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Nintendo Land Codes Given Out By Amazon Following Wii U Blunder


Amazon has announced that it’s sending out Nintendo Land codes to those consumers in the UK that pre-ordered a 32GB Deluxe console which was unexplainably missing Nintendo Land. The retailer said that only a small number of consoles were sent out missing the game, but they’ve supplied all customers with a code. That’s means a lot of people will now have two copies of the game.

36 thoughts on “Nintendo Land Codes Given Out By Amazon Following Wii U Blunder”

        1. Not got a copy of Nintendo Land in my box, and yet to receive code. C’mon Amazon! I bought the Black 32GB Premium Wii U (not the ZombiU one, I know I wouldn’t get it in that), at least give me what I’ve paid for!

              1. I relate to EVERYTHING this guy just said. Everything he said was true(except for which consoles are best selling), but that didn’t really matter compared to what his general statements meant. I feel the exact same way this guy does and I think a lot of other people do too… the Wii U is going to be REALLY successful, even more so than the Wii!!! Which is saying something.

            1. Good guy Amazon. I thought they were just taking them out to sell them off (they probably are, but at least everyones still getting it who had it missing.

            2. I got my deluxe/premium set from amazon. Luckily I had Nintendo Land in the box.

              I think they should give out proper boxed copies of it really, rather than download codes.

              You shouldn’t have to use 3-4GB of your already small amount of storage because of this error that was not your fault.

              But at least they’re sorting it out.

            3. I got mine from Target opening day and never recieved the Club Nintendo Code in Nintendo Land. I wish they could just give it to you instead of buying it for another $350.00! Or even an extra $60.00 won’t do it. There goes my 70 coins. :(

            4. If that happened to me, I would demand a physical copy.

              I’m heading to MiiVerse. Catch you guys later.

              NID: Moodeeb

            5. Atleast Amazon is sorting stuff out, I still wonder if Amazon took some retail disk out or Nintendo didn’t put and disk in.

              1. DONT GIVE IT TO HIM HE’LL USE IT FOR EVIL… if you give it to me I’ll use it to cure cancer c’: <you can trust that face :D

            6. This is pretty fucked up, I know Amazon is trying to rectify it, but people who wanted a physical copy, paid for a physical copy.

              If it was me, id return it and get it somewhere else. I’m seriously dissapointed in amazon.

              1. fuckedyoursistersface

                at least amazon is doing something about it, you could go without the game all together since it might not be amazons fault there was no physical copy (failure for proper cheks at the factory, machine failure in placement, etc) so give them a break for fulfilling your gaming needs with something you can use immediately and not have to wait a month + to get the physical copy,. If they sent out physical copies, they would have to order the disks to supply all the consoles not gamed, wait for that to arrive to them, open the boxes, find the list of who bought the system with nintendo land, then get boxes set up to be sent to you, then in turn you wait for it, which by that time, you have waited 4 days. the ones who wouldve been fine with the code at that time, wuld have been that much further along in it than you would be, then in turn you would QQ that it wasnt fair they had a headstart and etc so stfu and turn off your wiiu if you cant see the logic in shit, and go to school cuz you obviously need some schooling..

            7. If it was me, I’d say SCREW the digital download for NintendoLand and give me a freakin’ physical copy of the game like I was supposed to have! Digital downloads are an insult.

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