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Final Issue Of Nintendo Power Available Now

nintendo_power_final_issueThe final issue of the long-running Nintendo Power magazine is now available for purchase. The magazine has ran for an impressive 24 years. One of its founders, Howard Philips, says Nintendo Power’s popularity arose due to the maps and gameplay tips it provided to gamers.

You can purchase the final issue of Nintendo Power for $5.99 here.

“I’m just gaga over it now. Thinking of how fun it was to pull out a map of Zelda and see the entire world, and be able to go through it with your fingertip and then say, ‘Okay, there’s where you can burn that tree,’ or push that rock, or whatever. It was so cool. Getting that in the hands of kids was – from my perspective – the real big win that we were after.”

-Howard Philips

29 thoughts on “Final Issue Of Nintendo Power Available Now”

  1. You know what? 25 years dedicated to a single console company, congrats! That’s pretty amazing! A Mac or windows mag running that long isn’t nearly impressive

    1. Not to one single console, you know what I mean. If xbox mag or ps mag make it 25 years as well, then they did good too

  2. I better not miss out on this issue in stores because of all the people who are planning to buy multiple copies (such as myself).

  3. Ever since I had a Super NES, I was a die-hard subscriber to Nintendo Power (before the Big N transfer the said magazine to Future Publications). Those were good times when we see Rare developing Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct for their 16-bit console, Capcom releasing Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, Konami’s TMNT IV: Turtles in Time, Axelay, and Gradius III.

    This is indeed a very sad day to see NP releasing their final issue. When next month comes, I’m subscribing to Pure Nintendo.

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