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Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Coming To iOS As Free App


Square Enix’s well received Final Fantasy music game Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is now coming to IOS as a free app. The game is already available on the New Zealand App Store and should be coming to the US fairly soon. The basic app is free, but you’ll want to purchase a number of classic songs for the game from the App Store. The iOS version even includes the ability to create your own scores. Will you be getting this on your iOS device? Or will you stick with the 3DS version?

98 thoughts on “Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Coming To iOS As Free App”

  1. This is a both steal and a rip-off. It’s a steal because it is a game that’s already out for thr 3DS, but also a rip-off because you have to PAY for classic songs. I would get the 3DS version and get EVERYTHING. And for those of you who have this for the 3DS and are pissed because this is FREE on the IOS, don’t sweat it.

    1. The price of the 3DS version is about $30.

      The price of the iOS version is free.

      I bet the songs you pay for on the iOS version will still be less than the price paid for the 3DS version.

  2. When I gets me new iPad, I sure will be, just a shame google didn’t have any Nexus 10’s left, aw well! :D This game I’ll be getting first!

        1. well make sure you buy one! Because the game is really technicall on Hardest difficulty. At times it’s like Guitar hero and the Stylus works wonders :)

        1. yeah but when you get angry you might break the screen and it’s not really free if you’re paying monthly for internet on your phone and ipad oh and also the stylus.

    1. There’s good support for android. The only difference is that the Apple App Store has a much larger amount of people using it. So it is usually the first to get the support.

  3. Tip top! It’s a smashing game and I really think the platform suits it. However, the total price for all the DLC comes to $155 so don’t expect to get the whole game without going bankrupt…

      1. because, you jackoff, they make a game for 3ds and sell it 40$ and when it pays itself they put it for free on Ios in hope to make a quick buck. furthermore they give out a level editor which is the most sickening part because 3ds users will never get it……

          1. well i think you’re an idiot, they are betraying the console gamers from which all their money has came for so long its disgusting… they just took money from console gamers in order to pay for the game so they can give it to mobile users

            and how is giving something that you made people pay 40$ for free to another user base a smart business decision? im talking about the level editor here we’ll never get it and its everything but classy from square-enix

            1. How the hell am I betraying console gamers? I still play consoles. Oh really? You know what they do with their finances now? Please, tell me what future financial decisions they’ll make, you can’t? Shut up then. I am in no way betraying console gamers, I play ALL PLATFORMS. PC, 3DS, VITA more so though. What’s wrong with playing games on tablets? NOTHING. Also, if you’re going to call me an idiot, at least learn punctuation! Mobile games is the way of the future, they can’t help if you want to stay in the past :)

              1. you are definitely an idiot, i was saying SQUARE-ENIX betrayed their fanbase which is, and you cant deny it, traditionally on consoles. and i fail to see how mobile games are the way of the future if they’re all fucking shitty or are poorly-translated console games (the world ends with you on ios anyone?)

                square enix is fucking shitty and is clearly whoring-out to the mobile market now

                  1. well your comeback didnt contain a single point… better to argue with no punctuation than with no argument isnt it, idiot

                    1. Again, you can’t insult someone’s intelligence with piss poor grammar. Your teachers failed you son.

                    2. Also, I hardly call yours a comeback at all. All you are doing is “OMG THIS SO SHITTY BRA! SQUARE ENIX IS SHITTY BRA!”. I believe no argument is better than a blinded fanboy argument who will be extremely bias. Where I am not.

                    3. Mistaking intelligence and proper use of grammar are we? you’re an idiot and i will stand by my point that you are an idiot. You see a company slapping their loyal fanbase in the face and call it genius while it is just sickening

                    4. also constantly coming back to grammar just shows you have no real interest in discussing the actual point, idiot

                    5. So, having bad grammar has nothing to do with intelligence? OK, do you have brain damage then? That’s the only other really logical explanation I can think of, either that or you’re retarded. Also, it’s smart business because they’re going to a system that has more users and aren’t cheap twats :D

                    6. And please. For the sake of humanity, go back to school. In fact, punch your teachers in the face while you’re at it.

                    7. I’m starting to feel sorry for you, you truly are mistaking intelligence and proper use of punctuation. So according to you everyone who’s punctuation is lacking is an idiot? That is fascinating because i know so many people in university who are very bad with grammar/punctuation but are actual geniuses in their respective fields of study. If you cant find any logical reason as to why my grammar may be lacking other than brain damage or retardation you must be pretty retarded yourself because there’s tons of reasons. And how are console gamers cheap twats when they buy games at 40$ and dont complain wheras mobile gamers cry when a game is over 5$. Plus what i was saying is giving a level editor for free to people who didnt even purchase the game and not giving it to your loyal fanbase is disgusting and i will stand by my point. Idiot

      1. Buyers remorse lol. I paid £20 for it brand new and it was amazing , don’t regret it one bit. There is obviously the catch of downloading each song. The free app is just the bait…..

        And this game totaly needs a stylus to trace the thin moving lines and add that tactile responsiveness. Be interesting to see how it plays on an iFad…..

                1. I’m getting iPad 3 for xmas.
                  Already paid for.
                  Stylus costs fuck all.
                  I don’t NEED to buy all the songs, only the ones I like.

                  It really is a better way of selling the game in my opinion.

                    1. Available in Australia Yes. I believe they will soon be releasing the iPad 4. But it seems to be equivalent to the iPhone 4 -> 4S type of upgrade. Heck, it won’t even be available in Australia for a while yet xD

                    1. Where I am. It isn’t cheap. Besides, 3DS the console itself, sucks (In my opinion) But I like the software it has, especially Kid Icarus.

        1. Yep, I bought the whole DLC for the 3DS game, I love the Ultimate Level for all the songs, makes me feel like my reactions have increased and therefore is good for Smash.
          P.S. I played so much on that game that the screen protector was ripping appart, I got pissed afterwards for missing notes due to the scratches and bumps that was created by the pen.

          1. my 3ds has never needed a screen protector. Unlike the original DS I find its touch screen to be really tough and mine has no scratches at all!

    1. A demo is out, and sometime in the next year or so, It should be in 3DS Eshop, with Nintendo going and Promoting their “Digital” program.

  4. When it comes to the Handheld Market, Nintendo’s Biggest Competiter is Not Sony(They’re not even in the same League), It’s F*CKIN APPLE!! -_- I Believe Both Nintendo AND Microsoft Want Apple to Die!!

            1. They have even said that they’re treating Smartphones as friends. But I respect everyone’s belief on how Nintendo should compete or who to compete.

  5. And this is by the same company that trolled everyone yesterday with a new website for a “secret game” that turned out to be a browser game. Nice.

  6. im pretty 3ds is nintendos last handheld, and that games that are sopposed to go to 3ds will just be jumped to wiiU as if they were 3ds games

    1. First of all, learn how to use grammar that your teacher(s) taught you in school. Second of all, I’d like to see the source of where you got that the Nintendo 3DS is Nintendo’s last handheld system. Third of all, where’d you get that, and why are you coming down to the conclusion that the 3DS can’t survive in the world of Handhelds Vs. Smatphones.

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