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Digital Foundry Says Wii Mini Lacks 480p Component Support In Their Review


Technology enthusiasts Digital Foundry have managed to get their hands on the Wii Mini which is exclusive to Canada. The publication says that not only does it lack any form of internet connection, it also lacks 480p component cable support. Digital Foundry wraps up their review by saying that the Wii Mini disappoints on almost every level. Here’s some choice excerpts.

We held out hope that we could get access to the internet using Nintendo’s own USB-based Ethernet adaptor (a single USB port remains on the new hardware) but astonishingly this does not work at all, meaning that the platform holder hasn’t just removed the WiFi hardware, but has also deliberately nerfed any kind of internet access. To confirm that, we also found that all the internet configuration options on the front-end have been completely removed.

Remarkably, the unwarranted cutbacks don’t end there. Going back to the GameCube era, Nintendo hardware has supported analogue component output with a 480p progressive scan option. For reasons best known to itself, the platform holder hasn’t just removed the 480p functionality but has totally removed any kind of support for the component cable itself. Standard RCA AV inputs are – thankfully – fast becoming a relic of the last decade, if not the last century, but in the here and now, that murky composite picture is the best you’re going to get from the Wii Mini.

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that the Wii Mini disappoints on almost every level. It’s not a good-looking piece of kit at all, functionality has been stripped down to the absolute bare-bones, and perhaps worst of all for a product actively being marketed on its dinky form-factor is the fact that it’s not actually that much smaller than the original model. What we have left is a console designed for young children, marketed at a price low enough to qualify it as a toy.

40 thoughts on “Digital Foundry Says Wii Mini Lacks 480p Component Support In Their Review”

  1. Jesus Christ. It’s like hearing a teacher put down a student’s work and all you can do is watch and see if they’re going to make them cry.

  2. SO they actually wanted to make something that was infinitely worse than the original Wii in 2012 ? lol. Why is it a Canadian Exclusive ? what’s so special or even unspecial about Canada ? why must children grow up with this device , WHY????????????????

    Meh , it’s just a lil money make for NIntendo on the side. *forgets about it and Plays Nano Assault Neo*

  3. HAHAHA , look at it split open. It’s just a fucking Disc tray with a tiny Circuit board that’s been glued to it!

  4. I’m not sure what te cost of materials is, but I can’t believe this costs much to make.

    In my opinion, this meeds to be priced a bit lower if they are really trying to provide entertainment for lower income families.

      1. they need to make profit off the games.. and if what i assume is correct, being that this wii uses chips from the wii u production that were unfit to actually use in the wii u (i.e. being damaged or lacking the necessary quality.. GPU and CPU manufacturers do that all the time with their models) it wouldn’t hurt them much to sell the hardware at a slight loss as opposed to simply having to throw the chips away

  5. Well look on a bright side of this, it’s for the people who are on a budget and it kinda reminds me of that mini NES (which I forgot the name for)

  6. why do people bring up the micro? i still love my micro and play it whenever i can. it actually fits in my pocket, unlike ANY other GB
    but the mini wii is a total piece of shit. wtf??? for children 5 and under?

    1. Exactly! The micro is freakin awesome! Its small and portable. And doesn’t bother me in my pocket like the rest of the handhelds. I can easily whip it out and play it. Its only negative is no gameboy/GBC compatability. Otherwise it is nowhere near as bad as this horrible wii that can’t even do what was considered to be HD 10 years ago. It has lost basically everything good about the wii besides a few quality games. Its lost the awesome VC too, who would buy this piece of shit!?

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  8. Ugh, no component is pretty disappointing, as composite looks god awful on HD TV’s today. I wonder if a S-Video cable for Wii would work, it wouldn’t be close to component but should be clearer. Yea this isn’t worth being a cheap Wii just to play Wii games unless you own a very old TV and don’t even care…

    If all you want is a Wii and live in Canada, spend like $30-40 more for a Wii that comes with two games, component support and internet support, the ability to transfer to Wii U, much better value for the money. The features you lose don’t really make it worth the money…

    Only redeeming factor is that it is very retro looking (like famicom), and might be a cool collectors item.

  9. LOL! Usually I support Nintendo’s decisions, but I don’t understand this one??? It puzzles me, just like it puzzles me that they didn’t put online multiplayer in Nintendoland. Both were awful decisions!!!

  10. Anyone else notice that the other redesigned Nintendo consoles also lacked a form of video support? NES2 lacked composite, SNES Jr lacked S-Video, and RGB. now Wii Mini Lacks Component… (although GameCube did as well after 2004 but that is barely a redesign)

  11. This should be max $30 I mean it when I say that I would rather play pong than wii U which can’t even let me play MH3 online.(even though it’s hacked up as shit)

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