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11,000+ People Want Dark Souls 2 On Wii U


Many Wii U owners were left frustrated when Namco Bandai announced that Dark Souls 2 would be skipping Wii U and coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In the hope that Namco Bandai would sit up and pay attention, Christopher Marcil from Brighton in the United States, started a petition. The petition has amassed over 11,000 signatures from Wii U owners. Let’s hope it has some effect.

121 thoughts on “11,000+ People Want Dark Souls 2 On Wii U”

    1. So what? If we want a game, what’s the problem with asking for it? There’s no issue, my friend. If you don’t want it, don’t sign it.

        1. 11,000 people in a couple of days.

          The market is prime for this. Namco could sell it for the WiiU in Japan alone and it would probably sell more than the other consoles.

          One of the WiiU’s launch games is very reminisant of Dark Souls, ZombiU.
          If there was ever a consumer that wants it, its WiiU owners

          1. Speak for yourself. Don’t wanna play this game with a fisherprice pad and shit graphics

            Look at u defending nintendo. Now that wiiu sucks specswise. Go fuck yourself

            1. ZombiU is a really good launch title and makes excellent Immersive use of the Gamepad. The graphics aren’t bad at all either. Sometimes it looks pretty impressive and looks exactly like London. The lighting is actually insane in the game.

              I would give the game a solid 8/10. Now get mad because you are missing one of the best survival horror games ever made , even if it is a slightly unpolished launch title.

            2. i would call you a fucking dickhole but those have a purpose. delete your username and sign up somewhere else that houses other retards like yourself that wanna read your bullshit. Push your little shrunken up balls straight into your own asshole and fuck YOURSELF the next time you feel like your tantrums need to be heard by anyone on here again, Evaluate yourself, why do you actually waste your seemingly non-valuable time bitching on and trolling a small web-site where people who like to read nintendo news discuss these things? If your answer is anything besides “because im an overcompensating tiny dicked loser fucking asshole with nothing better to do than try and get rises out of people to laugh them(bad job of it by-the-way), you are lying to yourself. :)

            3. “Now that WiiU sucks specs wise”.

              First of all, no. Second of all, it’s more powerful than the system’s the game is already being made on.

              Third, if its really that much of a big deal, that a controller is made of plastic, and actually has a new idea, to help improve gaming altogether, and inject new ideas into developers, Nintendo made a boring ass controller just for people like you.

        2. 11000 people. $60 from each person. that would be $660000 right by simply porting the game n have a map or something on the gamepad. or have free tv mode. thatd be helpful.

    2. Lol what? Remember when Bioshock was a 360 exclusive? What about Mass Effect 1? Lost Planet 2 ring a bell? In fact, Demon’s Soul, the first game Souls game, was a ps3 exclusive, then Dark Souls came to the 360 and PC too.


        1. Congratulations, you put two words together to make a fake word in an attempt to make an insult to someone who owns a PS3, is playing Dark Souls 1 right now on the PS3, and explained how i felt when titles like Bioshock, Lost Planet, Mass Effect, ext werent on the PS3.

            1. It states that you aren’t a blind fanboy, and can actually enjoy games on other systems aswell, even if it isn’t your preffered choice of console.

              So yes, it does make you seem less of a “Nintendroid”.

              Just to add something random, “Sony Pony”, “Xbot”, “Sonydrone”, “Nintendork”, “Nintendroid”.

  1. That’s a considerable number considering the fact that the petition has only been up for a short time. Namco will now have to react, one way or another.

    1. Not really. 11,000 isn’t enough to warrant a game. Heck, operation moonfall has more signatures and we’re still waiting.

      1. no it hasnt dipshit. it got nintendo to ask weather they want a link to the past remake or majoras mask remake. n miyamoto responded to them saying he wants to make a original zelda game for the 3DS before remaking.

        1. “No it hasn’t dipshit”

          What is that in reply to? The number of signatures? Because that’s the only one that would make sense, because I have no idea where you are going with the rest of your statement.

          Operation Moonfall: 50,000 +
          This petition: 11,000 +

          1. So a petition, with an official website, who did the petition for the famous Operation Rainfall, about a Majora’s Mask 3DS remake, inspired by Miyamoto actually saying “Do you want a new Zelda 3DS or Majora’s Mask remake”, got more votes than an unofficial petition, by some guy who just likes Dark Souls and WiiU, based on a trailer, and the Majora’s Mask has 50,000 sigs in a good 4-5 months, and the Dark Souls petition has 11,000 sigs in about 2-3 days.

            “It’s retarded to go alone, take this!” Jellybean received Logic

            1. Uh, you do realise the guy above me said that operation Moonfall didn’t recieve more signatures? And I corrected him? How does correcting someone make me retarded?

              My fucking god you’re a faggot.

              1. That wasnt my point? This petition has 11,000 in a few days. Operation Moonfall has had 50,000 in 4-5 months, and is more well known than some random online petition by some guy.

                The rate that the Dark Souls petition has gotten sigs is massive, its it for a games thats very niche, and was announced less than a week ago

                  1. Huge ? It’s basically nothing.
                    After a couple of weeks it’ll have maybe around 50,000 signatures… And then ? Do you think Namco will decide to spend money on bringing their game on a console because 50,000 out of about 1,000,000 people want it ? Stop dreaming. And who says and guarantees Namco that everyone who signs the petition will buy the game anyway ?
                    They want to make money and they obviously won’t be able to make enough of it with a port for the WiiU.

                    1. Oh, thank you ! ;D
                      Could say the same about you too, as a response to any of your comments you’ve made around here, especially in the recent articles. (:

      1. This has gotten publicity on every major gamesite they are going to have to respond whether positive or negative news.

        1. They don’t have to. They might acknowledge that they know about the petition if someone in the media approaches them about it. They’ll probably just in other words say that they’re going to do what they were going to do anyway.

          But they don’t have to do anything.

          1. I didn’t say that they will have to make the game because of the petition ofc. I’m saying that, with the petition in the media spotlight, they will have to react, one way or another. They might feel compelled to release a statement, or more likely, as you said, someone in the media will ask them about it. This will probably be limited to justifying why they have no plans for a Wii U version yet, but they are still acknowledging the situation.

  2. Why do people like this game? Is masochism a thing now or something? I mean I like challenging games and all but Dark Souls and Demons Souls are less what I consider challenging and more torturous than anything.

    1. This game is one of the most satisfying games ive ever played. Its brutal, and you really have to think about what you’re doing, but progressing feels sooo good. It’s a nice breath of fresh air in the sea of easy games and tutorial onslaughts.

      I do think the developers need to elaborate on a couple of things in the game though, or refine them. I had no idea what the point of Humanity was in the game for a while, and it’s hardly even important seeing as the risk is so high.

  3. What doesn’t make sense is that they are making a game for consoles that are rather old and starting to date and not want to take full advantage of new hardware. Would to see if developers then start to make 720 and PS4. That would make them look lame and very lazy for not attempting anything with Wii U. New hardware – try it. Every game I have I like. Sega have done good with Sonic Racong Transformed. It’s been proven possible to make a good game.

    1. It’s not that, on one side its about how long they’ve been in development for, and if Nintendo has approached them to make the game for the WiiU.
      Then its about when the WiiU dev kits actually went out.
      Then, and the thing that relates to this petition, developers don’t know or don’t think that the market on the WiiU will be significant enough. I mean this got 11,300 (i just signed it), in a couple of days.
      Nintendo havent had good 3rd party support, ao developers are kinda taking a risk putting games onto the WiiU.
      Once sales go up, or petitions like this attract enough attention, then we’ll get the games.

        1. The THQ situation was a bit different. THQ LIED about the wiiu to damage controll not having enough money to do their port. it was THQ’s decision to announce Metro for the wiiu which they did , and they must of been fully aware of those ”very early” dev kits before they made such a decision.

          Then some idiot comes out and starts lying saying all this BS. That was extremely wrong of THQ to do that. Other than that , they’re not a bad company….

        2. THQ’s excuse was all based on how financial fucked they are, but swayed it over to make it sound like the WiiU had a terrible CPU, which isnt might have, in terms of architecture of current hardware, but the guy who actually revealed the WiiU’s CPU speed, was also aware of the 720’s, which was about 0.2 faster.

          Clearly they wanted to do a quick port, but couldn’t, and couldn’t afford to spend money actually using the system properly.

          I dont blame them, theyre in shit, and nobody was boycotting them, but throwing their weight around was just stupid.

          This is an entirely different scenario, where its about not knowing the market for the WiiU.


        I’m going to boycott this company now, they shouldn’t be treating consumers like this, we demand Dark Souls II or NO FUCKING SALE YOU FAGGOTS AT NAMCO.

    1. Who’s going to boycot namco ? Namco are one of the Best company’s in the industry ? I mean who the fuck doesn’t like Namco ?

  4. Namco Bandai is a company working with Nintendo to make Smash brothers brawl. Ain’t we as Nintendo gamers and gamers jumping the gun a little early? Activision has given us COD blops 2 even when they took eons to announce it. Am sure it shall be here on the Wii U some time next year when monster hunter 3 Ultimate has settled :).

    1. I don’t think it’s so much jumping the gun, i think a lot of developers don’t realise the demand that WiiU owners have for these games. Dark Souls is pretty big, particularly in Japan, having it on a Nintendo console just makes sense

            1. Nah, not really, I find my life extremely satisfying. And if you obviously think I was serious when I said “in my life”, you must have some serious retardation to you.

  5. Since their working on the next smash Bros, they should release Dark Souls 2 on Wii U. I have a PS3 also, but won’t buy unless release it for Wii U!

    1. Thats taking it a bit too far, id still buy it, but id prefer a WiiU version. This game and Miiverse go like butter and toast.

    1. There’s a few places in the US named after UK citys. New York being the biggest one, except York over here looks like shit in comparison xD

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  7. If you’re on this forum then you should have a stake in what software is released for the Wii U.
    If you aren’t interested in Dark Souls, you should at least be interested in extending the range and diversity of games on the system as well as wanting the system to be a success, something that will become more certain with better third-party support.

    With this in mind, why on earth are some of you seemingly so opposed to this petition and its chances of success? Even if it was a lost cause, the actions of players in publicly stating their desire for a game should be supported for the reasons I gave above.

    If all we can muster is pessimism and a no-try attitude in the face of adversity then that says more about how little we consider ourselves as agents of change than anything else.


  8. Isn’t the reason From Software isn’t planning on producing a Wii U port because of lack of experience with that hardware? Look at how bad the PC port of the original Dark Souls was!

  9. And apparently 11,000+ people want to die alot too :P Never played the games myself, at some point I might but would be nice to have the game on all 3 platforms.

    1. It’s a good game. Don’t get PC though, whoever the fuck ported it to PC needs to hang there heads in shame. I’ve never been more disgusted in my life.

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