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Nintendo’s Brand-New Wii U Console Officially Launches In The U.S.

Today marks the release of the first new video game console in six years. Nintendo’s Wii U has finally launched in the U.S. The new console boasts full HD graphics and a unique controller called the Wii U GamePad, which hosts a wide variety of features, including a traditional gaming layout, motion controls, a microphone, speakers, a camera, a TV Control button, and a 6.2-inch touchscreen.

The Wii U releases in Europe on November 30th and Japan on December 8th.

131 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Brand-New Wii U Console Officially Launches In The U.S.”

  1. Finally! I will have mine in approximately 13 hours. I really hope that update doesn’t eat up all the time I have to play! Bring it on! My physical being is in a state of preparation!

    1. I GOT MINE TOO!!! I can’t wait to take this badboy home and play the bejesus out of it!!! ZombiU, COD Black Ops 2, New Super Mario Bros. U and Assassin’s Creed 3 are all getting played tonight. I’ll be sure to hook up my 1TB HDD and put in the SD cards for the updates whenever they come.Time to usher in the 1st next-gen console my fellow Nintendo fans!!!

    2. I’ve read everywhere it’s a 4-5 gig download for the first update, I live in the country with a 5 gig data limit. Fuuuuk!!

      Looks like I may need to visit the parants house…

      1. Haha. I seen your tweet Jesse a couple weeks ago. Made me chuckle. What do you say we move that Rage game over and play some U?

    1. You get a credit card and you put yourself in debt to get the Wii U if you have to. You sell your soul to the devil himself. You cut out your kidneys and sell them if you need to. Point is YOU MUST DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET A WII U. NO IS NOT AN OPTION.

  2. my gamestop doesn’t open until nearly lunchtime, per normal. guess they don’t think a system launch merits the same treatment as a call of duty launch, or even opening an hour early.

    1. Mine is in a mall that usually doesn’t open until noon, but they’re opening up an hour early for it. A rep there told me there wouldn’t be a midnight launch because “Nintendo wouldn’t allow it”. :/

        1. That’s BS, Walmart is open 24/7. Besides, my store opens at 11 EST. Still, at least I didn’t pre-order through ToysRus or anything. I might be upset since I took the whole week off between WiiU and thanksgiving…

      1. I call BS about Nintendo saying they cant. I think its a safety thing. People wont kill each other over COD. But the 1st 8th gen console…might get some crazies at a midnight launch for Wii U. Even still I would take my chances at a midnight launch. People on youtube posting the Miiverse and main menu videos is driving me crazy. Everything about the Wii U makes my mouth water its just so fucking fantastic. Best thing made in along time. A timemachine wouldnt even hold up to the Wii U.

        1. You may be right. Purhaps I should have pre-ordered at Bestbuy which is literally across the parking lot from my EB Games. All though I would have went through issues with them as well. Like I did with Halo 4.

          1. I usually pre order my games and console from best buy. Got my WiiU system at midnight launch opening. For the most part no trouble. Except for price match policy.

  3. Miyamoto You have created some of my favorite moments in my entire life and brought friends together again. I’m sure that this new console will do the same. *Tear*

  4. I am so jealous Lol those of you that are a few hours ahead of Arizona are so lucky. Game stop is NOT having a midnight launch :-( boo hoo :’-(

    1. The Gamestop fiasco has nothing to do woth Nintendo that is GameStops’ Fault it didn’t stop Nontendo World from opening at Midnight or stop Walmart from selling it at midnight! It is very disappointing but can’t wait til they open at 10am here to pick it up but that doesnt stop my anger towards GameStops’ Executives thus why i bought all my accessories and games at Walmart already! GameStops’ loss :-)

      1. Ha Ha! I did the same thing!! (Canceled my games and accessories at Gamestop, buyinh them the retailer next door!)

    1. I know that. I’m not a hater. good for them. I had the same thing happen for me with Harry Potter 7. Someone gifted it to me, so I had to wait for it in the mail after they picked it up. 3 days after release I got it. It’s not a big deal, it’s just not my preferred solution. Still, I played through me3’s campaign in 26 hours after a midnight release only to see that sorry excuse for a finale, so…life balances things out, I suppose.

  5. To echo what others have said above, Happy Wii U day! I really hope everyone enjoys their new Wii U system (everyone that will be getting one that is). I have mine pre-ordered but haven’t heard anything from Toys R Us Yet.

    1. Well balls. I’m not using half of my Internet allowance to download something that should be on there day 1 with no download times (it will take me a whole day for 5gb :( and with the servers clogged up with others downloading It should take about a week. I will pick one up when they get cheaper have Zelda, Smash Bros Mario kart and Metroid prime 4 (hopefully it gets made) and the Next box and Ps4 have been announced and I am certain that it wont end up with no third-party support like the Wii did. Then and olny then will I get one

      1. The best bit was when the Batted man kicks doctor octopus in the head and says “SHUT UP IDIOT” here is a quote from the article about it —> “this post having been removed for that Nintendo calls, “Violent Content.” Violent content. In a community for a game in which arms are broken, people are shot, and Catwoman is called a “bitch” roughly ten thousand times.
        Read more at–238871.phtml#dU7h6D0cEMzWEGtr.99

        1. I personaly thinks it is good. Yes, I said it. I think it is good. Better that then the wild west this page is from time to time.. Honestly, on the internet strong rules are necessairt to keep the mood up and the trolling down. Especially on a place where kiddos most certainly will be.

    1. well i guess they’ll still have to adapt

      fresh community staff are bound to make some mistakes in the beginning, i wouldn’t read too much into it

  6. The long awaited WiiU is now in my hands at last. For celebration I shal play it. Happ WiiU to all and game on everyone.

    For those of you that didn’t pre order. I hope you be the first 5 in line when the stores open. Maybe you might have a chane to get one. Good luck :)

  7. *sigh* I won’t be able to pick mine up till Monday ;( But I can do it. I’ve waited this long already, I can wait ONE more day.

  8. I played wii u yesterday at a display booth. It was really comfortable. And Mario looked so clear and shiny! Cant wait for the 30th!

    1. i hate seeing a nice piece of hardware being destroyed as much as the next guy but: this exactly!
      it’s for science after all.. kinda

  9. “…boasts *FULL* HD graphics…”

    …in SOME games, not including Nintendo’s own titles lol. Left that part out did ya?

    HD = 720p
    *FULL* HD = 1080p
    Pikimin & NSMB U = 720p = “HD”

      1. Do you even read your own posts? It’s pretty funny how pathetic you are. I screen-cap them and put them up on the web; lots of laughs at your expense, so I mean this sincerely without any sarcasm or derision possible: please keep it up :) Youre entertaining many, many people laughing at what a knob you are :D

  10. I’m sitting in my bedroom feeling like I lost my best friend, because I don’t have the money for a Wii U yet. This is the first time I was forced to miss out on a console launch. Well, second if you consider the fact that I had to wait a week longer to get the Wii when it first came out.

  11. Would just like to let everyone know, that I didn’t pre-order a Wii U. I went to Walmart and there was a line of like 6 people waiting. I decided I’d wait and see if I could get one. Bam! I got one lol. They might be easier to get than you think, so for those of you who didn’t pre-order like me, don’t be discouraged! Go to places and try! The black ones went fast though. Nobody picked up a white one.

    1. which still kind of surprises me.. are nintendoland and 32GB capacity that much of a seller? i know to me they aren’t :)

      i’d love to have a black wii-u so it matches my TV but well… can’t have everything.. i’ll pick up a white one when i get the chance

    2. That seems to be the trend with Walmart, but only Walmart. I picked mine up from WM last night at midnight and the woman mentioned that they had 4 preorders that didn’t sell. I’ve noticed that WM had no promotional material for Wii U preorders anywhere, as opposed to game stop and best buy, who were pushing the things like drugs. It seems to me that once the few extra walmart had sell out, they will prolly get tough to find.

  12. I really don’t understand why SO many people wants the Deluxe set with the black Wii U? Just because it comes with a game and has more memory? Who’s ever gonna use/need THAT much memory? Well, I know I never will. I don’t download games or extra content. I’m getting the Basic Set whenever I can get enough freakin’ money. I KNEW I should have borrowed the rest from my brother in-law.

      1. Me too. Also the charging stand was a draw for me. I’m a big klutz and I wanted my controller sitting in something safe while it’s charging. I think it’s more than worth the extra $50. Nintendo Land will be great over Christmas when my brother and his fiancé come to visit. I foresee hours upon hours of heated Metroid Blast matches. Kudos to Nintendo for making Wii controllers compatible. It’s a rare thing for me to have multiple controllers for a system the day after launch. I usually wait on that so I can get more games.

  13. Dear America

    We know it’s hard, but can you please refrain from boasting about the Wii U. Else it will be twelve days of pure torture and jealously, probably resulting in a psychotic breakdown. Please, we are so envious of you, do not exasperate our suffering.

    Your’s sincerely


    1. Most of this guy’s points were nit-picking. You aren’t forced to use the cricket bat for most of the campaign, he was just too afraid of losing anything to use anything else more often than the cricket bat.

  14. A quick question for all of you Americans who already have the Wii U (I´m from Sweden and have to wait a few more days).

    How many courses are there in Donkey Kongs Crash course? I have only seen one in trailers and demovideos but it suppose there are more than one.
    Can someone confirm or deny that for me??

  15. i’m waiting for the first hardware teams to disassemble the wii-u and tell us what’s really inside :)

    i’ll have to wait a little while longer for my wii-u.. kinda low on cash at the moment :/

  16. I like how you guys blame Nintendo for not allowing midnight launch at gamestop… if nintendo doesn’t allow it, why is bestbuy doing it IF Nintendo doesn’t allow it ?/- _-\

  17. Goddammit why do I have to wait till Christmas!!! I’m gonna go try to persuade my parents to let me play it early…

  18. If you want to find a Wii U Console available in stock, try out Wii U console tracker from

  19. I won’t buy one untill I have enough money to spend :(

    However I’ll be one of those continuing boosting it’s sales after launch window ^^

  20. Got my deluxe version 2 and half hours ago. 10th person in line, and I was confirmed to be first to preorder it at my EB games :D I got Mario Bros U with it. Now im just waiting for it finish downloading the damn update…. 3 people there were trying to buy one with out preorder and they were shunned alright, pretty pissed lol. And I did ask the EB games cashier and it is true that they are sold out everywhere!

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