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R4 Cartridges Are Now Blocked In Japan

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has announced that R4 cartridges – which allow users to play pirated games – are now strictly prohibited by law. R4 cards have already been banned in the United Kingdom and France where they became immensely popular. It seems as though Nintendo lead the cry for the importation of R4 cards to be banned in Japan.

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71 thoughts on “R4 Cartridges Are Now Blocked In Japan”

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    1. Or indie games. Modding your console isn’t illegal in any country, in worst cases, it only would make you lose your warranty

      1. Actually using r4 does not “mod” your DS/DSi/3DS/Console, it can’t either be claimed software mod because since it does not mod or add anything to your software too (like the Wii softmod), in some models it just leaves traces that you used a non-licensed cartdridge. They could only win the legal case saying that its purpose is to play DS and others roms, since homebrew community is small.

    2. Once you buy their products, you agree to the terms that you won’t use pirate programs on their consoles. You may like playing SNES games on your DS that you download illegally, but it doesn’t mean they want or will allow you to. If you want to play SNES games, either buy one or download them for the Virtual Console!

  1. Good :) I approve of this. I know it will not kill the pirates but heck I do dislike people trying to play their games for free. Sad thing is that in the west the best way to play some games are by pirating. Heck, I do NOT import another 3ds just to play some games that are only released in Japan….

  2. Even though R4s were good for Homebrew, the fact of the matter is they are mostly used for very easy access to illegally downloaded games. I fully approve of this and any decision to remove R4s.

  3. Damn Nintendo! I like having backups of my games. Two of my games are gone from me now and having the backups is so sweet. Plus the emulators are awesome!

    1. Relax, I’m sure the Japanese government isn’t going to track you down because you have an R4 card, they have WAY more important things to do… This is just going to effect the sale and manufacturing of R4s, and they will make no attempt to seize R4s already out there, unless they like wasting money…

  4. This is a good move, indeed piracy is not going everywhere, but 3ds software will sell a little more; but this is something Nintendo did to themselves too, making their consoles region blocked.

    1. I don’t agree. This is a bad move, flashcards are not only used for piracy. They are good to see homebrew and great ideas put in the console. Colors 3D was first a homebrew on DS (Colors), it was so good that Nintendo agreed to make a new version for the eShop and it is one of the best selling apps… just saying…
      And, in Japan, they don’t have the same pirate issues seen in other countries. The people wants to have the original thing and they do that.

      1. So you saying you don’t agree with it’s ban in japan because people already buy the games there. But if they buy originals things there anyway, why this is a case? homebrew was small there, and the majority was emulators (which brings lecal claims again). Colors went to be Colors 3D not because Nintendo liked it so much that they contacted the developers for a new one, the developers went to Nintendo and asked to be eShop licensed. I do agree that homebrew can bring great ideas, but you can still have a good idea and work it up to eShop, especially now that Nintendo is trying to grab indie developers.

        1. this is just the beggining. Since *insert and old date* devs work in indie apps or games that are not supported by the companies… and good thing come from that. Also, in Japan they don’t even have to worry about flashcards piracy. Games sell very well there. Japan is making a series of bad moves…

  5. I’m a pirate, but not a heavy one. I don’t live in Japan, so I honestly don’t care. It’s not like this will stop the pirates anyway, because they always find another way.

  6. This move is a violation of rights once again.. Another illegal move great.. I hope people fights for the rights in Japan and UK, because this is bull s**t.

    1. You are illegally downloading games, and you are complaining about “violation of rights” and calling this illegal? I smell hypocrisy…

      1. R4 it’s self is not downloading games illegally, but also, I even heard that anti-pirate laws were a violation of rights in some way.. Plus, I think people should have a right, especially if they already own the game. I’m not saying it’s legal now, but I’m saying in some way it should..

        I even heard that a lot of laws we had has been violating rights of people’s anyway.. Since the government can be corrupt a lot.

        1. Then you need to look at life harder, since life isn’t as easy as saying, “Everything’s corrupt.”

          That’s about as naive as saying, “Everything is without flaw.”

          1. I’m just giving my opinion I think.. I don’t think it’s right that monopoly governments should tell people what they can and cannot do.. It is true that the US Government and maybe others outside is corrupt.. And I was just giving a sense from a “We the people” view. Nothing wrong with wanting to fight for rights too in my view.

            Life for being hard, that’s different, I’m talking about governments. And that’s possible to fix.

            1. You’re not talking about anuthing, guy… I’m mean what is the violation about rights in banning gadgets that’s used for pirate?
              I don’t know if piracy is wrong, or if it’s wrong that companies wants to get paid for their shit.
              But, as the economy is, if I don’t pay for the games I’m playing who’s gonna pay? Well, all the people that buy their stuff. So, how are this piracy standing up for the little?

              1. It might not legally be seen as a violation of rights by the governments but in a “we the people” or something sense.. It violates privacy sort of, and some sort of other freedom that I believe should be projected but the governments don’t see that. Like for US, there was some great articles talking about how some laws violated the constitution, etc. As for constitution, I’m not sure what Japan is like, but I think it’s still great to have that protected for anyone.

                And I don’t think it’s wrong to get paid too.. I’m just talking about that R4 users should still be protected, especially if they used it for other things or download a game they already own.. Even though, I heard evidence that “piracy” doesn’t effect as much (Though it depends maybe).. But if it did, there are a lot of other things effecting the companies.. And of course, I think it’s great to help companies raise money, but these certain laws trying to “stop” piracy just isn’t the answer. Nintendo, and others seems to be doing fine already I think but some people in Nintendo and other seems to keep worrying.

                Just my thoughts based on what I been reading..

                  1. What are talking about? Are you saying that the law is violating your rights because you wanna commit a crime and not be punished for it? I had a r4 and I’m concious enough to say that I didn’t buy it because I wanted homebrew, not sure if some one really says “Oh god, I want to buy a r4 because the homebrew is so damn good, just want it” and by that i mean the legal part (so, NO ROMS). People often says, I want to back up my games, but that is only excusable on consoles, since they hold your save game, the DS/3DS cartdridges hold the save data so if your cart got lost/damaged, you will have to play the game from the beggining so you just excusing yourself of buying/repair it again.

                    1. Yeah, a crime that shouldn’t be a crime.. As the thing that made it a crime is unconstitutional in the US. It’s a violation of rights and the government (That killed the Constitution) got away with it. (As I was trying to explain) But as for backups and homebrew, some people want to do it for that.. I’m one of those people who would love to download a game so I can mod it. Mainly a game I own. And some just want to make it feel for a ds instead of a GBA for example.. Or if they couldn’t find there charger, etc.

                      Anyway, Monopoly is wrong, simple. Even if the government views them as “rights”.

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  8. I’m am a pirate sailing dowm the sea. Playing Conker’s bad fur day on my Nintendo Wii. R4 cards and homebrew apps galore i’m a pirate you’re a pirate ahoy! Like the song? :)

  9. Seriously doubt they are banned in the UK.
    I can walk in nearly any (not well known) phone or cheap electronics store and pick one up for as cheap as £10.
    I know lots of people who own them, many different versions and come from lots of different stores that will help put the firmware files on for you :P.

    I don’t support piracy, but with the amount of 3DS games i have, i wouldn’t mind them on one cartridge.

    I wouldn’t mind the downloadable versions, however i like having the game case and i’m not gonna fork out for the exact same game digitally. Wish they had a way of storing them on one cart or something.

    1. I bought one from a market when I was younger for my DS. And the guy on the market could put all the games you requested onto it! It was awesome! I got all the mediocre games I never wanted to pay any money for (spiderman,need for speed etc).

      Whilst awesome, it’s not fair on Nintendo and other business’

    2. Says wanna all 3ds games in one cart but does not want to buy a bigger SD card and digital downloads because wants the case then goes buy a r4 and play all those games without case. Good thing we can’t put 3ds games on r4, this guy just wanna play without having to pay for support devs.
      Yeah I know you really liked your game cases when you were playing all your DS games on your r4.

  10. Yelelelelelelholololololololol HAHAHAHAHAA TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    They didn’t say anything about Acekard 2i or another flashcart? lmfao

  11. I loved my R4, but most of the games that came out for the DS as of late have been pirate proof. Still, I use it a lot for the games that work properly on it.

  12. Since I have no clue what R4 cartridges are (or why people are talking about playing SNES games on the DS), this news is of no interest to me. For that matter, why am I posting this comment? I don’t know…..

  13. I had an R4 , it was pretty cool playing hacked/fanmade games , Snes/GBC/NES games :) but i doubt it will be banned in Australia ..

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