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Miyamoto Didn’t Want Story Elements In Paper Mario Sticker Star


Kensuke Tanabe, software planning and development department for Paper Mario: Sticker Star on the Nintendo 3DS has revealed that Shigeru Miyamoto requested that story elements be removed from the game. Miyamoto believed that the gameplay elements in Paper Mario: Sticker Star were what players really wanted.

“With regard to the story, we did a survey over the Super Paper Mario game in Club Nintendo, and not even 1 percent said the story was interesting. A lot of people said that the ‘Flip’ move for switching between the 3D and 2D dimensions was fun.”

“I originally saw it in a way that’s similar to Miyamoto-san. Personally I think all we need is to have an objective to win the boss battle at the end of the game.”

“I didn’t think we necessarily needed a lengthy story like in an RPG. Instead, we looked at the characteristics of a portable game that can be played little by little in small pieces and packed in lots of little episodes and ideas. I always did like putting in little ideas, so I actually enjoyed it.”

110 thoughts on “Miyamoto Didn’t Want Story Elements In Paper Mario Sticker Star”

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        I’m setting up a new Nintendo Network account tomorrow because Nintendo recommends not to have a name so closely related to the word “Nintendo” on Miiverse. My old Nintendo Network ID was “SuperNintenboy,” and a representative from the company actually suggested that I change my name manually. Luckily, I can still keep all of my purchase history in tact, but my save data will be lost in the process.

        I’ll be performing the transfer tomorrow over the phone, so I’m glad it doesn’t have to be something I turn my console into Nintendo for. XD

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  1. But you’re wrong Miyamoto you moron. We need a good balance of both and that’s why Sticker Star is mediocre instead of great.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with you! If it isn’t for the story, then how am I supposed to feel entertained to continue playing for a game that makes me go around all the levels just to find one stupid sticker that’s super effective against a boss I can’t beat with normal stickers?

      Mr. Miyamoto is a genius, I have to agree on that, but sometimes I think he doesn’t take the opportunity he has with the characters he has on his hands. It’s mostly because of him that we will never find out about the origin of Mario’s parents, or even Bowser’s backstory.

      Also… what the actual fuck, Club Nintendo? The story of Super Paper Mario was so touching. The 2D-3D thing was never the main point I kept playing the Wii game

      1. Super Mario Bros. games don’t need a story. But for a RPG genre, a story fuels the motivation to go on and explore what will happen. So any game that wants to have depth should have a story.

      2. i don’t get why should they focus on the story rather than the game play, it like in COD do you think many people give a fuck about campaign.

        1. I know damn well you did not just compare Paper Mario to fucking Call of Duty. You need to pack your bags and get off of the internet.

      3. Yep, seems Nintendo decided that after Super Mario Galaxy. Maybe it’s the reason why every other game in the franchise after this one was repetitive and uncreative. It’s one thing to just flat out refuse to put a story in a 2D sidescroller (aside from that same old excuse plot of princess being kidnapped), but to insist this approach when making a game that’s from a genre in which stories are pretty much THE MAIN FOCUS is utterly stupid.

        1. Sure, because Super Mario Galaxy had a story. Oh, you’re talking about Rosalina’s backstory? well… it doesn’t have anything to do with the adventure, it’s basically a waste of time in my opinion. It was touching and all… but it didn’t have anything to do with the main game…. I just wanted to get away from the gallery and visit some good levels instead of reading that stupid teardropper fanservice. I expected something interesting to happen at the end, but guess what… nothing.

          1. Yup, cause the universe actually being destroyed because of a screw up that Bowser did definitely counts as nothing. And even if Rosalina’s backstory didn’t have anything to do with the main game, it was still a nice addition and definitely helped giving the game more personality.
            My point was, after that game, all Mario games had zero story. Even if you look at the old days, you see that the games had a little side-story; another reason to continue your adventure
            In super mario bros 3 you were saving the kings who got transformed
            In Super Mario World, you were saving the Yoshis
            In Mario 64, you were freeing the entire castle
            In Mario sunshine, the original goal was to clean the island to make up for a crime you didn’t commit
            and in Mario Galaxy, well I already mentionned it.

            Then you get all the NSMB and Mario 3D land and you have no story whatsoever, aside from saving Peach’s stupid ass.

            1. This. Having a good story in a game adds to the charm.
              Heck, just having the princess sending you a letter after each world (a la SMB3) in a NSMB game would really add to the charm.

    2. Don’t blame Miyamoto. He was just responding according to what he saw from the poll on Club Nintendo. People voted that they didn’t care about the story so he acted accordingly.

      1. I’m genuinely starting to hate this generation of gamers that don’t even have enough patience to relax and enjoy a story.

  2. so because the story was bad they decide to remove story elements instead of oh….I don’t know…MAKING A GOOD STORY?…*facepalm*…

    1. Story wasn’t even bad, it was arguably the best thing about the game. The matter was that for a non-paper mario fan. Someone who would look the game as a platformer, instead of a PM game, would be probably annoyed by the constant dialogue on a game that is meant to have steady action. However removing the story and unique-ness of a Paper Mario game that goes back to RPG mechanics of Turn Based combat seems like really bad call.

      I seriously hope this doesn’t become a thing for the following Paper Mario games cause then they will lose their charm and what made them special. Any Mario RPG, really. Try to image Super Star Saga without the quirky characters, unique locales, setting, and story.

      1. My thoughts exactly: no one was mad that there was a huge focus on the story in SPM, people were mad at the sudden change of gameplay.
        So what did Miyamoto decide to do with this game? bring back the original gameplay (well…turn based battles at least) but then remove another very appealing factor.
        First the Wii U being a disappointment, then butchering a game I’ve been anticipating for years…I really don’t know how I should feel about Nintendo right now.

      2. Super Paper Mario had a good story, but a story so complex that it was not appropiate for a mario game. You spend more time reading than playing the god damn game, and that’s what made the game one of the worst in the series. Super Paper Mario? more like Super Wall Text.

  3. ugh, this actually makes me want to play the game less.

    when i filled in the survey after buying NSMB2 i said, at least a fraction of a story could have helped this game to be better. Paper mario needs story elements. If you’re just having a gimmick and one end goal “beat the boss” i think that gets tiring after awhile.

  4. Why not include good gameplay AND story elements? The story elements are what made the Paper Mario series so amazing and unique. I don’t understand why Miyamoto went out of his way to remove them. The mario series has become terrible in my opinion. If the only objective is “to win the boss battle at the end of the game” then I’d rather just not play it. I’m glad I didn’t waste my money in this washed-out series. My opinion may be aggressive, but I hope SOMEBODY agrees with me

    1. I remember reading that Miyamoto prefers to have as little story as possible in his games. So this makes a lot of sense. He is still a good designer, but there is that about him.

      1. He may still have his 80s philosophy, back when story wasn’t a large part of a game. Thankfully he didn’t apply this to Zelda.

        1. Agreed, Skyward Sword probably had one of the best story in the entire franchise.
          Until Mario stops being restricted to ”Bowser kidnapped Peach, rescue her”, I’m boycotting him.

  5. The game is pretty it’s not as good as paper Mario 64 or the thousand year door but I think it’s better than super paper Mario.

  6. I’ve only played the first one and the story while not deep it was interesting and especially when you played as peach to see what’s going on there so I’ll have to completely disagree with miyamoto here.

  7. The philosophy is fine, but there should have been proper little side stories for each world, rather than it being start to finish for the most part.

  8. It is understandable as a portable game, which was the goal this time. I think this had been mention in an interview with the developers of the game.

  9. The bosses in this game were to easy except the desert one. I wish they didn’t have a real world sticker weakness. To tell you the truth this Mario game had some immensily difficult challenges, that I applaud.

  10. I whole heartedly disagree here. Paper Mario games are known for having good characters and dialogue. Not to mention a pretty good RPG battle system. I fell as though sticker star didn’t have any of those things, and felt soulless…

    1. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who think so! The only reason i started playing paper mario was cause of the RPG & Story Elements. I also like the 3D gameplay and big worlds to explore. The first 2 Paper Mario games were a lot different from the usual mario games, And that’s what made them good.

        1. I’ll give it to you. Uncharted is a fantastic series. I’ve played all 3. They have wonderful, cinematic, and dramatic storytelling. That being said, I still appreciate Mario and love that series as well. But limiting oneself to Mario, or Nintendo for that matter would be stupid, So I enjoy Nintendo and Sony.

  11. Super Paper Mario was pure torture! I love Sticker Star because it still has all the well-written dialogue minus all the boring story. Mario moves players with gameplay: not exposition.

    1. Not when the game is an RPG – which the previous Paper Mario games were.
      { Loosely, in SPM’s case, but it still had elements of the genre at times. }

    2. I bought super paper Mario at launch and got bored of it fast because it wasn’t an rpg. I finally gave it a chance this week and I made it to 4-2. It’s okay the game but it does feel like a huge let down

        1. Yeah Chapter’s 1 and 2 are a bit boring but Chapter 3 is when the good stuff happens
          Nothing can beat TTYD though
          One of the best games on the Gamecube and one of my favorite RPGs

    3. So basically, if The Thousand-Year Door didn’t have story, it would be better in your eyes?

      I love Paper Mario for its story, gameplay and unique-ness, but pushing the IP more towards the typical Mario games really makes the game lose its charm.

  12. I agree with this philosophy because Sticker Star is a portable game. If Sticker Star as it stands would have been launched for the Wii U, I would have an issue with it.

    I personally don’t enjoy playing portable games for hours on end. I like it when they’re split up into smaller sections that I can play through in one sitting. Save the big cinematic story stuff for console games, where it is more appreciated.

  13. It’s not only that there was barely a story, but also there were no characters. No one who had any charisma. In past games we had an interesting villain, actual interesting and new gameplay that we love in Paper Mario like the journey to beating Rawk Hawk, and finding 1,000,000 coins for bail. Not only that, but the bosses and mini bosses had character.

  14. I can take not having a story in the main series Mario games but don’t start taking the stories out of the Mario RPG’s because they’re the only series in the Mario franchises that have stories and they’re funny at times as well.
    I don’t have Paper Mario: Sticker Star as it isn’t out in the UK yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be great just don’t take the story elements out again please or it’s just going to be less fun to play through.

  15. Personally I like Paper Mario TTYD & I think its the best in the series, although this one might have been up there if it had a great story…

  16. Play the one on Gamecube thats the best one. Or if your counting the snes version that one is just as good as the gamecube version. N64 version is ok the Wii version bored me so bad I only played it twice. 3ds version havent played but it also looks boring.

  17. Yep, now I’m 100% sure, definitely not buying this.
    I was excited when I heard for the first time that it will have turn-based battles, thought we’re going to get a great Mario RPG like the first Paper Mario or like Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. But once again, I get disappointed by Nintendo, just like with almost any of their decisions they’ve made lately.

    1. They also removed the XP system… another downfall. Might as well be an adventure game, it’s not even an RPG. No story, no character development.

      1. I haven’t played it yet, but it looks kind of disappointing. It wouldn’t even call it a Paper Mario game. Because it’s nothing like the first 2. Even Super Paper Mario was more like a Paper Mario game.

        Why can’t they just go back to the old ways? :(

  18. Super Paper Mario had too much text to read, kinda getting tired of reading so much, maybe if Nintendo had cut scenes, it would be cool, maybe like motion comics.

    1. I’m sorry, but I just can’t overlook those kinds of statements.
      People who complain about text and dialogue in RPGs or, in other words, games in which story should have a lot of focus baffle me greatly. Appreciate the effort that was put into the writing dammit!

  19. Funny how some of you call Miyamoto, the only reason that this and any Mario game exists, an idiot. Anyways, I must admit that Miyamoto was misguided with this one. The story of Paper Mario is what separated it from the main series. A lack of story works for the action-driven main series of platformers, but removing any trace of story from an RPG makes it become lifeless. The sticker concept was interesting, but to have a turn-based battle system, game worlds separated into “levels” with a “goal”, and no experience points makes no sense. How can it be good as a platformer/action game, when the RPG-style battles break the pacing? How can it be good as an RPG without a compelling story and a sense of progression? It ends up being a real black sheep that is stuck somewhere between genres, neither of which it truly excels at.

    1. Injecting story elements into gameplay is what makes a good rpg thats why mother/earthbound series is loved so much

  20. I don’t know who took the survey, but whoever took it was an idiot. This post really angers me as the story was my favorite part of the past Paper Mario games… PLEASE PUT AN ACTUAL STORY IN THE NEXT ONE!

    Day 2 of Nintendo pissing me off…

  21. Honestly, Sticker Star kind of kept me hopeful until the end, but nothing happened. In the other Paper Mario games, there was some story each and every world, usually incorporating the Partners. In this one, they’re like “Nah bro, let’s do this instead.” I guess world 3 did something like this, but nothing else. The game starts off nice, but then it kind of gets dull, especially when you have a billion coins and fighting anything is pointless.
    Let’s look at how the Paper Mario games have gone:
    PM64: The first one, it was excellent even though they were working from scratch.
    TTYD: A great sequel, improved on the mechanics and the story.
    SPM: They decided to change the gameplay, but kept a nice story with it. Disappointing, but alright. Most of us can agree that we would have preferred another with the same mechanics as the first two.
    PMSS: Removes story, to the point where your arch nemesis provides no reason to dislike him other than “He is the plot boss” in a nearly plotless game. Not only that, but for the second time in a row, they don’t go back to basics. They make it closer to how the old ones were, but without a level-up system there’s no reason to fight anything past world one unless the enemy gets in your way, which does nothing but provide frustration to the player.
    Alright. I get it, Nintendo. You’re experimenting. Fucking stop. You know why Mega Man 9 and 10 were so well-received? Because they went back to basics. Which is how the series got popular. From the basics. When you guys announced another Paper Mario game, I expected “People didn’t like the change in Super Paper Mario, we’d better make a regular one this time.” But nope! Let’s have almost no drive for the player to continue other than “It might get better.” But it does not get better. Because of getting more and more Shiny Stickers, it seems to even get easier. If there was even a level-up system that’s more than health and pages, I’d be happy.
    The cardboard look is nice though, to be fair. I’d be happy if that returned. What I wouldn’t want is another Sticker Star.

  22. Seriously, what the FUCK Nintendo? The story is what made Super Paper Mario great, not some stupid 2D-to-3D flip gimmick.
    You really fucked up badly on this one.

  23. For those saying ‘Oh, fuck Miyamoto’ or ‘Fuck Nintendo.’ Really? I’d understand if out the blue they said ‘lol no story for you’ but the man said they did survey for SPM and not even one percent was interested in the story.(I thought it was the best story in a mario game after partners in time.) So this isn’t anyone’s fault but the people who didn’t give a single fuck about SPM’s story. Not really Nintendo’s for trying to listen to fans though I don’t agree with Miyamoto being to anti-story but hell if I want to know the origins of Mario or anything like that.

  24. Miyamoto…

    Sometimes, he’s a genius. Sometimes, he’s balls. This is one of the latter instances.
    This applies to all of Nintendo really. They’re still the best though!

    1. Though that’s how a genius is haha. Their mistakes are as big as their achievements, either they analyze things to the extreme in the right way, or the wrong way, never stopping. :P

  25. is he stupid. story is the most important thing in an rpg. if it wasn’t for story I wouldn’t have enjoyed ttyd and especially wouldn’t have played spm.

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  27. A Paper Mario game with no story? This makes me even MORE speptical of this game. I just lost a LOT of interest. What’s next, a Zelda game with no story? *shudders*

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  29. It’s okay. I’m playing Kingdom Hearts DDD right now, that’s the story I wanted, so that void is filled for me. :P

  30. Wow, this was the strike that went directly to me and answers every problem that PM SS had..

    Story is what made the great original things, the towns, and music I think. The people who didn’t care about the story and promoted this move doesn’t realize the story is what design the whole game it’s self, that they love to explore.. Not so sure but I think the story might have to do with that..

    So this move of no story from the company was based on a restriction, so the worry about the future of Paper Mario just grew. If we get this terrible move again for Paper Mario U (If there is one), then it’s probably like this.. One town, that’s about toads.. Then grass, desert, jungle, and other nsmb worlds, then bowser and lava. Next game: Repeat.

    *Sigh* I guess maybe a lot of people needs to share this to nintendo at club nintendo or something, maybe he will change again.

  31. Ugh, may Super Paper Mario Rest In Peace… I mean that game is a MUCH more worthy sucessor to Paper Mario TTYD than Sticker Star is. The final world? What a joke. 1 little puzzle to get to Bowser… Pathetic. I mean, isn’t it the that makes people play the game in the first place? Now I’m very sketchy with Nintendo and Mario. Now that Sonic has clawed his way out of the darkness, has he pushed Mario into the Dark? Nope, just Nintendo thinking it would be a great money-saver by eliminating a time consuming process. This laziness is what got Sonic into a hole.

  32. Wait, what? Less than 1 percent of a small group of people like the story of super paper mario, so instead of making an even better story that more people will like, they pretty much drop the story line all together? What’s that all about?

  33. sticker star is a huge letdown. paper mario series is my favorite out of the mario games because of the rpg elements and story. i am a gamer that likes seeing things unfold before my eyes and meeting many different characters along the way. paper mario is the rpg side of mario therefor my favorite. its basically super mario brothers with different battle style. they have ruined paper mario with this one. they need to go back to the first one and TTYD with partners and badges and leveling with a fantastic story. if people want a beat the main boss game there are plenty of other no story mario games. many people buy the paper mario games over others because of the story and rpg elements, they dont like just jumping. if your only going to come out with a paper mario game every few years it needs to be compelling and story involved. my point if you want to jump on stuff there are dozens of mario games. this is the 4th and worst paper mario game. mainly because this isnt paper mario. paper mario is and rpg style story game. there are plenty of jumping on shit mario games. myomotu or whatever his name is has screwed many fans over. also with his logic most people will say no i didnt like sticker star. so rather than see why they didnt he will just say no one liked it so we wont make another one. meaning me along with the other paper mario fans will pissed.

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