Here’s A Brief Look At The Robust In-Game Home Menu For Wii U

When you press the Home button on the Wii U GamePad, you gain access to Wii U’s in-game Home Menu, in which you can manage your downloads, access your Friend List, Miiverse, the Nintendo eShop, Internet Browser and Nintendo TVii. Of course, you can also access the Wii U Menu directly from the new controller.


      1. Hmm maybe you’re right I’m sure in short notice someone will try it

  1. Aren’t you suppose to give credit to where you get the info? Good thing the video already has it labeled within the video.

  2. I like the designs for the home screen ect. Its not bombarded with obvious advertisments or anything, its simple, its clear, it doesnt look clustered, but i dont want themes added soon.

  3. YAY Wii U is here!!!!

    If only my GameStop would have a midnight launch i could be getting one right about now…. oh well only 10 more hours for me!

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