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In Japan, Nintendo 3DS’ Current Sales Have Surpassed Total Sales Of PlayStation 3

nintendo_3ds_sideNintendo’s latest handheld, the Nintendo 3DS, launched in Japan on February 26th, 2011. And Sony’s the PlayStation 3 released in the country on November 11th, 2006. Although it was released years after Sony’s latest console, so far in Japan, the Nintendo 3DS has sold a total of 8,728,515 units, whereas the PlayStation 3 sold a total of 8,593,899 units.

120 thoughts on “In Japan, Nintendo 3DS’ Current Sales Have Surpassed Total Sales Of PlayStation 3”

        1. The vita looks pretty good. The only gripe I have is that the joysticks seem reeeeally weird. I played one in a store and it just felt…weird man.

          1. In my opinion the joysticks of the Vita feel really well, especially when comparing to the analog pad/stick of the 3DS, from which my thumb keeps slipping off while playing. Really uncomfortable design, if you ask me.

      1. Hahaha if its not doomed by a PS product than it will be doomed by another.

        It’s like kids when they have a race to see who is faster. But one of them is loosing so they change the rules. You can’t keep changing where the finish line is on a race just because someone is ahead of you.

              1. lol just casuals use those to “play”, then after game they realised it would be better on a handheld console

                P.s: lol iphone 5 and ipad mini

                1. In case you forgot, gaming is a bussiness. If developers see money coming in from casual gamers, they will cater to casuals.

                  Don’t be so quick to dissmiss casual gaming cause it sure as hell isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

              1. People don’t buy smartphones and tablets for gaming. And they clearly have not impacted on the sales of the DS or 3DS. So your point is completely invalid. Just because smartphones are selling well doesn’t mean the handheld market isn’t. The 3DS sold 682,396 this past week globally. If the 3DS keeps up at this rate it’ll easily take over it’s predecessor the DS within six to seven years as the biggest selling games console of all time. So please, name one way in which the smartphone market is destroying handheld gaming consoles, when they are selling better than ever before?

          1. Not you, but other people who said that it was doomed. First they were like “OMG, the 3ds is doomed because the vita will kill it!”. And then when Vita failed with the task they wanted it to execute they were like “OMG, the 3ds is doomed because the Smartphones will kill it!”. Sadly those people are so dumb that they makes everyone giving it fair critic lose validity. :/

      2. considering it sold about 700.000 units in japan in the past 2 months, which is pretty much in line with prior sales figures, and considering that smartphones haven’t just entered the market but have been available as gaming platforms even before the 3ds’ release i don’t see how or why

        1. Well, more and more developers are heading that way. There is massive amounts more money in the mobile industry than there ever was. Tablet sales have gone up 98% since 2011 meaning shit loads more users, there are more casuals in this world than hardcore gamers. Businesses tend to go to platforms that are safer. And you don’t see why?

          1. Handhelds are not going anywhere, they will continue to exists alongside phones/tablets.
            The reason tablets/phones will not overtake traditional handhelds is because they are not dedicated gaming devices and until that changes then maybe they will. Also they don’t have the IPs people have grown up with, all they have is a bunch of time wasters games and they may have a higher user base but you will never see a Pokemon game or a Little Big Planet game or any other popular IP from Sony or Nintendo known for being what handheld gaming is about on another company’s device just because there’s lots of people with one.
            There is just to much history behind handhelds for them to disappear to phones/tablets. Better devices came out during the era of GameBoy and GameBoy Color but they remained popular because they had the IPs people wanted.

            1. But when the developers soon see they can get more money of tablets and smartphones, they’ll head that way. Just you watch :)

      3. You seem to be fixed in some sort of state of denial , like many other ”Pachter like” people.

        This article clearly states the 3DS has just surpassed the sales of Ps3 in Japan. That doesn’t mean it’s doing bad jellybean , that means it’s just outsold Sony’s Homeconsole which had a 5 year headstart.

        Are you now going to tell me how badly sony is doing and how they’re threatened by the Handheld market ? Everyone sings there biassed tunes.

        The 3DS has sold 8.7 M in japan with similar numbers being sold in Europe And USA respectively. I dunno , if the 3ds was doing Vita sales , I would agree with you that they are threatened by ”Mobile Phones”. But it seems (like we already knew) that Nintendo Owns the Dedicated Portable Gaming Market and they are pretty much indestructible in it. Not even A fully revved up Sony could derail Nintendo’s Handhelds during the PS2 era with the PSP.

        From what I can see , Nintendo’s Handheld market is actually at its largest point in its history , and will probably continue to grow. As much as the PS vita is a cool console , it doesn’t look good for that console. Maybe , just maybe it wil do something slightly significant…

    1. Last I checked, numbers from I believe August-November had sales over 7 million in each of the respective regions(NA, JAP, and EUR), which then would have put it at over 21 million…probably pushing 23-25 million now…

  1. And ppl said handhelds were doomed Cuz of tablets n smartphones
    Well its only in america that could be referred to

      1. Dude,look at vgchartz .There you can clearly see that the 3ds sold almost as much in America as Japan and Europe.

    1. Ignorance much.
      Japan made the playstation and Nintendo.
      As far as they’re concerned, they’re the most relevant. Just because you’re white, doesnt make you the prime customer.

      1. Japanese sale figure is in no way relevant to EU, NA, AUS. There just interesting figures, nothing more, nothing less.

        1. So the 360 doing only very well in America for it’s first 5-6 years, meant that it was the best console? No. Japan, Europe and everywhere else preferred the Playstation 3. That to me, says that the US sales were irrelevant and just interesting.

          Oh, but i guess its not, because *shrug* its not.
          Don’t make up bullshit, that makes no fucking sense. Every region is relevant to the majority of gaming companies, and developers. The only difference is culture affecting gaming, where Japan has ALOT of JRPG games, and the West has western games that would do terrible in Japan. Thats it. Otherwise, everywhere is relevant.

                1. Dude,you say your just a gamer who is saying that the dragon and other people are being immature by insulting Aeolus.But it turns out your doing the same thing.Instead of ignoring them like you tell them to do to Aeolus,you hypocritically insult them as well.

                  You probably won’t reply,as you and Aeolus don’t whenever someone is right and you know it,but I just had to say that.

                    1. But he IS right though… You have long said to just shug it off and go on. Even though he could’ve said it in a tactless way.

        2. Actually cause of the Yen conversion rate, they are the most important to Nintendo. The profit margin is bad in the US and Europe. If Nintendo continues to do well in its own territory and Asian (not China) they will continue to stay healthy and be able to make games.

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    2. Nintendo and Sony don’t have to sell their products outside Japan you know, perhaps you should be a little mote thankful than that :p

    3. Europe 6.5 Millions
      America 7.5 Millions

      Still a lot of 3ds if you ask me, globally 33% of the sales of either XBOX 360 or PS3.

      You´re welcome.

    4. ……(continues)the 3ds is doing great in america(trust me, live there.So many people have it) and okay in europe.

  2. …what?
    Okay, Sickr, you need to clarify this. So the ps3’s 60+ million sales worldwide, less than 9 million of that is Japans?
    I think thats wrong, or you’re not clarifying what you meant

    1. *70+ million.
      But other than that: Exactly what I thought.
      It’s really hard to imagine that even less than a seventh of the total sales belong Japan.

        1. Maybe they were more attracted to Wii, PSP and DS, since those seem to have had more Japanese games (Nintendo games, Metal Gear, Monster Hunter, etc.)

  3. That’s very impressive. The lifetime sales for PS3 in Japan was beaten by the 3DS in a matter of less than two years. Go 3DS!

  4. 3DS the great great great grand child of the Gameboy is a beast of the good kind. Funny people think the 3DS is not doing well in other regions. Watch NPD sells for the 3DS in America, and then watch EU regions. Steady high sales in America above 120 000 weekly almost. In fact America sells more 3DSs than Japan. Reason why Wii U’s biggest competitor shall be the 3DS; more like vice versa to correct my own statement :).

  5. Good with hardware sales, lacking decent software though :/ I haven’t picked up my 3DS in aaaaaaaages to play a good game.

      1. The last game I actually enjoyed, would have been Kingdom Hearts 3D. And that’s only because I love everything about Kingdom Hearts.

          1. Nope, I’ve finished the game. Once I’m done with a game, I just put it back on the shelf, unless it has pretty good multiplayer.

  6. Title of article is miss leading it was Japan numbers 3Dr vs total ps3 implying it’s the global total of ps3 vs Japan numbers 3Ds lol

  7. Just thinking of how much the 3DS costs and thinking about how much money Nintendo is making on those 8,728,515 units sold makes my stomach feel sick. SO many people struggling just to eat every night and pay their bills, and Nintendo is making all those billions of dollars. Yes, I feel Nintendo deserves it because I love them and they make awesome products, but that’s not the point.

      1. @lol,
        That’s VERY hard to believe that after all of those millions of units sold that they would just NOW be making a profit. Nobody could ever make me believe that.

    1. Japan, is not in a crises like the west, and Europe. If you feel so guilty, then go to homeless person and give him $169.99

  8. Sony has only sold 8 million in Japan? Holy shit, if the total sales are 70 million how much has EU and the Americas sold respectively?

  9. Well that seems rather impressive. But I find it rather odd that the PS3 has sold that much in it’s home territory vs when worldwide sales elsewhere in total is around 60/70 million. Something just seems off to me.

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  10. well this proves japanese people are idiots
    with no taste and like last gen hardware crappy rehash abut it Nintendo so it ok!

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