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Nintendo America Reconfirms That They Can Transfer Nintendo Network ID’s


There has been quite a bit of confusion regarding Nintendo Network ID’s being tied to one specific console. The only way to move your Nintendo Network ID to another console is to contact Nintendo of America who have a transfer tool which allows your account to be moved if your original system is broken. One Wii U owner sent his faulty Wii U console back to Amazon for a replacement and soon realised that he couldn’t get his Nintendo Network ID back. Here’s what Nintendo of America told online gaming publication Kotaku.

“Nintendo of America’s repair process includes the transferring of the Nintendo Network ID to a new Wii U console if a replacement system is needed,”

69 thoughts on “Nintendo America Reconfirms That They Can Transfer Nintendo Network ID’s”

    1. I can tell you from experience that this is not true. Ive had my wii u replaced and when i tried to migrate my user id it said it was tied to my old wii u. Ive called NOA countless times and they say they are having problems with the migration tool and that i should make a new id. They had to reimburse me for nsmbu and zombi u as eshop credit because they do not know when if ever (there words) will be available

    1. Well considering you’ll be able to access the nintendo network from your computer in the near future its not a problem at all since its only temporarily tied to the console. So shut up about it already.

      1. You are right, this is probably something temporarily (let´s hope so), but until that day, it´s a horrible problem that Wii U user will suffer and many of those probably would not be able to do anything except accepting the losing that this problem may cause to them.

  1. Seriously? It’s still restricted to only that Wii U unless it were to break. It’s pretty clear that Nintendo Network is no where near as flexible as PSN or Xbox Live.

    1. The fact that you can’t press the Home Button when online is ridiculous. And it’d be great to have a TV heads up notification even with the lighting up Home Button.

    2. Because you’re an idiot. PSN is just crappy XBox you have to pay for, this is temporarily tied to the console so it could be ready for christmas. I mean thats why all the features arent ready yet… In a month everything will be more than fine.

        1. Ignore him. Any even remotely negative said about Nintendo (no matter how true it is) sets some people off. They get defensive for no reason and go on the attack. lol

          It’s sad, really.

          I single out Nintendo in this instance because that’s what’s being discussed, but fanboys of various systems do the same thing.

          1. I agree 100%
            Nintendo is my favorite company (along with SONY) when it comes to games, but sometimes I get annoyed by them. It is in fact sad, all I did posted my opinion no harm done. Fanboys just can’t face the truth.

  2. In many cases it’s the consumer’s fault its console gets broken because they think they can handle it as they want.

    However I don’t expect the Wii U to be near as crappy as XBox consoles that broke easily before and probably still do.

    1. Think of this scenario:

      -Your Wii U is installing the 1GB update
      -The power or your internet goes out unexpectedly
      -Your Wii U is now bricked

      Is it the consumer’s fault then?

      1. Just because the internet connection goes out does not mean the Wii U console will brick. My system lost connection several times during the first update and is just fine.

      2. When I was updating my wiiu , My little brother tripped over the power wire (like a fucking anus) and nearly pulled it out. the wire was hanging on by a milimetre , lucky for him it just about stayed in place.

        I nearly shat my self…. Setting up a console shouldn’t be such a paranoid affair , it was more than tense than ZombiU when My little bro did that ….

          1. When I first set it up I did on day 1. I was too excited to set it up in my primary position , and had to be close to my wireless router. Now its in a proper position with wire tidy’s in place…

      3. What’s up with all the slamming bullshit on this post?
        My internet was interipted and my download picked up where it left off.
        Few consoles bricked. And it only takes a few before everyone is like, “Oh My God! WiiU’s bricking!”

        It’s absolutely not the case.

  3. I find this kinda cumbersome, you should be able to transfer your account to another Wii U by yourself without sending it in, you can do this on the 360 and PS3, so why doesn’t Nintendo allow this on the Wii U? IDK why I’m even complaining about this when I don’t have a Wii U, but there is a chance I might get one for christmas, and if I update and the update screws up my Wii U then I’m gonna be mad because I heard the system bricks. I hope this thing Ninty is doing is free because after 300-350 bucks spent on the thing, why would I pay more when it’s the updates fault?

    1. The chance of bricking is insignificant, just don’t turn it off. Nintendo will be allowing the transfer between Wii U consoles at a later date.

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  5. Nintendo makes it so if you could use your account on multiple consoles then you could download all the games you have on to multiple consoles. which makes a lot of sense.

  6. But if your Wii U console breaks, the games will STILL not be transferable! And so far I have 3 digital games!

    Nintendo better not fudge me over the day my console dies on me!

  7. ok heres my question:

    so lets say i had my cousin create my NID, will i be able to transfer that ID to my WiiU? (once i get it of course)
    or is my ID tied to his WiiU?

    1. Not even Apple Allows more than one account per device. Were lucky nintendo allows multiple users and configurations like a PC.

  8. Exactly the problem. Most every other digital service is tied to your account info, so any qualifying devices that you own can share it. Nintendo is the only one that only allows the specific device it’s loaded on to have that purchase. I own multiple devices of a lot of the manufacturers because I use them differently. I like to use them for different functions (the gym, at home, in the car, at work, etc.). It’s a lot easier for me to do it that way and just about every digital service is setup so I can. I love you Nintendo, but, unfortunately, it will only be physical gaming for you from me from now on.

    1. That’s the only way to go with Nintendo unless one doesn’t mind losing all of their digital purchases. Best to write down your friend list too, as you will need to choose a new Network ID if you buy a new WiiU, What a drag.

      1. Disagree. There is not a huge group of people to own Multiple WiiU’s, and everyone’s really pissed because this cock-blocks piracy hardcore.

        Me and hundreds of thousands of others will be just fine with our consoles, downloads, and transfers of our ID’s / Purchases should we ever switch / Upgrade our console.

          1. I’m really not concerned. After multiple Wii and 3DS account / eshop transfers, I’m pretty comfortable with their processes. The WiiU account transfer thing MAY need a little tweaking, but I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

            It’s also a matter of what culture you choose to support. Nintendo is very anti-piracy file-sharing. They can’t stay ahead of continued game-sharing and piracy acts while giving us everything we want in an ID policy.

            Sadly, people can’t be trusted, and they will abuse the system with every inch of freedom they are given. As such, nintendo is a stricter company. People who absolutely hate their strategy just won’t buy Nintendo hardware. For better or worse.

            1. I think Nintendo will lose out on a lot of digital sales because of their absurd policies. At least I hope so, until they get it straightened out to please their paying customers. If I am to buy digital content then it should belong to me and not my system. I should be able to re-download my digital purchases at will including my Nintendo Network ID and not have to send it in to Nintendo. Costly and inconvenient. Every other digital service provider that I know of let’s you re-download your stuff from your account. Now you have a Nintendo Account that technically belongs to your WiiU, laughable if you think about it. It’s bad enough that you can only use your stuff on one console. But what is the problem in letting people re-download their stuff when they register a new WiiU ? Nintendo probably could find a way to deregister the original WiiU, This could even be used to render a reported stolen WiiU unusable , by purposely bricking it by Nintendo when it goes online. I love Nintendo, but their policies in this regard suck. Therefore i won’t support their digital content, with maybe a few cheap e-shop Indie game exceptions. and will stick to physical media to play their games which I can play in any WiiU that I want.
              I love how Sony and Microsoft do it, no worries there with digital games and my whole family benefits as we have at least 2 systems of each Now that is family friendly. If only Nintendo followed suit, that would make my day.

                1. Your deduction skills are lacking You are totally missing the point. But if you are happy with the way things are right now with Nintendi then good for you.

  9. They transferred my old wii system to a new one back in 2008. Only my friend code changed and old Miis got recognized as ones I’ve downloaded. Could not change their look and so on. Wii Shop was fine with all purchases correctly transferred.

  10. I bet most of these stuff will get solved or improved next year.
    They already sad that the pdate stuff will already be done when people buys a Wii U starting some time next year.
    Like everything else, some stuff will always be a bit flawed…

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