Nintendo Direct Tomorrow To Focus On 2012 & Early 2013 Wii U And 3DS Games


Nintendo of Europe has announced a new edition of Nintendo Direct for tomorrow, 5th December, set to focus on games coming to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in the remainder of 2012 and the first months of 2013.

The newly announced Nintendo Direct presentation will be streamed from the Nintendo Direct website on 5th December from 5pm GMT and will be hosted by Nintendo of Europe President Satoru Shibata.


  1. I hope we find out about that ‘surprise first party game’ that Reggie was talking about. :-)

          1. Anything some confirmation about project x coming and bravely default and a few trailers about games that came to Xbox and ps3 but not wii u yoshi land would be icing on the cake

  2. I’m in Australia and I want to import my Wii U games from the UK. Both use PAL but I’m not sure if you’ll able to play online and purchase DLC. Does anyone know?

    1. I think you might get away with it if you contry is a part of the PAL region. I know New Zeland is and I can import Wii U games from them

      1. That would be a sweet ass bday weekend present if it releases on the 9th then.

        Hell i just want a release date to be honest.

  3. Nintendo of America is doing theirs at 9 Pt. For Eastern time people, it’s 12 ET and central is at 11 CT.

    1. Dont be ashamed bro I love that game xD. My sister started playing and I picked it up and got addicted!!

  4. colbat blue 3ds for europe as it’s been mounths since we have had a new colour for the 3ds and what about wii u dlc stuff

  5. Hoping for a Lego City release date and Yoshi’s Land confirm.

    Also “Early 2013 Titles”?
    *cough*Pikmin 3*cough* *nudge nudge* *wink wink*

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