  4. With Nintendo Land having costumes, I wonder if they’ll have game-centric outfits as promotional marketing the same way XBL Avatars can be dressed up with different costumes and accessories. It would look awesome on the Miis running around the Warawara Plaza.

  5. Why did Nintendo not talk about this sooner? I’ve been wondering about this the whole time. It’s good that it at LEAST uses the camera like the 3DS does. But I bet the Mii’s still look ridiculous even when using the camera to create one. My self-made Mii’s always looked more like who they were supposed to be than when I used the camera. Why couldn’t they have made the console be able to put people’s REAL FACES instead of just cartoony Mii’s? *sigh*
    Technology STILL must be advenced enough to allow that.

  6. …while I like the ability to change my facial features just fine with the regular Mii’s, at least better than the Xbox 360’s Avatars, unfortunately the Avatars have clothes while the Miis do not. Come on Nintendo, add in clothes!

    1. Yeah, and also add the ability to color the skin in all colors of the rainbow. Then people can create Simpsons characters and people like the Incredible Hulk etc.

  7. LOL People are complaining about the Mii’s design, yet they clearly leaked their designs since the Miiverse trailers months ago.

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