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Wii U Chat and Nintendo TVii Commercial

Nintendo of America has uploaded the first television commercial for Wii U Chat and the forthcoming Nintendo TVii. Nintendo already revealed that Nintendo TVii will be arriving in North America sometime next month, and in Europe sometime next year. Are you a fan of these North American commercials for the Wii U?

116 thoughts on “Wii U Chat and Nintendo TVii Commercial”

      1. So I’m confused. Why deliberately post something like this on a Nintendo site? Why do you feel the need to justify your console bias publicly? Overcompensating for something?

        And for the record, Sony’s in such poor financial shape right now they cannot afford to release a top of the line console. 360’s successor will be a TV box with an emphasis over entertainment instead of games.

        And you’re excited and boasting because why?

          1. God of War 3 is for pussies! U mad because the Nintendo Wii U is the 8th generation console that does many things while Sony makes the same monotonous controller three generations ago. Just you wait until Bayonetta 2.

                1. Its funny how offended you are , Fanboys -__- Cant face the fact that no wii u games even look as good as PS3 games and have shitty frame rates …disapointing.

          2. Wake me up when your playing 16 player CoD in bed with your tv switched off. Because it sure as fuck isn’t happening with call od duty depussyfied .

            De-pussyfied ! LMAO!!!!

        1. He’s just trolling. Ignore him.

          Also, I’m Sony’s next-gen system will be just fine. The financial status of the conglomerate isn’t going to dictate the quality of their next gen system from their SCE division.

              1. impossible, with the finances they are in they cant afforde starting a new project of playstation because it can be their last

                  1. i have been looking over their finance for a month and going through their sales on three top selling topics: Tv, Phones And console system. im concerned and hope that they don’t go bankrupt. what they need is to sell something big that costs a lot and sells a lot and i dont think the best solution is the ps4 since it will be compared to the new Xbox. the tv would be compared to samsung so will their phone (adding apple). sorry if i sound like a dick but there aren’t many people out there seeing that they are in deep shit (economic term)

                    1. They do have financial problems, their rating has dropped pretty low, but they aren’t in as much trouble as the media would have you believe. They’re not bankrupt and many of their divisions are still doing well (cameras/imaging, films and TV, other entertainment divisions)

                      R&D is key to their recovery. With no new products, they go completely out of business because there would be nothing new to buy and consumers would lose interest. Kaz Hirai has identified the PlayStation brand, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Sony Online Entertianment portions as a keys to leading the company on the right track.

                      Just like they are continuing to develop and create new phones, TVs, cameras, other pieces of technology, making new movies and TV shows, they are also doing the same in their gaming division. I personally know that the system is in development and is more than likely to reach the manufacturing level. When will that be? I don’t know. Unless something cataclysmic happens to the company before, the next gen Sony initiative is still on track as far as I know from industry members.

                    2. Sorry couldn’t replay your comment so it will be above
                      the media haven’t told me much at all i have been doing a calculation analysis on their stocks for the past four weeks, the ratings has been low on to many of their own company’s for too long. And your right their division i doing well but not good enough.

                      The R&D is as you say key to recovery but they need a product that stand above what’s already there. As for a new console might cost them even more if it’s not sold right at right time. If the new console is sold it must be before the new Xbox is released, just then they’ll be winning money but if it’s sold after it will be losing everything and I’m pretty sure Xbox will be presenting their console first even releasing it first

                      so as for now i only see numbers dropping. hopefully im wrong

      2. the desperation of these butthurt Sony drones/Xbots is my entertainment. I hope you’ll enjoy paying through your nose for the same rehased bs/copyNintendofest

        1. i just love watching these stupid comments, it shows how much butt hurt they are to go on a site they hate just to bitch.

          1. Well….I can’t say I’m surprised tbh. I think you can easily get bored if you only have a Vita for a handheld ;) And people do some desperate stuff when they’re bored…

            1. =x

              I use my Vita a lot more than my 3DS right now. Tons of games I’m playing on it and omg Persona 4 Golden for hours ._. *awesomeness*

              Next game for my 3DS I’ll be picking up will likely be Animal Crossing New Leaf. I just hope they hurry up with a release date!

              1. It’s all down to opinion and taste. In my eyes , The 3DS has a lot more great games at the moment than the PS vita. And games that move systems and bring stability and more great games. The ps vita doesn’t really have any rock solid foundations yet. Like the 3ds has , 3D land , NSMB2 , MK7 , OOT3D , Kid icarus , Resident evil , KHDDD , Starfox ,Monster Hunter , Animal crossing etc .

                Whilst those games may not be to some’s taste , they are all definitely system sellers that make sony and the vita look like they basically don’t have a fucking clue what they are doing and a fish out of water.

                And on top of that foundation , the 3ds has all sorts of Nieche titles , Big franchises like Nintendogs , Pokemon Rumble , Layton , etc .

                Not being a dick , but Sony have got nothing on Nintendo in the handheld market and never will.

                Upcoming 3ds games for me are PM SS , Luigi’s mansion 2 , Castlevania , Prof layton miracle mask , Animal Crossing , Fire emblem , and others that hopefully get released.

                Next year on vita all that looks interesting is PSO2 and Killzone……

                1. Like you said, it’s all down to personal preference. I enjoy games on both systems. I have a large collection of DS and 3DS games and a growing collection of Vita games as well. They both have great games and bad games.

                  The difference is, with the Vita games, they’re not that well known and they aren’t marketed well. Nintendo’s franchises almost all have a good history behind them and a large following. But the Vita still has great games. In fact, 3 of the 4 games nominated for the best handheld games of 2012 for the VGAs are Vita games:

                  Each system has their good. I own both, so I’m happy. No reason to put one up over the other. =p

              2. Yeah but at least you have both. The Vita has good games, but they are few and far between imho. Now we were in a similar position after the 3DS launch, but the handheld recovered. The Vita hasn’t recovered (or isn’t recovering at a proper pace) at the moment, and that is a major cause for concern.

                1. Well, the 3DS launched in North America with less than 20 games. The Vita launched with just under 30 games. Over the course of a year from launch (in North America) the 3DS produced about 100 games, some quality and some that were pretty much shovelware. Since the Vita’s launch in North America (about 9 months) it has produced about 75 games and there are still dozens that have been already announced. Some are quality games – others are crap.

                  It’s all really a marketing issue and a popularity contest. The 3DS has franchises that are well known and Nintendo markets the hell out of their system, so for sure more people are going to know about the games. In addition, the 3DS had a price cut that really helped give more attention to be given to it. Out of that list of 75 games for the Vita already out how many do you know about? There are tons of games, but can you really judge them without even knowing what they are or having played them?

        1. im a nintendo fanboy, dont get me wrong, but i was really surprised that it didn’t sell better. it seemed like an amazing console/handheld.

    1. Yes, smart glass. Enjoy forking over 300 dollars for a tablet. Wii U, meanwhile, has everything you need right out of the box.

      Oh, pedophelia? Don’t you have that enough on XBL? We have new stories about this stuff at least once a week; kids meeting strangers from Live chat.

      Stop the bias. You sound stupid.

              1. I feel like you only say that the next xbox and ps4 will be more powerful than the Wii U because you know that if the consoles had the same graphics,the Wii U would outsell them 10 to 1.I bet you feel that the graphics are the only way they can compete with it.

          1. Hey chump, PS4 and Xbox 720 gonna cost $500-700. Your mommy is going have let alot of guys fuck her cunt if you want her to buy you that.

    1. Yeah, it was good for showing off the features of the system. This needs to be done with more systems and consoles.

      Although, I wont be using the video chat on my Wii U nor the TVii functions.

    1. it simple if you can keep a hamster in a box, why not people, its called using your head. if only we can keep the trolls in a box.

  1. Cool commercial. These commercials are playing in all the right places. Been seen them a lot lately. Leave luck to heaven.

  2. Nano Assault on Wii U looks far better then anything on the PS3 and the 360. That is a FACT! So is the fact that Trine 2 on the U has far better graphics and the developers also said the U version couldn’t run properly on the PS3 or 360 without downgrading it. Again these are facts.

    1. No, that’s very clearly opinion and I’m going to go right ahead and tell you that it doesn’t look better than any of those console’s exclusive/AAA titles.

      That or you’ve never played either of them, which is probably the case here. But it was a good laugh for me though.

      1. Sorry, Meg…. but Spacezilla is right. From the taste of your tears, it’s the truth that Trine 2: Director’s Cut on the Wii U has better graphics and more effects than the original T2 on PS3 and X360. Even Nano Assault Neo has the most beautiful graphics and displays 60 frames per second… and it’s less than a gig!

        1. Neither of those games are large, atmospheric experiences. They’re smaller titles that do not push the scope beyond sidescrolling (Trine 2) or a small world (like NAN), making them quite unimpressive feats that virtually any modern device can pull off one way or the other.

          Smaller titles that try to push amazing visuals do not impress me; those aren’t technically impressive feats by any stretch of imagination. Any run of the mill developer can take a small title and make it look amazing – just look at Infinity Blade or Real Racing 3, which are iOS games. Show me large, full 3D games pushing those visuals and then those games can try talking to me. I want to see titles with those kind of visuals on the same scale as Gears, Uncharted or Halo 4.

          But wait, the Wii U has absolutely none of those kind of games.

        2. In fact that very quote from them that you’ll probably try to bring up raises an eyebrow:

          “Basically that does require… well, not huge amounts more graphics processing power, but still considerably. If we would publish that on the other consoles, then I believe that there would be some small downscaling of what it is right now.” As well as technical reasons, Frozenbyte is pouring this content into Wii U because it’s keen to make a splash on Wii U out of the gate. “We really are focused on the Wii U, and we really want to create new content for this really big release that we’re happy to be a part of.”

          Lol, this title of all things “can’t run” on either of those, the smell of horseshit couldn’t be any stronger; even the screenshots and gameplay don’t show any signs of that. I guess this quote can translate into “we’re too lazy to optimize our code for the PS3 & 360”.

          Because in reality, there is absolutely no part of Trine 2 that can’t be done on those consoles. Nothing. It’s 2.5D game, not goddamn Crysis or Metro.

          1. Shut up, Meg. U just mad because the Wii U is best selling video game console. Once the developers understand more about the system as well as using the GPGPU, the more we get to see more Wii U titles and some exclusives heading our way.

              1. Your vagina is still fucking bleeding, pussylous! You comparing current gen consoles to a next gen console. Not only that, you’re still sucking Kaz’s dick like a fucking graphics whore that you are now. You can’t win this here at a Nintendo blog and you fucking know it. It ‘s you that’s spreading false information comparing different generations. You lose! Good day, sir!

  3. What about a system voice chat… like (DONT HIT MY FOR SAYING THIS) Party chat so you can chat to friends when you play games :’c

    1. video chat way more cooler then voice chat why else dose star trek enterprise use live warp cominications faster then light speed

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