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Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Heading West?

bravely_default_flying_fairy_characterSquare Enix has registered the domain names AllTheBravest.com and AllTheBravest.net. We don’t exactly know what this means, but let’s hope it’s related to the localization of the company’s Nintendo 3DS RPG, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, which launched in Japan last October.

Update: Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy: All The Bravest For iOS Platforms


      1. Its still an RPG. You even said it yourself. Don’t make needless exceptions…kid.

  1. Hope it is. It looks like a great game! Along with Fire Emblem Awakening and Kid Icarus, This game is going to join my collection. When I buy a 3dsXL that is because the games now are shit…

  2. Please, please, please Square Enix!!! I don’t care about Lightning returns: FF13. Just want Bravely Default: FF and FF type 0

  3. I thought this was revealed in an ‘upcoming games’ from a Nintendo direct in Spain? So sounds like Europe are getting it.

  4. off topic if you buy the xl bundle with 3d land/mk7 and you system transfer all your dd games from another 3ds does the mk7/3dland game preinstalled get overwritten with what your old 3ds had?

  5. I’d definitely be interested in that game!
    Though the name still sounds a bit stupid in my opinion.

  6. hope its true i need a new 3ds game i have zero interest in getting Paper Mario sticker star and don’t want nsmb2

  7. I want bravely default flying fairy to come out in the U.S. I am a huge final fantasy fan and I so desperately want this game to come out so please Nintendo and Square Enix work together so we can have Bravely default flying fairy here in America. Do this for us your best fans and customers.

  8. Wasn’t All The Bravest the name for that new iOS FF game? It was announced today and is already being sold in New Zealand.

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