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escapeVektor Nintendo 3DS Release Date Revealed

escapevektorDeveloper Nnooo today announced the release date for its upcoming retro styled arcade game, escapeVektor. escapeVektor launches on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS on December 20th in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The game will cost US$9.99/€9.99/AUD$13/NZD$17.

8 thoughts on “escapeVektor Nintendo 3DS Release Date Revealed”

  1. Cool beans, but I’m halfway through Sticker Star, and although I’m loving these bite-size pieces of quality software (opinion), I’m ready for another major release.
    Luigi’s Mansion. Animal Crossing. Castlevania.
    I enjoy the smaller titles (Especially Level 5’s recent releases) but let’s get another big hitter released! :D

    1. Had never heard about this game before. After watching that game play video though I am intrigued. Looks like it’ll be a lot of fun.

  2. I am glad they are going retro with some of the new games. The graphics of modern video games are great, but in my day of the original nes and snes there was always a fairly new plot to every new game released. Now, I have played just about every shooter game. they are great, but the scenarios play out exactly the same in every game. I know at exactly this point I am going to find a cool weapon, and exactly this point I am going to find a tank, plane, or some vehicle.

  3. This game looks like something that would only my attention for a little bit.

    Also, the large contrast between the white and dark blue background in the video looks like it would be a major eyesore in 3D.

    Overall, I have a ton of great, must-have games on the Nintendo 3DS. In my opinion, this game is not under that “must-have” category of games.

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