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Nintendo Says Wii U Demo Play Limits Set By Publishers


Nintendo has confirmed that the play limits imposed on Wii U demos are actually set by the publisher, rather than Nintendo themselves. Currently FIFA 13 is 10 uses, while Rayman Legends is 30 uses. Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing Transformed is 15. Although it’s down to the publishers how many goes you actually get on demos, it’s likely that Nintendo implemented the actual system. Xbox Live and PlayStation Network do not have play limits set on demos.

“Each publisher has the opportunity to decide how long demos will stay on the eShop, and how many times consumers can play them before they expire.”.


56 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Wii U Demo Play Limits Set By Publishers”

  1. This is total crap! why should we have to have a limit imposed by the publisher on us? This is why ull never buy another nintendo system again

    1. To make you actually buy the game…? It’s like saying “I want to play the same level over and over forever!” People do that. It’s an ok system that spoilt rotten people such as yourself can’t get over.

      Sorry if that sounded overly mean.

      1. Look kid, why are you so eager to give up the past? We used to have unlimited plays, but soon this will be on every console. If you think that’s good well great. This is the similar to what happened in Hitlers Germany. People slowly let the powerful trample all over them. Soon game publishers will require a valid id authentication of a blood scan and rectum scan everytime you want to play, then they will require a body guard from EA to make sure no one else can play the game that you own the license to. This is what you are asking for.

        1. But being angry and making a big deal out of something SO SMALL such as this is stupid. Ever used trials? Because limited demos are like that. Basically, if you like a demo, you’re going to have to buy it if you do. That is the point.

        2. What the f@ck did I just read? You just compared socialism and fashism to game demos. I agree that’s it’s a bad choice on Nintendo’s part to have limited playthroughs on demos, infact I believe it hurts sales more than it helps, but I will stick with this company because Nintendo is one of the best ways to experience games since the NES.

          1. I know right? Those developers are so mean, I wonder why they don’t give us the whole game as a demo, and we can play and beat it ’till the end just so then we can decide if we want to buy it or not with no trial limit as well.

            Scumbag developers.

            1. entire game will not make them money unless you talking about free games , thats for psn plus only which they make money when people pay for psn plus member ship

    2. If you are playing the level more than 30 times, maybe you should buy the dang game, so those publishers can stay in business and continue to make games.

      1. IT is there choice to release a demo. Do you honestly think there is anyone who plays one level of a game and says”Well that was more fun than I would get for the full price game.” No, but if I want to play if 50000000000000000000 times then what ever.

        1. Seriously? Are you saying that playing the same levels over and over again will make you actually buy the game? The point of a demo is to show off the main concept of the game and if you’re satisfied with the experience, you can go ahead and buy it, not because you’re going to get satisfied until you play the same thing over and over.

    3. jesus again that stupid discussion about play limites on demos…

      a person who dismisses a game system for trivial reasons was likely never intending to buy it in the first place

        1. you could argue the same about consoles once they’re cracked

          it would be preferrable not to have to break the law to actually experience a game firsthand though

    4. That’s so stupid! I don’t by Nintendo systems to play demos, I by them to get the ACTUAL game and experience the innovation +more.
      Besides the publishers can decide to put unlimited plays. Sorry but you make no sense.

  2. This is really cool IMO.
    I mean i just could download fifa 13 demo and play it again, and again, and again because all the game is just the same. If they make the demo playable only few times, i would need to buy the game to keep enjoying it. Thas a good way to keep supporting the developers.

  3. Are people really angry about having limits on demos? That is the point of a DEMO, to play to see if you like it, and if you do, you can buy it, which is just like a trial. Not only that, but all demos in the Wii U and 3DS are free. This is why demos are limited, because people just take advantage of just playing the demo for free instead of buying the full game.

    Being mad about something so small and pointing at Nintendo for this is just stupid. If you’ve had memories playing demos unlimited times with your friend, then too bad. It’s a demo, and will forever be a demo and not a full game until you buy it.

  4. I do not mind a limit. A person will just be playing the same level over and over. They are just trying to get a person to buy the game if that person really likes the demo. Who would play a demo over and over again and not buy the actual game if they really like the demo?

  5. PS3 has/had play limit demos, I know at least Sonic was one of them that was a 3 day use demo starting the day you first try it!

    1. I never downloaded that sonic demo but since PSN’s inception and the hundred of demos I have downloaded, I have NEVER encountered on that had play limits.

  6. Who’s the fuck is playing a demo more than 10 times, and why is suddenly a big deal when its been going on for years on other systems?
    Its fucking not, shut up, and buy the game.

  7. I’m sorry! Love Nintendo, but this is some bull. Xbox /PS3 don’t have them, and I don’t believe they’ll have them when their new consoles come out. This is something Nintendo created and publishers are taking advantage of. Having this limit is unnecessary and annoying. Hopefully, they will change. Also, where’s Nintendo tvii??

    1. Acorrding to info early this year, ps4 and maybe 720 will tie disks to use account, so if you buy used game you need buy a license to play
      Game. And wont be able rent or borrow games,
      So a limited demo is nuthing.
      When you demo a new vehicle do you get to keep it?
      People stop being cheap, and pretending to be nintendo person just so you can bash nintendo.

  8. I have a question.
    If your demo does expire, can you go back to the eShop and download it again? Just wanted to know.

    Side Note: I only play demos for like 1-3 times until I delete it.

  9. I kind of have to call BS on this. I mean if that is the case why are the only systems that have limited play demos 3DS and Wii U? I have demos from god knows how long ago on my xbox and PS3. I’m not mad about it, just a simple observation.

  10. “Xbox Live and PlayStation Network do not have play limits set on demos.”

    Bullshit, when I downloaded the CS:GO demo for Xbox 360, it had a time limit. So yeah, developers choose if they want to set a limit or not. Stop spreading misinformation.

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  12. I never play a demo any more than once anyways. And usually I don’t even finish playing as long as the demo lasts. I mainly just play it and record a preview of the game onto DVD for my own personal preview series that I make (with commentary).

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