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You Can Have Up To 100 Friends And Block People On Nintendo Network For Wii U

Unlike previous Nintendo consoles and handhelds, the Wii U doesn’t require users to register Friend Codes to add other users as friends; Wii U features Nintendo Network IDs. You can friend a maximum of 100 people on your Wii U, and you can also block users, if you so wish.

36 thoughts on “You Can Have Up To 100 Friends And Block People On Nintendo Network For Wii U”

  1. No one is really going to have 100 friends. In total over PSN, XBL, Steam, and Origin I only have like 50 – 60 friends IN TOTAL so ya no big problem

    1. R U sure about that. I’ve been an XBL vet for 7 years and have at least 60 active friends having 93 friends in total, that’s not even counting steam and my skype account I use for pokemon battles. Yes I do talk with them, however I probably won’t do so for long as often now that I’m getting a wii u.

      1. 7? dam beat me by 1 year. but yea, they could’ve added a higher friend cap than that, I only have 80something last time I checked, course I also have steam.

        1. I see you’re not talking crazy this time like the last time u posted on the spin the bottle page… You on any meds or something? Also what’s ur xbl?

    2. Well, for people that operate multiplayer “servers” this could be problematic. An example (admittedly not a Nintendo one) is a Minecraft server on Xbox. It’s very annoying to add and remove people depending on who wants to go on your “public” server.

  2. You can have up to 1000 friends probably. If you do 10 accounts on your Wii U and having 100 different friends on each .__. MINDBLOWiiNG.jpg

  3. I would never have any more than just 1 friend on it anyways (if even that). I don’t play games with strangers. Who wants to hear a bunch of bad words every 5 seconds?

    1. … You are a sad, stupid and lonely person. I don’t know whether to talk some sense into you (mute button? Don’t go in video chat with them?) or whether to give you a hug.

    2. Apparently if that’s the case, I kinda feel sorry for ya bud. I actually have mature friends, yea we kid around once and a while but just for good humor.

    3. “Who wants to hear a bunch of bad words every 5 seconds?” Only once in a blue moon do I come across such stupid. You do know a mute button exists right?

  4. I not going to have 100 friends with a wii u I dont know any of my friends getting it. Some never even heard of it. 100 is enough. If you need more, you need to be less popular.

  5. Guys don’t you dare go on GameXplain’s Youtube channel because probably you will see the final boss of New Super Mario Bros U. I don’t know if GameXplain uploaded it yet, just don’t go on their channel.

  6. Hmm… It will take me a long time to reach that amount, but I wish the number was a bit higher. I like to add a lot of people, so I think I could be maxed out within a couple years if I’m not careful. I hope they extend it to 500 eventually.

  7. I dont know what my Wii U is doing but its talking forever. I did the update. I made my Nintendo Network ID and I guess its finalizing it….The gamepad just has the spinning loading circke in the corner going and going and going. TV says use the gamepad for the set up or whatever. Its been doing that for like an hour lol. What do I do?

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