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Mass Effect 4 Coming Late 2014 To Mid 2015


Bioware has revealed that Mass Effect 4 will be coming to consoles during either late 2014 or sometime during the middle of 2015. Development for Mass Effect 4 started around a month or two ago and is progressing well. The next Mass Effect title will be powered by the gorgeous Frostbite engine. Bioware has yet to announce which platforms the game will be available on.

If you were to give a rough idea on a release window, what would you say?

Late 2014 to Mid 2015. I honestly can’t tell you an exact because full development on the game started a month or two ago.”

69 thoughts on “Mass Effect 4 Coming Late 2014 To Mid 2015”

      1. Doubt it. It’s likely going to be a next-gen game. A new ME trilogy to kick off a new set of systems.

        I can see it being on the Wii U, PC, and whatever Sony and Microsoft are going to release next.

        1. Knowing Microsoft, they will once again cut a check to have Mass Effect 4 be a timed exclusive on the Xbox720. Then PS4 and Wii U will get it a few months later with all the DLC content.

    1. nobody said anything about leaving the wii u out.. that’s probably simply how long it will take… big titles usually are 2 years or more in the making

      1. I was kinda assuming it would come for Wii U but I wonder if it will be PS4/720 or not as rumours says those will not be out before 2014 (which seems legit as they are not even revealed yet)

        1. well they did say late 2014.. and that usually means late :)
          chances are they’ll push it back even further

          i think it’s safe to assume that both the new playstation and the new xbox will have been released by the end of 2014

  1. I LOVE me some mass effect and seeing as they’re just now getting started on development, I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t come out on Wii u. It’ll be interesting to see where they take the story after the way 3 ended

    1. No offence to you or anyone else.

      But I don’t understand ”Would care less” same as I don’t understand ”Could care less”.

      Here in England we say ”I couldn’t care less” which means I could not possibly care less about the matter at hand , in other words , You don’t give a shit.

      What’s the deal ? :)

        1. Voice of reason in this harsh, harsh world.

          Bugger that sould be embedded it’s a video of David Mitchell (of peep show and Mitchell and Webb look fame) explaining proper use of the phrase

        1. Well when trying to say you don’t care about something
          Saying ”you could care less” implies that you do care a little bit but could care less :S .

          Where as saying ”I couldn’t care less” means you care so little That you could not care less. :)

    2. *facepalm*
      Okay, seriously, some of you Americans need to learn grasp the basics of the English language. There’s is no such thing a “could care less”, in this context.
      You speak English, not American.

      Oh, and COLOUR isnt spelt color.

      1. well in the US it is spelt color

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      1. To be fair, that game was scrapped, redone and passed on so many times that the original game was long long gone. So in actuality, it was rushed…but was like rushing out a dead corpse.

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  3. Thats cool, but have a new story ark.
    Do a game based during humanity’s rise into the galaxy and discovering the new alien civilisations and the struggles that follow them.
    Or, let us pick a different species as a main character >.<

    Otherwise, there's literally no excuse other than laziness or EA being dicks for this not to come to WiiU as well. PS4/720 arent going to be a big jump anyway, certainly not in the space of a just over a year, and most PC gamers will just shrug it off.

    1. No one said it wouldn’t, and considering that 3 was on the Wii U, I think we can safetly assume that the 4th one is going to be on the Wii U aswell.

      1. I want it on Wii U too. But if ME3 on the Wii U doesn’t sell well (which would be EA’s own fault because they screwed us out of the trilogy) EA could use that as an excuse to not bring ME4 to the Wii U.

  4. next gen game will be on WiiU if the WiiU is capable of running next gen engines, such as cryengine3, unreal 4, luminez engine from square enix and whatever engine rockstar engines work with

    1. the big engines that are also used for licensing are always created so they can scale very well
      UE3 can even run on a tablet
      so it’s safe to assume that all of the big upcoming and recently released engines will run on the wii u

      how good the graphics turn out to be, now that’s a different matter

        1. well if i take a look at ipad4 games.. then no it’s not all down to the art style.. you can clearly see that the ipad lacks the power to make these games really look good.. and most of them are running at very reduced resolutions because the ipad is just not capable of handling them

  5. Good, this gives me a chance to actually finish the trilogy, I’m only at ME1 at the moment and I know I was late to the party, but I just got a 360 last year from a friend and I’m still trying to catch up on 360 titles, exclusive or otherwise. So far, Mass Effect is awesome and I’m glad I have 2 ready just incase I beat 1. Now I just need to get 3 and I should be set.

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