The Sad Life Of A Goomba

Mario has stomped on countless Goombas in his life, and he has no plans of stopping. According to the fantastic fan-made video above, which is made by Filipe Costa, Goombas have families and are recruited by Bowser to go against the tireless Mario, who mercilessly stomps and kills every Goomba in his way without thinking about its personal life.


  1. NO! Everything but not this Dx Stop giving PETA and other moralnoobs all around the world free ammo please!

  2. I will never stomp another Goomba ever again. Hell, I’m not gonna stop any enemies. NSMBU is gonna be difficult!

    I think it would be really cool if Nintendo made a Mario game which had a deep story. It would be amazing being able to see this type of stuff on a Wii U game. Players would actually feel for the Goombas.

  3. My God… I never thought about what I was doing… I guess I just got caught up in the moment, you know?

    Cya, Imma play me some NSMB.

  4. Meh, good film, but as Paper Mario has taught us, Goomba’s have free will to choose to fight or not, and in some case fight WITH Mario. Bowser bad, Mario good, no remorse for bad Goomba’s xD

  5. I don’t think I’ll watch it.
    I’ve got a lot of guiltless Goomba stomping I still need to do.

  6. I was literally playing Super Mario Galaxy 2hrs ago and stomped on a good amount of Goombas. Now I feel bad for them…

  7. Goomba’s would fall off a cliff if you didn’t kill it most of the time, Plus the poison mushroom has a disease, so we put it out of its memory.

  8. How long will we allow the mass murderer Mario to get away with these crimes against Goomba-kind? Won’t you please donate to help help the families of lost Goombas. Call 1-800-THISISNOTAREALTHING.

    Seriously though, this video was well done and very touching. Leave luck to heaven.

  9. This was pretty good.. sad that the paper mario series completely disproves of mario being the villain lol

  10. What if nintendo made a game called super goomba bros.
    That would be great for goombas to stomp on mario, but i dont think that luigi is a bad guy so he will stomp mario with the other goombas.

    By the way peach is going to kidnap bowser and lock him in her castle with bowser jr. :D

  11. Well, if the Goombas didn’t take his lives (or make him shrink) just from touching them, Mario wouldn’t have to stomp them. In the Mushroom Kingdom, it’s a stomp or BE stomped world.

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