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Nintendo Explains Why Nintendo Land Lacked Online Multiplayer


Nintendo Land producer Katsuya Eguchi says that the reason Nintendo Land lacked online multiplayer is due to the fact that they thought the game was better suited to communication between people sitting in the same room. Here’s what Eguchi told Famitsu.

“Nintendo Land’s multiplayer attractions work because of the communication shared between the people playing them. They were set up from the start to be something people in the same room could enjoy.”

Katsuya Eguchi also told Famisu that the development team originally had a Star Fox mini game in the works for Nintendo Land. Eguchi says that Metroid Blast was originally going to be a Star Fox mini game, but they felt the game was better suited to the Metroid franchise, so they chose that.

“Generally it was easy to match the gameplay from the prototypes with one series or another. For example, a game with air and ground battles works well with Metroid.”

“There was a time when Metroid Blast was going to be a Star Fox title, but the prototype featured this vehicle that hovered around like a helicopter and we figured that’d never be a good match for an Arwing.”

92 thoughts on “Nintendo Explains Why Nintendo Land Lacked Online Multiplayer”

    1. Doesn’t make sense. Couldn’t they just have both offline and online multiplayer. I feel they’ve missed a big opportunity to use their new online component and unique wiiu features; all at the same time.

      1. Yeah, it’s like Nintendo doesn’t ever think that the people living in the same house as you might not want to play as often as you do. Since that’s the case with me, I wish it had online multiplayer.

      2. i couldnt agree with you more they really are missing a big opportinity to use it, and if anything more people would like to buy it to be able to play both online and offline with other people or the people in the room with you

    2. I have an idea for a Star Fox mini game. The GamePad controls a land master while the Wii remotes use arwings. It’s a reverse of Metroid Blast :)

  1. Well i couldn’t agree more, I was relieved when I found out it didn’t have online, in the same way I’m glad the Mario Party series never went online, it’s best suited for friends and family to play in the same room.

    In related news, is anyone else having trouble connecting their Wii U to their Wi-Fi? It worked fine for me up until last week, and since than it hasn’t been able to connect (Yet everything else I own can).

    1. You were relieved? So let me get this straight, your opinion is the “right” opinion. I for one would love Mario party and Nintendo land to be online, because When I moved from my home town unfortunately my friends didn’t come with me so you are basically saying “Yeah sucks to be you if you are isolated from your friends except through the internet”

      1. Woah man, I think you’re taking their opinion a bit too far now. For one thing, I’m glad that Nintendo still prioritizes local multiplayer as apposed to online multiplayer. Its pretty sad in our modern day of video gaming that people will think less of a game just because it doesn’t have online multiplayer. Also, a lot of video games don’t even offer the option of local multiplayer anymore. Don’t get me wrong, its great to have both. But given the Nature of Nintendo Land, I can see why they opted out of online play.

        1. Well of course you are glad, because you guys are Nintendo fanboys! You guys agree with everything Nintendo says. In this modern day and age, it’s obvious that games with multiplayer features should always offer an alternative for people who don’t have other people to play with in real life. Why would it be better if it didn’t have it? Does it really hurt do add an online feature, so that people who really want to play offline can do that, and for us people who don’t want to invest in a couple of controllers or have the opportunity to play with gaming-interested family/friends in real life can play online?

          I don’t believe leaving out a feature would increase how many people play the offline multiplayer. Instead, I think that if a game is online, then more people will buy the game since they know they can play with anyone. If more people buy the game, then the free marketing would increase and people watching others play would want to join in as well, increasing the local multiplayer. Not only that, the game will also be long-lived.

          Nintendo stated that they wanted to release DLC for Mario games so they can become long-lived and the free marketing would continue, but they’re obviously not thinking straight since that principal basically works for online games as well.

          1. 1. I’m a girl, not a boy.
            2. I haven’t considered myself a Nintendofangirl for years now, (Not bother going to tell you why). I don’t agree with everything Nintendo does, they make a lot of mistakes, and I admit that (for example I still think not adding a console wide achievement system was a horrible decision that benefits no one), but I am hoping the Wii U is a huge success
            3. Me defending their decision, is based on my own experiences with party games online and how I think there are certain types of games that are best played offline with friends and family in the same room.
            4. Like I stated in my other comments, I’m entitled to my own opinion and so is everyone, so don’t blatantly attack someone because they have a different opinion to you.

            1. it still doesn’t make any sense to say that you are reliefed that they didn’t implement a feature that you wouldn’t use. its just rude to anybody who would use it. the option to play online might not be necessary for you, as you prefer offline gaming, but it wouldn’t hurt you either. so why exactly are you reliefed?

              i for one love playing online, because some of my closest friends sadly don’t live where i live now. so, we’re gathering on teamspeak or skype and are playing together, proofing nintendo wrong in what they said: communication works just as well online as offline, if you want it. probably not with strangers, but thats not what i personally am interested in. still i’d never be so arrogant to say i’m “relieved” (oh god, what a burden it might be…) that playing with strangers, or playing offline isn’t possible in some game.

          2. Not every game needs/would be better with online. Best example I can point at recently is SSX. IF that game had no online play. It would have been much better. They focused way to much on the online features, limiting local play. There was no local multiplayer… Online gaming is great yes, but It encourages anti-social behavior. I’d much rather them focus on local content then online content. In every case really.. but just my two cents. :)

          3. Yep, nothing wrong with giving consumers a choice of both online and offline multi-player. It would increase sales. A win-win situation.

      2. I’ve played party games online before, and I’ve never had fun with it, not even slightly. So ofcourse I was glad this game wasn’t going to have online, more time spent on enriching the single player/offline multiplayer experience. I can see why you wanted it to be online, but I think Nintendo thought exactly what I did, that “Players would enjoy the game more if they were playing in the same room rather than online.” (Not every game needs/would be better with online)

        But, you know, that’s just my opinion, and im entitled to it, same way you are.

        1. yea of course, playing a partygame online with complete strangers doesn’t sound fun.

          its not about being better or worse, its about having the option. yea, i might prefer playing nintendoland with my friends offline, if it was possible for me. due to the simple fact that there are several hundred kilometers between us, it is not, thus i’d like to have the option to play online with them. and if there are people who just don’t have friends for whatever reasons, they’d even appreciate the option to play online with strangers.

      3. You just wrote down my life story… A friend or a sibling visits me sometimes, but I play alone most of the time.

        But she’s right, some games is best local co-op!

    2. I’m pleased too, having played it with four friends it’s brilliant being in the same room together, things like the chase me gaming would be quite sterile online.

      1. Haha I’m also loving the Chase Me minigame, that and the Donkey Kong one are my favorites, my friends and I play just those 2 for hours each, really a great game :)

    3. I’m having trouble connecting my wiiu to my wifi :(. Long story short , my router is quite far away , and the wireless connection of wiiu is really weak. It’s actually a shorter range than the 3DS’s wireless range. So if I want to play wiiu online , I have to take my wiiu all the way to my router , and it’s really annoying.

      Can’t believe Nintendo put a longer range wireless connector in the 3DS than they did in the wiiU…..

  2. I’d like to see some DLC in the future with new mini-games maybe, 6-months to a year from now. Perhaps some of those can show of the online multiplayer capabilities. I’m sure there’s an attraction that could use multiple GamePads. Nintendo could very easily make this game all about showing new ways to play with the Wii U. The advantage of the GamePad is that it’s great for single or online play, it’s something unique that should be taken advantage of. Not for all situations but in the future for sure.

  3. He’s right, it is better suited for local multiplayer, but why not give the option to play online? Metroid Blast, Zelda, and Luigis GM would be great online. If this reason is legit, they are out of touch with what the kids want these days. Heck, this adult wants it too. I still love the game but I don’t see how the simple OPTION of playing online would somehow hurt Nintendo Land.

    1. To add to what I said, having the option to play online would result in more people playing Nintendo Land more often. That seems like a basic and fundamental goal for a software developer….

      1. Makes no sense. There is no defense.

        Give people the option to play on and offline. It’s not like online capability would discourage people from playing live with their friends.

        If anything, it encourages more people to buy the game and system because they don’t have to go to their friend’s house to play.

        1. I think it would discourage them actually, I’ve been to two ‘Nintendoland evenings’ recently and my friends are planning more, we are going to each take a turn hosting the night. It really makes you put the effort into getting together for an evening.

          1. That comment gave me a flash back to 1998. Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64 sleep overs.

            It’s cool that you guys are kickin it old school, and NL is a blast locally. I still don’t see how having an online option would hurt. You could still have NL evenings locally. And when cousin Bob from North Dakota wants to play, he could participate as well.

            The level of Miiverse integration in NL is a vicious tease for those who want online play.

            Just my opinion, but opinions are like butt holes…

            1. Haha, yeah those two games were very worth of sleepovers!

              I can’t see Nintendo changing their ways with these type of games any time soon, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Party all could have had online play.

              I think it’s great to see so much effort being put into local multiplayer stuff though, as a primary objective, and long may it continue. My Xbox 360 is a barren and arrid landscape when trying to find local multiplayer games to play with friends.

  4. What a ridiculous reason. Yes it’s more suited too offline, lots of games are on nintendo consoles work brilliantly offline but they would also work just as well online if not better in some cases. Nintendo are trying too bring back the hardcore gamers but are already messing it up, unless they get past this weird mentality they have with how they think people should interact and play online and give us what everyone knows does work and what people want then they will never get the hardcore crowd back no matter what third party support they get. Games like black ops etc are mainly bought for online play so you need a good online system too make people want it over other platforms.

      1. Agreed but it doesnt hurt if every game has both options. This was a good opportunity for nintendo too show what they can do online but they missed it.

  5. “Nintendo Land’s multiplayer attractions work because of the communication shared between the people playing them. They were set up from the start to be something people in the same room could enjoy.”

    But sometimes your friends and family aren’t in the same room all the time. What about then? Why have the ability to inviite the miiverse into your plaza if you can’t play with the members online? The fact is they were just lazy. I am a Nintendo fan, btw…so no bashing.

    1. not a butt hurt 3rd party


      1. Calm down lmao. Nintendo is and always will be my favourite producers of games but you have to face facts there is no reason too not include online and offline in any multiplayer game it’s just laziness from any developer. Online is standard on any platform now so nintendo should fully embrace it rather than dipping their toe in the water as they still seem too be doing.

  6. not a butt hurt 3rd party

    the fact nintendo has to explain COMMONSENSE in this world scares me for the future of mankind how stupid can abhuman being be it aint rocket science guys its a friends and family game LETS ALL DO THE HERPY DERPY DANCE

    1. Well … The fact that I agree with you that party games are for playing in the same room … But they really should have added online

    2. The fact that people can’t read in this world scares me. I am a Nintendo fan (as I mentioned above) not an Xbox fanboy as you claim. People play online that is a fact and a good idea (not everybody lives next to each other). You can enjoy Nintendoland online the same way offline when playing with friends and family using voicechat. Just because you don’t like online doesn’t mean it is not necessary. Every game should have it and have it done correctly. It is just the way things are now.

    3. The only person lacking in common sense is you. Scroll back up the page and read the many good reasons others have given for why this game should have both modes (online and offline mode). You might learn something.

  7. I love Nintendo but things like this upsets me. There is no reason to not have online with this game, just like it was ignorant to not have it on WII Sports 1 and 2 it show a lack of in-tuneness with the fan base and what matter to gamers in-general

    1. so your saying games like super Mario 3d land and Zelda are garbage because their no online?….i don’t know what to say about that. That something a kid would say when they have no real friends and he is isolated with only a console, takes everything for granted.

      1. Your comment makes no sense. Wii sports is an mp game so online would work as you would play against others. Mario and Zelda are single player games and while you could implement some form of online feature for high scores, points,coins or whatever with them why would you, they are single player games and should stay that way because they are fantastic games just the way they are.

        1. Did I say anything about Mario or Zelda? That the different between fans and fanboys. Go back a read my comment. Nintendo Land is asking for online multiplayer..WII Sport 1-2 is asking for multiplayer. And this coming form someone who rarely use online multiplayer

      2. WOW you needa CHILL

        It doesn’t matter if Mario and Zelda needs online, for Mario they could have a leaderboard for collecting coins like they did in NSMB2.

        We were talking about Nintendo Land, what if you’re playing it alone? Like with your family and friends that went far away… And somehow you connect to your family and friends in Miiverse, so you want to invite them, but Nintendo Land doesn’t have online… Imagine yourself to play Nintendo Land alone?

  8. rgh. I would’ve loved for this game to have online multiplayer.. in some cases I would’ve liked the extra help *looks at metroid and zelda attractions*. I mean I think NintendoLand is great and all, especially with it being a worldwide hub but it would’ve been better, in my opinion, for it have optional online multiplayer.

    And… y’know.. it’s not to late to remove octopus dance for star fox attraction!

  9. Love Nintendo, but they should start taking a survey as to whether people would want online play or not. I think they would find that many people, like myself, would love to play online. Most of the time, online play extends the life of the game!

    1. There is literally no excuse Nintendo can give for no online. Better suited for same room? Oh im sorry I have absolutely no friends in real life so that means I have absolutely no reason to buy this game. Nintendo needs to realize that not adding online for every mutiplayer game is unacceptable. New super mario bros u having no online is horrible as even little big planet vita has online. It really does come down to them being lazy. Oh and I would have bought Nintendo land if it had online o well

      1. Agreed, the sole reason i didn’t get the wii u on launch was cos i want too wait and see what they do with online play. I will buy the console for Zelda and smash bros alone but they aren’t out for a while yet. Im waiting for the consoles online abilities too be finished before i take the plunge before a Zelda game. I’m pretty sure we will all be left deflated about nintendos online attempt again though, they aren’t even doing their own official mics and voice chat is only available in certain games apparently…such basic things they are messing up on again.

  10. Nintendo, you own us a new Murasame Castle (Platinum Studios want to make one) and Balloon Fight video game since you went out of your way to make them as mini games in Nintendo Land.

  11. I mean, if you’ve played Nintendoland, I think you’d agree that the game works a LOT better with offline multiplayer. I mean, the game was designed around that idea, using two different screens to view two different things, but in the same place at the same time. Online would’ve really destroyed that concept, and while some argue that they should’ve just given the option to play online, it would’ve cost more time to put in and probably wouldn’t be a very expansive feature at that.

  12. Would have been alot better for it to have both local and online play, imo some of the games could have been so much more fun if it had an online as well… But again nintendo is soooo against online it would seem….

    Same with zombie U …. Now why doesnt that have online?…..

    1. Rock, idk why Nintneod seems to be avoiding online multiplayer right now, both games you mentioned would naturally be better(have higher praise) if they had online multiplayer. If you live alone with no friends than how do you play Luigi’s Mansion Ghost Hunt!!??? Or Animal Crossing Sweet Day!??? YOU CAN’T Unless you know other Nintendo fans or something….sadly I don’t. Everyone I know plays Xbox 360 YUCK!!!

      1. Cant you invite them over or bring the console over or something? Someone I know was bashing it while talking, but seemed to have no problem in me bringing it over to play, which I should be doing soon.
        the only problem then, is perhaps a lack of controllers?

        either way, i think the games would only hold a lot of depth if they enabled the voice chat on the game for online, which knowing nintendo, they wont. I can’t blame them, some people (most) should not have microphone access online, especially on a child friendly game.

        as for longetivity, I doubt nintendo wants a large amount of longetivity for what should have been a console bundle regardless of “deluxe edition”. their plans are to sate the apetite of fresh wii U owners so they will go out and buy more games, as the console is being sold “at a loss”.

        .. now that I’m thinking about it, they could do have enabled mic/online for Wii U Friends list… hmm..

    1. This. Star Fox should be made first since he wanted to make it since 2010. Then, he should make Murasame Castle since It makes more sense for Takamaru to get more popular via Super Smash Bros. 4 before jumping the gun for a revival beforehand.

      1. Yeah. I mean if you look at the games Platinum Games, they’re fast and insane. Thats what Star Fox should be. It should be ALOT bigger as well, and offer alot more diversity, but as long as its fast, engaging, funny, and batshit crazy, it’ll be awesome. Plus, Kamiya is a insane game designer.

    1. lol! I would rather another game EXACTLY like the Metroid one(except Starfox themed) than the lame Octopus one!!! SO I am right there with you!!!

  13. In a perfect world, party/multiplayer games would have great online/offline components.
    In real life, however, you get the online-centric titles that severely lack offline, and offline games with no online aspects. Sometimes you get a game that has both.
    Grow up, move on, and stop pouting. Nintendo Land has 5-player multiplayer and Miiverse support, that should be plenty.

    1. What’s funny is that the majority of people here are whining because they have no friends to share the game with (here’s a quote from one of them here: “I have absolutely no friends in real life…”).

      Seriously, these people here shouldn’t be blaming Nintendo for their evidential lack of social skills, varied friends, or your apparent isolation. Plus, Nintendo Land doesn’t seem like a game worth adding online when there are other potential candidates for online, like Zombi U or something.

      1. Well, sometimes people can’t make it happen, and even if temporary and non-personal, they need someone to hang out with. Like in an online game.

        And sometimes, a person can have all the social skills in the world, and still not get friends. It’s also a little shallow to make friends just to play a game online.

  14. I do not agree with Nintendo’s development team on this one. Nintendo wants to enter the hardcore & online filled part of the gaming world yet it’s flagship game that promotes multiplayer doesn’t support online play??? I honestly think they just didn’t feel like doing it and this is coming from a die hard Nintendo fan!!!

  15. When will Nintendo realize that local and online multiplayer is not an either-or? Regardless of whether the game is best in local multiplayer (I agree with that), not having the option is the annoying part. It’s like a lot of 360/PS3 games that have online multiplayer but not local. It can’t be that hard to do both, if one’s already done!

  16. i really hate this excuse

    like, cool, it’s best played with others in the room. totes understandable.

    but like, if i could do that i wouldn’t want to play it online in the first place. the whole point is that the option is unavailable so online is the alternative.

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  18. I think Nintendo Land should have had online support. Games that are focused on multiplayer and parties should have online for those who don’t have people to play with. Having an option to play online is not bad.

    1. Exactly. This is a cop-out. There is NO reason for a multiplayer game in 2012 to NOT have online multiplayer. NOBODY goes over to friends houses to play video games anymore (and by nobody, I mean the vast majority; I’m sure some young kids still do).

      Everyone I know plays strictly online. It’s the norm now. Nintendo still doesn’t understand that and is obsessed with in-person play. It’s ridiculous.

  19. THAT’S an explanation?

    Lol. That’s more like “uh, we just didn’t want to, so get your ass over to your friends house to play together, we don’t care HOW tired from work you are!”

    Nintendo still doesn’t get it…

  20. I highly disagree with Katsuya. Online multiplayer allows people to play with each other regardless of residence. But because Nintendo Land doesn’t have it, I have nobody to play with, so I am completely shut out of the multiplayer-only minigames.

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  22. I am certainly happy that Nintendo is letting me know how I should be enjoying the game, I would hate to have actual options. Was Nintendo purchased by Apple, by chance? Exact same philosophy… TELL the customers what they want.

    When is the next Playstation coming out, btw?

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