Trine 2: Director’s Cut For Wii U Delayed In Australia

trine_2_director's_cut_screenshotNintendo’s new console, Wii U, launched November 30th in Australia, but Wii U-exclusive Trine 2: Director’s Cut isn’t available for purchase from the continent’s Nintendo eShop, although it was an expected launch title.

The game is now supposed to launch in Australia within the next couple of weeks and will cost AU $19.99. However, for Australian consumers who purchase the game on or close to its launch, its price will be reduced to AU $15.99 for a limited time.


      1. LOL, yeah, that’s true.

        Nintendo Land is rated PG for “mild violence”.

        Goddamn this county’s ratings board sucks.

  1. Grrr…I wondered why I couldn’t find it on the eShop!

    Especially considering the fact that Trine 2 appeared on the main Miiverse menu!

    Oh well, at least it’ll be discounted at launch.

  2. Developer incompetance is the reason you’re not playing it in AU right now, there is NO OTHER REASON

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