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Sony Executive Gets A Wii U Already

Shuhei_YoshidaWii U doesn’t hit Japan until Saturday, but Japanese resident and Sony Computer Entertainment executive Shuhei Yoshida imported a U.S. version of the newest console by Nintendo. Yoshida revealed via Twitter today that his Nintendo Network ID is ShuYoshida, so follow him on Miiverse.

166 thoughts on “Sony Executive Gets A Wii U Already”

      1. Hey, Alba. Sickr usually thanks those who gave the tips and/or sources the articles they got the news from. Just saying.

          1. xNintedwardx

            No problem bro. See you in miiverse ;) . Look forward to smashing up your zombi with a cricket bat , as per….

      1. Lil Thomas…calling me a 15yr old? Miyamoto not like U. Careful buddy I’ll send Pikmin to rape your ass while you sleep bitch! Don’t test Miyamoto you joto!

    1. No you have entered the real world where C.E.O’s don’t have childish fanboy spite of other consoles just because that was the one the happened to get because they realise that hating consoles that you weren’t able to get so you can justify having only one console means you miss out on gaming experiences. C.E.O are not fanboys the only thing stopping Reggie from publicly saying I enjoy games on PS3 and Xbox is a fear of loss of sales.

      1. Reggie has stated before he even has an Xbox360. I remember him saying he liked playing Gears of War and some other stuff… Something among those lines. How ’bout you do some research before spouting your highly misinformed ignorance?

      2. As cool as this guy MAY be, Sony went on record saying PS3/Vita can easily do what WiiU can do.

        As their CEO is about to find out, all the high-quality tech in the world doesn’t mean shit without a clean execution strategy. When he sees how fluid the gamepad is, an EXTENSION of the system, not a foreign console trying to sync up, and when he experiences Miiverse, he will realize, he might finally start to grasp what nintendo haters and spec-whores can’t get their thick skull around- It’s more than hardware and horsepower that make a successful gaming experience.

        1. Let’s not fool ourselves, the Vita and PS3 combination can do a lot of (albeit not everything) what the Wii U can do. Does that mean that they’re marketing it the same way? No. Does that mean it can be a substitute or alternative to the Wii U? Not really.

          Also, the only reason they said it was because media outlets asked them questions comparing the two. The same way Reggie has replied about their own products when asked directly by media outlets. These game companies do not send out press releases saying these things…


      4. are you fking stupid? the only reason he got a Wii U is too study Nintendo’s new console so let the reverse-engineering begin… its COPYCAT TIME!

  1. Too bad Google, Apple, and Microsoft pretty much forbid the use of competitors’ products in their offices and homes.

    1. Actually, they just forbid employees from using the companies money to buy rival products. If someone buys it themselves using there own money, they can’t do jack shit about it.

    2. Excuse me? Google uses Macbook Pros and iMacs everywhere, though they tend to load it with Ubuntu instead for both business and personal use. Google also has Xbox’s in their lobbies in many datacenters and their HQ’s lounges

    3. Not really. I mean, the offices thing, for sure. I mean, since when did you get to chose your office computer? However, they mostly have their own company’s products in their home, simply because they get huge discount.

  2. Awesome! I might just add him. He seems like a pretty cool guy and a true gamer if he imported a Wii U from America just to play it ahead of time.

        1. No Aeolus, to show you that Japanese Sony execs. Are unlike Jack Tretton and his ignorant hateful ways. Now I shall enjoy my Wii U and PS4 when released :).

            1. Yeah, one statement alone means so damn much. You obviously can’t do much better than this, so stop trying to prove it.

                  1. 1.Why do you only come on sites with lots of controversy?
                    2.Mixer is just on the offensive and is suspicious,I don’t blame him.

        2. Aeolus, guess what mofo? I live close to you and I will hunt you down like the dog you are!!! Unless your a nice puppy then i will adopt you!!!.

    1. Why do you all assume that Aeolus is a fanboy? Yeah sure, all those Aeolus clones that were around a while ago made it look like that. But the real deal Aeolus is just the sane voice trying to get your feets back on earth.

    1. I know SCEA employees who play and enjoy their competitors’ games. In fact, one SCEA employee (who is also in the public eye) even has tattoos of Nintendo franchises on his body.

      There are less quarrels in the industry itself over consoles and the competition than the media and fanboys would like you to believe. Generally, there is great respect passed around and many are even friends. You just wont see them promoting the competition’s products, obviously.

  3. YOU KNOW… the real reason is so he can rip the design apart and figure out where PS/vita combo goes wrong and nintendo goes right, right?

  4. Should rename the title

    ”Japanese Sony exec gets a wiiu, is pissed of after finding out it’s region locked, is butthurt that the graphics are better than the ps3 and is hard at work breaking down the inards trying to work out why the graphics are so good ”

    Joke lol.

    1. You know after doing excessive research I found out the Wii U’s graphics processor has to be either an underclocked HD 5770 or an underclocked HD 5830. They’re most likely underclocked because both cards maximum power draw is above the Wii U’s peak consumption of 75Watts. With the use of the MCM, the “non-use” of the “mainboard” of the card, some underclocking the power consumption should lay at the 75Watts area. The step up is quite nice, on paper it’s nothing that changes the world but Nintendo balances their hardware very good plus the use of eDRAM can be a good addition. The difference won’t be seen in “pure horsepower” it’s more in the area of higher res, smoother framerate, higher draw distance and much better lighting (nintendoland, pikmin3)

  5. This is great for him to interact with fans or check out feedback on miiverse. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s even friends with many Nintendo devs as well. Just because he has rival companies against him doesn’t mean he can’t buy a wii.

          1. I disagree with you. I think he certainly has the right to have fun.

            It does look bad to have an unorganized, top down message, where your CEO-gamer says the consoles can’t be compared, while your corporation makes deliberate attempts to squash the idea that the WiiU is a new, innovative experience that people should buy, when they could just buy a PS3 and Vita, which OBVIOUSLY does not provide the same experience, or he wouldn’t have bought one.
            Obviously he wants veriety, which means WiiU brings something different to the table.

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  6. Of course he does, he needs to give it to the tech guys to make the ps4 ;) just kidding…although i woukdnt be surprised

    1. Nah. Shuhei is a real gamer. If you follow him on Twitter or read up articles by him, you can see while he’s in charge of his company, he’s also passionate about gaming in general. He interacts with the gaming community a lot and games a lot (not just on Sony platforms).

            1. Really? :/ Or are you talking about parody Kaz? There are people who pose as Kaz online as parodies and do that type of stuff.

              I haven’t had any personal interaction with him, but from what I have seen, he seems like a cool guy.

  7. SPY!! A smart Spy.
    He knows Miiverse can’t just be duplicated until after it’s experienced!
    Also, why doesn’t he just play his PS3-Vita U?

    1. He plays his PS3 and Vita a lot (I can never beat him on Treasure Park D;).

      As he said, the Wii U and Vita should not be compared – “apples and oranges.”

      He’s a gamer. He loves games.

      1. I admit, you didn’t dissapoint. I expected you to take at least another 15 min to post on my comment.

        Anyway, I’m glad he feels that way.
        Unfortunately the company isn’t following their leader as they already have compaired those apples and oranges by saying PS3 and Vita can di what WiiU does.

        In any case, I do hope he has fun! If he’s the gamer you say, he’s going to have a blast! I’ll be Add’in him to my list to see what games he plays. If he is there to game, we’ll see it. If he’s just gathering intel on Miiverse, we’ll see that too.

        Miiverse = Transparency = no bullshiters!

      2. I just hope he could tell his fellow sony people who said the vita and ps3 can easily do what the Wii U can that they shouldn’t be compared.

        You know him?

        1. I don’t know him on a personal level but I have talked to and played games with him in the past. I do have associates and contacts who know him on a personal level though.

    2. That said, yup, I’ll follow him.
      Hope he has fun in the gaming garden of Eden. (Miiverse)
      I swear so fucking much, My first 3 posts were “moderated”, but I’m glad, turns out I enjoy an online community that is polite and fun and safe for kids and adults alike.

  8. Shuhei Yoshida… you are the best person to come out of sony

    Its surprising that Sony actually wishes Nintendo success with the Wii U and now one person from Sony actually bought a Wii U… Microsoft can learn a thing or two from Sony.

  9. I wish the US branch of Sony acknowledged the competition in this way. Nothing wrong with being a fan of a number of consoles. Whilst I prefer Nintendo ofc, I have owned all Playstation consoles and I’m a fan of a number of their exclusives.
    Back on topic, we need more people like Yoshida-san in the gaming industry

    1. They do. It’s the controversy that gives websites more hits though. Where do you ever hear these statements from? The horses mouth? Rarely. We usually hear “President and CEO of […] has said,” from media outlets. The same media outlets who ask certain questions to cause controversy that they know will give them hits.

      Sensationalism and controversy are power sellers in the “journalism” field.

      1. Tell that to Jack Tretton.

        And stop posting so damn much. You look way too desperate trying to make everyone like Sony.

        1. Maybe you should read other articles on this site. You’ll see that I comment on a lot. I’m active in the community. Maybe you should just stop trolling my comments.

        2. Stop acting like such a Nintendo Fanboy, you’re a disgrace and give other Nintendo fans a bad name. SimplyG has respect for all companies and gives credit where it is due and defends unfair attacks.

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        1. It’s business. That’s all it is. They protect their company’s interest but that doesn’t mean it makes them give up their personal interests and most of them are real gamers who enjoy games from all over.

          Just the other day an EA employee threw up a picture on Twitter of his new copies of Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops II.

          If you listen to the official PlayStation Blogcast, they have talked about Nintendo before and given praise to the games found on their devices.

          Very few of them have the fanboy mentality.

  11. I don’t see anything bad in that. I’m pretty sure Reggie has a PS3 or XBOX360 at home and I think the same thing about iwata or miyamotu especially miyamotu who likes good games and the other systems DO have good ganes.

  12. Alba can you please ban peteriuss or peter1uss with the red gravatar?It would be better for him to don’t `use my previus old gravatar and nickname because he comments too much propagandas and sycophants.Gratias

  13. The Nintendo Reviewer

    So many Sony fan boys refuse to try let alone own anything Nintendo and yet a Sony Executive now owns one. Truly a sign that people needs to grow up and just play games to play games. Not complain and throw mud (especially when it’s not true) at the competition companies. Hope he likes his Wii U.

  14. There wouldn’t be any point to “study the enemy’s hardware,” because anyone with enough tech know-how can figure out whatever the hell is in Nintendo’s console. It’s not like Nintendo went back to its storehouse in heaven (“ten”), took the holy grail of computer parts, and put it all together in such a way that any devil who dares to look will be blinded by the sheer glory of the ascendant chipsets. Everyone knows pretty much what the other party is doing nowadays; no point in pretending there’s a war going on, haha. You know, except for the Troll Wars.

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