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Patcher Says Wii U Negativity Won’t Affect Sales

Famed Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes that despite the negativity surrounding the Wii U launch,  the console will continue to sell out till March. That means Nintendo will shift 5.5 million units by the end of the first quarter of 2013, which is inline with Nintendo’s forecast.

“Negativity overall will never go away so I expect the negativity to continue through the holidays. I don’t think this has much impact on the launch and continue to expect launch quantities to be sold out, and reorders to remain sold out through March. The company probably will ship 3 million by Christmas, and all will be sold out.”



82 thoughts on “Patcher Says Wii U Negativity Won’t Affect Sales”

    1. Since when did he hate Nintendo? I mean, on this page we just get to read the crappy stuff he does but this guy is actually pretty cool. Heck, most of the time stuff is taken out from their story to make him look worse than he is.

      1. Suck my balls, this guy is talking this because he predicted that Wii U would fail, and he was wrong, now you can suck patcher’s dick.

    1. ikr? I’m falling in love with the wiiu now. Just been watching some COD blops2 and assassins creed 3 running on the wiiu gamepad and I have to admit , that shit is in a different league to the vita and ps3.

      Sorry guys for trolling on this website , I really think the wiiu is going to be huge.

      1. Not to rain on a parade, but in Michigan, and where a good friend of mine lives in Raleigh, NC, the Wii U is not selling at all like I thought it would. Supposedly sold out ? HARDLY. Black Friday at 2 local Gamestops and an FYE, WalMart and Meijer were selling out of the PS3 / PS Vita and XBox 360 199-dollar deals, and every store I went to had stacks of wii Us left over. I ended up picking up one, but I think it’s nowhere near as big a deal as the wii “shortage” was years ago. I have only played Zombie U and Mario, but both those are not exactly turning out to be what I wanted…..I’d give the unit an 8/10 right now, the software I have about an 7.5, and the overall satisfaction about an 8. Kinda mad at some aspects but over all, the unit has great potential…’s just not a full next gen to me.

    1. You so wrong why are you on the website people like you need to get a grip and get a life your clearly not a gamer because if you were you wouldnt be on this website trolling you would be playing games

      1. Seems like custhe vita has epicly flopped and shifted 3M in a year , everyone wants the vita to fail because of all the vita bashing that’s been taking place.

        The wiiu like Mike pachter says , will sell 3M before this year is over lol. The wiiu is absoloutly awesome and is destined for minimum , ps3 sales figures possibly wii.

        1. I do not want the Vita to fail. I want it to stand strong side by side with the 3ds. That makes a better enviourment for us customers and forces big N to turn it up to 11 on the handheld market just as they have been forced to do on the home console market..

          1. You know what? Your right! That might explain why recent Mario games have not met up with our expectations. (the lack of compentition)

          2. Indeed sir. But they priced it all wrong, marketed it wrong and fucked up with the memory cars. Let alone they didn’t unleash any HUGE franchises. Vita will sell well this holdiay with Little big planet vita , Persona 4 golden and Assassins creed liberation and PSAS.

    2. That’s bullshit lol. All these ”wiiu skeptiks” are the same fucking idiots who said the 3ds was going to fail and vita was going to become the new thing , LMAO. All these ”hardcore gamers” don’t know shit about anything lol.

      Nintendo is going after apple and MS and Sony this time with Wii motion plus and all that. Seriously , I think the wiiu is gunna be HUGE with a stronger software install base than the wii.
      Just my prediction. Still to this day people try and the say the 3ds is a fail , when the truth is , it’s selling faster than the original DS .

  1. I think Patcher is a great person with a bright future. A lot of Nintendo gamers love him. See .. I can be a fucking analyst too.

  2. i don’t think it will either
    90% of the people that could be potential consumers will probably never even come into contact with these news

  3. Everyone hated the 360 when that first came out, and it had bugs, the RROD, a mediocre launch line up, and the graphics really werent that much better, the HD just added a big boost in terms of visuals in its first year or 2

    1. Forgot to mention the point i was making xD

      Its had its flaws but it still sold out, and the flaws got fixed, or worked around, in terms of it small disk storage, or lack of wireless connector.
      WiiU isnt perfect, but nothing is, and nothing start out as good as it is now

      1. I think Nintendo’s soultion to small storage space is brilliant. Granted there’s no 250 Gb Wii U like PS3 has, but IMO plugging an external in the back is a great thing. Instead of spending an obscene amount of money on an Xbox 360 specific hard drive, I can get 1 TB PC external for around $60 bucks. It gives us the choice to have as much or as little space as we want. The Wii U supports up to 2TB.

  4. Pretty much in everything you do productively, you will have negative criticism, even ones that not constructive. But don’t get discouraged, you may actually be doing something right. It is best to remain positive and achieve your goals, in whatever way is best.

  5. Basically Pachter is trying to rally the haters.

    “Shit talking the Wii U & bashing it with negativity isn’t enough! We must try harder! Nintendo must be stopped!”

    Try harder Pachter. You’re a biased tool with a small and insignificant genitalia.

  6. Oh c’mon Pachter, shut up! Hate this guy.

    WiiU will sell and sell year after year, i think Nintendo will make a Revision of the Gamepad in 2 years and sell it worldwide.

  7. the only negativity i saw (aside from the usual xbox/sony fanboys) was pachter himself… so yea, i guess it will sell well as people have learned not to give a shit about what pachter says…

  8. Do we really need him to say anything else? He’s constantly bashed Nintendo over the last few months, and even when he praised them, he found a way to negate that too.

  9. >.<

    His name is spelled, "Pachter." Title needs a little bit of an adjustment there (not to mention almost everyone's comments).

    That said, Nintendo is marketing the Wii U very well. The system is going to do great for that reason.

    1. Who cares if is write “Pachter”, stop correcting everyone, and please, go suck my balls..

      Just kidding, go play Wii U now!

  10. This^.People really need to learn this.Just because you hate the system,doesn’t mean it will sell poorly,the Wii U has an excellent and bright future.

      1. Black Friday makes zero difference, the price will stay the same.

        You can keep making these dimwitted excuses though. Fact is, people don’t give a shit.

        1. Dude,give me one source where it says that the Wii U is selling poorly,until then your statement is nothing more than an opinion.

  11. Pachter .. positive about nintendo? Wow.. thought i would never see this.. But ok, im really exited to get a Wii U on the 30th!!

  12. common fuuuking sense

    Pachter isnt that the whilole point we nintendo fans keep telling u to shut up your anti nintendo nonsense your payed to say about nintendo by industry insiders will never stop nintendo and nonsense about weak cpus again to stop sales again lol wont work kiddy myths wont work nintendo is doomed wont work lol at any old attempt to stop nintendo the cpu isnt weak the industry is weak and so is sony lets hqve it right hay patch

  13. common fuuuking sense

    Pachters way of saying those who pay him to talk this crap have now admitted defeat at last reality has sunk in nin ten do won the console war and sonys investment status and credit status has been given junk status aka sony is worth nothing

  14. I can’t believe that pacther didn’t say anything like “Nintendo is doomed” or something. He must feel ashamed because his predictions about the sales of Wii U were wrong. Poor little thing xD

  15. Well the negativity will affect sales by at least one. I had one per-ordered with Amazon, but I cancelled it earlier this week.
    10 to 30 seconds for pages to load!!! Frame rate issues!

  16. I’m not that upset that I probably won’t get one till March. I finish college in April so I’ll have plenty of time to play with my new toy during the break. Also, all of the launch window games will be out and hopefully, Nintendo releases some patches and updates that will fix some of the current problems. What I do hope is that they will still offer the deluxe bundle.

  17. Yeah it’s true that Wii U launched with a lot of problems (Wii will always be my favorite system) but I really hope that people will give it a shot. Miiverse is a wonderful thing and I find it more addicting than Twitter or Facebook. Wii U is getting some great exclusives such as MH3 Ultimate (I know there is a 3DS version but it’s exclusive to consoles), Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, and Pikmin 3. Please keep in mind that most of those exclusives were made by a third party.

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