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Lovefilm Wii U Now Available In The UK


Engadget is reporting that streaming application Lovefilm is now available on Wii U in the UK. The app features HD content and optional video playback via the consoles GamePad. Amazon’s streaming service, LoveFilm, is also available to download on Wii from a starting subscription of £4.99.

11 thoughts on “Lovefilm Wii U Now Available In The UK”

  1. Good news are good. The Wii U is well armoured :) It replaces litteraly everything I own :S Even my computer when it comes to video watching.

    1. thats the whole point unless love film is going to rip us all off we have netflixs and we use sony phones iphones laptop pc wii wiiu all to watch… my step daughter in another city uses are account on her iphone the films even stream on g3 net with out lag i was amazed with that net flix looks very sharp via a laptop to hd tv and the wiiu 1080p video out mode looks real crisp i bet love film is the better service tho

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