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Beyond Good And Evil And Wii U ‘Are A Good Fit’

Michel Ancel, the creator behind Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil, says he believes that the Wii U would be a good fit for the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil 2. Ancel went on to praise the Wii U and said that the system with the unique controller would be perfect for the next Zelda game.

“You’re right when you say that both the Wii U and Beyond Good And Evil fit very well, but for now I am only focused on Rayman Legends.”

“That’s [also] why I believe in an incredible Zelda game, the GamePad and classic control fit very well with such action-adventure games.”

56 thoughts on “Beyond Good And Evil And Wii U ‘Are A Good Fit’”

    1. This is pretty much 99.9% that beyond good and evil 2 will be coming to wiiu.

      A= we know the game is in development but has been delayed because of Rayman Legends
      B= Ubisoft has their dick shoved right up Nitnendo’s ass hole right now
      C= Why the fuck wouldn’t it come to wiiu considering Number 1 was on gamecube aswell (as other platforms)

      This time next year , beyond good and evil 2 will be one of the hyped up wiiu games.

      1. Totally agree, but acording to your “C” Logic Bayonetta 2 wuld be in PS360, becose the first one was on those console, and as we all know that was not going to happen.

        1. That’s a bit of a different case bro . Bayonetta 2 needed publishing to be developed. And Microsoft and Sony wouldn’t do it and SEGA was too broke. So Nintendo Have stepped in and are publishing Bayonetta 2 exclusively for Wiiu.

          Beyond good and evil on the other hand is developed and published By ubisoft who are filthy rich and want to put it probably on as many platforms as possible.

          1. the game is also already pretty far into development
            i shouldn’t wonder if it releases sometime during the next year

            and since neither the nextbox nor the new ps are expected to launch before christmas 2013 at the earliest in that case there wouldn’t be any other system they could publish it on

  1. It’s a shame Rayman Legends was delayed. Anyone know when the demo will be up? I still haven’t familiarized myself with the eShop.

  2. What’s up with that picture? It looks like a piece of her body is missing.
    On topic: Yes, please make this happen exclusively on Wii U. Leave luck to heaven.

  3. My only complaint is that Nintendo’s 1st party games will take for ever to come out….I’m guessing one title per year…. I want a Zelda/ Metroid/ ASAP…….

    1. at least put out a 4 swords HD remake or some other Zelda title in HD to hold us over…and maybe Metroid prime 1 HD remake or Metroid Fusion/zero mission ROM!!

      ***** I like how they did a 4 sword style Zelda in Nintendoland

            1. well recently ubisoft hasn’t exactly known for their exclusive titles.. nowadays all their major franchises appear on as many platforms as possible except when it’s a handheld game
              one of the few exceptions is rabbids, which has always been a wii favourite and will probably continue to be

              not even with zombiu or rayman legends did ubisoft deny a possible later release for different platforms in spite of their unique controls

              i doubt it will be any different with BG&E2

            2. I don’t see how that makes any sense but ok. Its not gonna be exclusive tho I highly doubt it. Either way I got my Wii u tonight so it being exclusive to wiiu wouldn’t effect me in the least.

  4. I would love to see a Geyond Good and Evil sequel on any console, let alone the Wii U. Second worst selling, but amazing, game in the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox era (behind Okami of course)

  5. I think BGAE 2 is vaporware. What I REALLY want from Ancel is a new 3d Rayman game like Rayman 2.

    And the next Zelda game better be a revolution for me to even start to care about it.

    1. Dude, BGAE is fucking awesome.
      But i would love another 3D Rayman if it was like 2, that game was one of my favourite on the psone

      1. This not an IP that is lacking funding like Bayonetta , this IP is backed by a rich delveloper & publisher. Don’t see that happening.

  6. Delveloperas need to stop running to this system like it going to save them & stop pretending that Ninetendo has changed in some way they are still all about them ,they will reboot thier games before giving a damn about 3rd party Del. why don’t you folks wait till thet have an instal base or establish one , cause i serious doubt thier Wii base will follow the to this one especialy since thier are true next gen consoles coming soon & tons of game thatr will not be ported to a system with small # of consoles sold.

    1. Shut the fuck up Kevin and stop trying to predict the future.

      Here I’ll have a go ”The wiiu will be a huge success just like the Wii,Ds and 3DS before it. Ofcourse it needs all the third party games it can get”

    2. I can predict a future for you, ps4 and nextbox will not sell 2 million consoles in first 3 months after their launch.

  7. Please make it happen in some form. I had lost hope for it coming to the PS3 or any console in general, but now this gives me hope again :D

  8. Transferred my Wii account, shop data and save files toy WiiU!

    Nintendo has done a phenominal job with this. Barring “Stolen goods,” You can transfer your shit with ease from one unit to the other. Obviously, you cannot transfer back to the Wii.

    It’s like the 3DS was a trial run for the WiiU. Everything we saw on the 3DS is happening on the WiiU, but better, and in HD.

    AND, te WiiU has a STRONG internet connection, unlike the Wii’s shitty internet connection. Browsing on the gamepad is as fast as my friend’s iPad.

    1. *Troll Damage control:
      I’m not saying the gamepad is as useful as an iPad by itself, nor as portable as it’s tethered to the WiiU, but I’ve no use to surf the web on anything else as it’s very fast as a web browser.

  9. The first BG&E was awesome although short. I hope BG&E2 is longer and even better. And since Ancel mentions such a thing, there is a high chance of it coming to Wii U, also given Ubisoft’s support of Wii U.

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