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YouTube Now Disabled On Wii U Browser?

youtube_logoA number of Wii U users are saying they can’t watch videos on YouTube via the new console’s browser. Apparently, the video-sharing website loads on Wii U’s browser, but the play buttons don’t display. If this is true, this means that the only way to watch YouTube videos on Wii U is via the abysmal YouTube application.

188 thoughts on “YouTube Now Disabled On Wii U Browser?”

    1. The miiverse was spammed with “spam YouTube feedback” “battle for you rights” and so on there was even someone who got banned it was fun watching the whole thing.

    1. Exactly. They developed the browser which outperformed YouTube’s own app. Then again, I should have guessed they’d do as poor of job on a core redesign as their Wii U app.

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      1. Why? No, in fact, how?
        All web browsers on an console or handhelds have been horrible till now, not to mention slow as hell, including the Vita.
        From everything ive seen, the WiiU one almost works as well as on an iPhone or iPad. Plus the screen is bigger, and you can use a tv and switch between the 2 in a second.
        “Oh youtube suddenly stopped working on WiiU, vita is better”. No? Youtube being dumb cunts as usual doesnt show the WiiU’s “true colours” or any bullshit like that.

            1. That’s nice. But once again, me and Simply G were talking about the app, silly dipshit.

              Reading comprehensive, are you not good at it?

              1. Yes, I got that you were talking about the app.

                The point being that discussion about the respective performance of each of the various apps is utterly bloody pointless here, and has nothing to do with the superior browser version.

                1. That’s not my problem. I’ll bring up any sort of discussion regardless of relevance wherever the hell I please.

                  On topic, the “superior browser version” is clearly not functioning for the time being and a half-assed alternative is the only option right now. Come to think of it, Vita is still better by the mere fact that the handheld isn’t confined within a limited range/area when it comes to portable use. Of course, it’s possible you’re one of those hipsters who actually watch YouTube on their TV or something…

                  But yeah, I suppose the browser’s variant is “superior”, if that makes your underclocked 360 feel better.

                  1. So there we go then, as you’ve admitted through gritted teeth, the browser version is superior.

                    Proof that everything you’ve said here prior to this point is entirely redundant.

                    Until the next time. :)

        1. RE: No, but it does show its true value. You’d think Wii(2)U would be able to handle the memory, what with it being the “improved” version of its predecessor and not just some rehashed Wii with a gimmicky, downgraded i-Pad wannabe controller. But alas.. ¬_¬

          Thank the heavens I bought a PSVita – it works SO much better than the Wii and Wii(2)U’s YouTube app. What a shame, really, yet somehow not unexpected.

      2. And by “better”, dont refer to the app, because theyre awful, its even dogshit on my iPhone, not to mention pointless when i care just bookmark the actually site that has more functions than the app.

          1. Again, app.
            The performance of the app is meaningless if i can just access the good version via the browser, just like i can do on my iPhone, which has a HORRIBLE youtube app, and the same that everyones been doing with the WiiU. So how good the Vita’s app is, is pointless, because the WiiU and iPhone can load the better version, the official website.
            Love to see people use the Vita’s browser and pull up youtube.

            1. “Good version via the browser”

              which as you can tell does not exist right now

              I was not aware that every app was the same by the way, so I don’t care about your iPhone YT app.

              How good the Vita’s Youtube app happens to be is very relevant considering it does not have a flash player in the web browser.

              Also, the Wii U is not a portable device, which again, makes whatever advantage it has absolutely meaningless for people who actually have lives and don’t watch YouTube on a fucking console of all things. lel

              so in short,

              are you like



              or slow?

              1. The Vita’s portable aspect is pointless, because the 3G is shit, and most people have an iphone or android that’ll do the job better.

                It doesnt change the fact how superior goes on the browser youtube is to any app. Again, suddenly the Youtube on the web browser goes down, temporarily. “Better put on my Vita armour and spend the word”.

                Fuck off

                1. at the end of the day, wi-fi hotspots or even 4G tethering will work with the Vita while the Wii U is confined within your house or wherever the hell you have it, meaning watching youtube on that is absolutely retarded as opposed to just a goddamn PC or laptop

                  I don’t know what difference loading youtube, whether it be an app or in the “Browser” (cause, you know, every mobile browser is the same and not different at all) is supposed to make

                  seems you’re just being an idiot for the sake of being an idiot so I’ll say all of the above for my previous reply :)

                    1. Dude, shut the fuck up. You are literally delusional.

                      Oh and laptops have batteries, so you’re still retarded.

                    2. O aelous i thoug at least you got some functional brain cells, why the Hell will any 1 turn on a laptop in there own home and why turn on a pc for a few vídeos and get the eléctric bills skyhigh.

                  1. don't have an username

                    we never said the smartphones can’t do that you idiot and we are comparing Wii U against Vita not a laptop now where is your backup with the Vita?

              2. Or people who have “lives” and aren’t on the web defending/literally humping their childhood prodigy, Nintendo? LOL, too funny. Well, if you excuse me, I have an actual “life” to attend, ta-tah my possibly welfared friend.

      3. What is a “Vita?” Is that the new $250 controller for the PS3 that fails as a controller but has a few games on it to make up for it?

        Or is it the Sony Cell Phone that decided to try and be a handheld instead?

        I’m so confused!

        1. It’s a stand alone handheld device that plays HD games in the palm of your hand but you new that already you fanboy jackass.

          1. Why call him a jackass? Because he made a brilliant comeback to the “Is the Wii U an accessory for the Wii” jokes? Because his wit far outclasses yours? Thought so

            1. The difference is nobody has been calling the Vita an accessory, nor was it witty in any particular way.

              You’re just as retarded as him.

              1. Being called retarded by you and your ilk is actually reassuring, Aeolus. Intelligence or wit can’t really appreciated be appreciated by your lot, so…

  3. So this way they make you download a YouTube app, man watching videos with family and friends would’ve perfect, Google is basically taking every popular thing!

  4. The people that run Youtube must be retarded…
    All of their “official” apps suck, they change the layout every week, and just general fuck up-ary is constant

      1. I mean i have, or was forced a youtube app on my iphone, and before, it was okay, then it was just horrible, but i can just make a shortcut onto my home screen, to take me to the actually mobile site, which has pretty much every function of this PC site, so whats the point? Same with the WiiU, clearly everyone took one look at the app version, jumped ship, and used the browser.

    1. yeah i first though it was the internet but then my signal works fine, but when it loading the video it said something odd, i have to reload, the same thing. Sometimes it works fines others time it just stops.

  5. Why would anyone use the app when the WiiU browser is lightning fast and plays videos amazingly?

    Working fine in the US. What country is having problems?

    Why is there a WiiU youtube app anyway? It’s unnecessary and inefficient.

      1. Yep working for me, but if it’s a google / Youtube issue, makes sense that it’s inconsistently failing for different folks.

      1. Yeah, the first thing I did when the videos stopped loading was this method.

        I remember the same happened with my internet browser just a few weeks ago on the PC. Thank god.

        Now, back to cracking up over Game Grump’s and their Sonic 06 let’s plays. XD

  6. I noticed this earlier when I was trying to watch my favorite Minecraft tekkit series. This is really horrible if it’s permanent- the Youtube app is complete garbage. :(

      1. @Nintenlord,
        Just saying, it’s a video game console. It always annoyed me when people wanted to do INTERNET stuff on a game console. That’s all.

        1. Well, what about a video walkthrough? using the browser its possible, but -not- with the app. at least, not without exiting the game yknow? also, i use it as a wiki when playing certain console games as i can have the tablet next to me to look at when i need it, rather than go back and forth from pc to living room.

          I really hope this comes back, as the app is impractical, requires the television, and is broken to the point that my subscriptions come up as “no videos”. Besides, I always like being able to bring up new videos as soon as the previous one finished.

  7. What’s wrong with the YouTube browser that the console already comes with, it works fine when the console actually connects to the internet…

  8. This has to be absolutley dreadful! The Youtube application on every console is terribly broken and ill designed. Its slow, clunky, and lacks very basic features. Either they unblock us from using Youtube in the web browser, or they fix that sorry excuse of an app.

  9. I really dread Frash Frash & Co.’s reaction to this, since the previous version of YouTube worked amazingly well on the Wii U browser which has the “Show & Trailers” curtain. Bra-friggin-vo, Google.

  10. Not true, i just watched the new Pacific Rim Trailer on the Wii U browser via de IGN page with an embedded youtube video an it worked fine

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  12. Doesn’t work anymore on my wiiu (europe). Youtube was really fast in the browser! Hopefully the app will get an update soon :/

  13. That’s it. The app was frankly worthless and now they’ve gone and broken playback in the browser version too. If YouTube don’t fix this in a week, i’ll have to start a petition or a prolonged spam campaign or something.

  14. Can I just say as a huge Nintendo fan I apologise for anything Nintenlord has said, please do not think all nintendo fans are like that. I personally think the Vita is brilliant

    1. Best Phone ever! But I’m having trouble figuring out how to place calls, any Tips?

      Also, I can’t seem to get it to work as a controller, but I swear Sony said it was one. I keep it in range of the PS3, but when I move the analogs, my character doesn’t move. I can’t keep up with all this technology stuff. :(

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  16. Abysmal? The app is pretty damn good. It’s just lacking some fairly obvious things (like comments) and someone decided it would be a good idea to make you use buttons for the player controls when there’s a huge touchscreen in the middle of the controller. Otherwise, I dig the interface and playback speed and quality.

  17. Dear Nintendo,
    Stop creating good things then shooting yourself in the face by making them worse and worse and worse.
    Every Nintendo Fan Ever.

  18. Hello! If you change the “watch?v=” part of the youtube url to watch_popup?=v it will play as before. So this isn’t a technical issue at all, they turned it off.

  19. This doesn’t have anything to do with Nintendo its youtube… I can’t watch videos on my mobile browser either so it’s not a WiiU problem

    1. ” I personaly prefer it over webbrowser version.”

      Then you’re insane the Youtube app is a big pile of shit.
      You can’t comment on the app, or like/dislike a video. Not discounting the fact that when I click on my subscribers it comes up ”No videos available” this happens like every-fucking time. And this piece of shit of an app has froze on me,

  20. In other news, the play bars were not coming up on my Mac computer when using Sarfari, they must have discontinued it on that too. Nah, youtube is just glitchy.

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  23. youtube still works on the wii-u browser just go to share then embedded and copy just the link, paste it to the address bar and just like magic there you go!

  24. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

    Well no shit! It won’t work on the Wii U’s Internet Browser, because…



    3. You can ONLY watch YouTube videos with the YouTube app on the Wii U.

    1. Umm…HELLO! did you even use the browser? It DID work on the Wii U Browser and then YouTube changed it and then it was LESS ACCESSIBLE. You can still play YouTube videos on the Wii U Browser, the functionality isn’t broken, it’s the access to it.

      Secondly, I’ve already dispensed this information on Miiverse, but lets actually try to enact the change that we all want to see happen. Go to YouTube, scroll down to the bottom, click ‘Leave Feedback’ and voice your grievances.

      Anyone who cares about restoring the Wii U Browser version of YouTube to its former glory should do this. I’ve already done so. Your turn.


  26. Here’s the problem why Youtube might not work on the Wii U browser:

    Youtube’s main browser is Flash-based.

    The Wii U doesn’t support Flash.

    Therefore, they would be a blank spot where it is.

    The HTML5 version of Youtube, the version that the Wii U browser does support, is currently in beta, and may not be enabled by default.

    To enable it, go to:

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  28. i stop using my wii u cause i dont find any game appealing to me so i only used it to youtube on the browser. now that it’s disable i went back on my pc to do it instead and my wii u is jst collecting dust till i find a game that i like. =(

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  30. youtube works fine though my wü browser so ive no idea what everones one about the video comes up and then it goes to wü player no probs

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