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Smash Bros Creator Says Don’t Expect Smash Bros News Anytime Soon


Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has announced that he is going to spend less time on Twitter engaging with fans, and will instead concentrate his time on getting Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS developed. Sakurai says that while engaging with the fans is good, he finds that too many people speculate about the next Smash Bros whenever he mentions something irrelevant from the franchise. Here’s some of Sakurai’s thoughts.

“I don’t like it when a tweet or whatever leads to needless speculation getting spread around. For example, when I tweet about playing some game, some people immediately get the idea that that character is in the new Smash Bros. Then people fan the flames on it, people start to think it’s really true, people get angry about it. Nobody benefits.”

“I got asked once by a student ‘Is Fox really strong in Smash Bros. Brawl because you like Star Fox?’ Absolutely not. I don’t balance things based on that. These are very important titles that the creators and fans are leaving to me. In the worldwide online rankings, Fox’s winning record is right in the middle of all the characters. The idea with him was a character that suicided often, but made up for it with other skills, but I guess that prominence gave him this image of being really powerful.”

“Instead of talking about what Smash Bros. will be like. I’m just going to say ‘I’m making you wait for it!’ and keep going along. I want to put my all into a full-on launch that really makes that wait worth it.”

118 thoughts on “Smash Bros Creator Says Don’t Expect Smash Bros News Anytime Soon”

  1. About damn time they say something about speculation. Now people can shuddup about wanting news about Smash Bros. Not for another year, lol

    1. If if they didn’t shut up when the game barely began development early 2012 what makes you think they will shut up now.

      They were getting as annoying as PS fanboys are, On every single thing nintendo announced demanding smash brothers.

        1. This is literally the only game I want info on as of last year. I can wait on Zelda, I can wait on Pokemon. Kirby and Star Fox news could wait. I don’t care about Metroid or Donkey Kong at all. Smash Bros is all I’ve wanted since E3 2011. (well, that and Skyward Sword, but since SS is out…)

          I guess if they didn’t come right out and announce it almost a year before it was even being planned, let alone developed, the wait wouldn’t feel so bad. People want to give Sakurai a hard time about it, but it’s really not his fault.

          1. And I hope his comments don’t mean that we won’t get a Dojo this time around. I mean, I understand where he’s coming from with this, but total radio silence might not be the best answer.

            Fingers crossed for a trailer reveal at next E3.

  2. Fox only, no items, final destination.

    Jokes aside, i think thats a good move. People just go way overboard with Smash Bros. “put waluigi in, put toad in, put geno in”. Those characters fucking suck dick.

    Id prefer to be surprised when we finally see a trailer, like when we saw Pit and Wario in the Brawl trailer, and Snake.

    Realisticly though, i can only imagine about 6-8 new characters being added woth some being removed/replaced with those, but all the returning ones are getting re-models, and new moves, which is great, because some of the moves are dated and been in 4 games

      1. Well they’ll either be removed or changed to be unique. Everyone says Wolf was a clone, but hes completely different, other than the Landmaster -.-

        In terms of new, im guessing Hades, Paper Mario, a Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem character, Little Mac, and maybe some 3rd party like Ryu Haribusa and Pacman

          1. So? You have Link fighting an alternate universe Link, and a R.O.B, an NES add on.
            Hades being a god isnt really a big deal.

            1. Hades is bigger than the stage so he would need to need to be scaled wayyy down and his powers are so strong he could kill anyone in one blow. They would have to nerf him so bad… I just don’t see the point, he just doesn’t fit.

                  1. Well why is Bowser nowhere near as big as he is in the Mario universe?
                    Smash Bros scales down every character, and makes them part of a seperate universe where fighting is a game, and all’s fair. Hades would be no different, otherwise Ganondorf would just stay as beast Ganon forever

        1. Remember when in SSB Luigi was a Mario clone, then they totally changed his skill sets in SSBM? Yes, I do remember, and instead of removing characters or making them alternate skins, I just want them to have a new set of skills. I am fan of all the characters in Smash.and I don’t want them to be removed just like they did to MewTwo and Pichu. :(

          All in all, I can’t wait. Smash is a system-seller.

          1. Pichu is kinda pointless though, and it and Mewtwo’s relevance went away ages ago, Pokemon characters just seem to always change, besides Pikachu (and fucking Jigglypuff, Sakurai’s troll character -__-).

            1. Haha no. Jiggly is one of my all time faves. Don’t ever say that again. Actually I find that whenever I play Smash Bros (any of them) I like to use the characters that look the most pathetic! Pichu, Jiggs, Peach, and Luigi! Sometimes Game and Watch or Lucas…

      2. Or instead of the clones getting cut lose, give them different move sets from the characters they are clones of. Though I bet there are going to be people who will complain for changing their moveset.

        1. Luigi would obviously stay, but Ganondorf needs a new moveset that isn’t a clone of Captain Falcon’s. I don’t care much for Falco or Wolf. Toon Link also has to go.

    1. Well we all know he’s going to keep Kirby and give him moves from return to dreamland. I just want ganondorf to have his own moveset and don’t bother with two links and so many Pokemon

  3. 12:56/ Cipher Peon Greesix

    I kind of prefer it that way. We need something substantial to talk about- everyone pretty much just gives a list of characters they want (I too am guilty of this… ). I’m guessing after E3 2014 we’ll have something real to talk about.

    1. 12:56/ Cipher Peon Greesix

      Don’t give us any info until like 8 hours before the release. Its the same with movie trailers. Don’t give us too much- I flippin’ saw Avengers before I went to see Avengers if you catch my meaning… rather be surprised.

  4. Oh well , we can all play , Playstation All stars Battle Royale until it comes out!!!!!!

    Anyone ? Guys ? Hey guys ,wait up!!!!!!

      1. That’s what I was implying lol… Who the hell would buy that crap , I mean seriously ?

        Superbot tries to rip off smash bros with Chemistry-less Character Roster ? it sounded like shit from the get go….

        1. I hate haters who hate just for the hating…

          It’s a rip-off, yes. But it actually looks like a lot of fun. And from what I hear it brings some new stuff as well.

          Do I prefer Smash Bros? Absolutely, but for now, I’ll take what I can get.

          1. Yeah, it’s very different. Quite fun too. I like it. Completely different gameplay experience to SSB. I think people who enjoy more traditional fighters will like PSASBR because it follows more of those elements adding its own unique rules.

            Still, looking forward to the next SSB game. :3

            1. I think the problem that people have with PSASBR is that they play it thinking of Smash Bros and that it’s basically the same thing. It may seem like Smash Bros but it looks like it’s own thing. And in the way Super Smash Bros appeals to the Nintendo fans like everyone here, Playstation All-Stars appeals to the Playstation fan. Of course, you don’t have to be a Playstation fan to play and enjoy the game, the same way you don’t have to be a Nintendo fan to play and enjoy Smash Bros.

              I think people should cut the game some slack, once I have the funds, or see it on sale, I’m getting PSASBR because it looks fun and it’ll be a fun game to play with my friends and bros. That said, I’m still looking forward to the next Smash Bros games, I waited 3 years for Brawl, I can wait a bit more now that I have a ton to play.

          2. I think it looks ”ok” , to me it looks like a very dissapointing and fake version of smash bro’s tbh…

            I can totaly understand people wanting , buying , playing , loving this game. What I meant to say was , I can’t understand all the people who actually said it looked better than Smash bros :/ . It never once looked anywhere near smash bros….

        2. If you like Smash bros how could you not like All Star Battle Royale? Since they are ‘the same’ (in your opinion I’m guessing) wouldn’t that mean you would like the other one? If I had a PS3 I would 100% buy it. Even though I still think Smash Bros is 2 million times better.

    1. Maybe if they had some more characters i actually liked…the only one there i actually want to play as is Ratchet, Raiden, and Sly. Everyone else is from the last 5 years, or ones i dont really care about.

      1. Same here. The character roster is flatter than a witches tit like I said. It puts me off buying the game. I just don’t feel the need to ever buy or play this game. Just the way I feel , Everyone has their own tastes and opinions though ..

        1. Yeah. I mean, i prefer the gameplay on Smash Bros, but after playing my friends version of PSASBR, its okay. The characters jist arent that good. Its like Smash Bros without Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Samus, and Fox.

        1. Well Fox is my favourite :p each character is sort of good at certain things, Ike is incredibly cheap, but also slow, Meta Knight is quick and spam attacks, but quite weak and light.

          Snake, Fox and Kirby are probably my best characters.

          1. only people who think ike is “cheap” are people who suck at the game.

            come on now, its 2012, you have zero excuses to be getting hit by the ikes smashes, quick draw, tilts, or really anything other than his forward air, jab, and neutral aerial.

            really people learn how to shield, learn how to dodge, and stop walking into ikes stupidly slow moves. There is a very specific reason ike is considered a mediocre character by all the pros at the game.

  5. Nice, We wait for a really good game!

    Fox is My main character in super smash bros.brawl

    maybe in the next smash bros this wiil be change, but, no matter
    I will have a lot of new characters to use!

    I hope this game be great
    with a good soundtrack and playlist option
    a story mode same the subspace emissary
    and a wonderful multiplayer as in the past versions

    we can wait playing smash bros.brawl/melee/64, kid icarus, mario kart and other
    games of wii, Wii U and 3ds :D

    1. I hope they Make Kid icarus uprising HD for wiiu. That’s my personal GOTY! Absoloutly love everything about that game. Even the controvertial Stylus controlls.

      Dual Analague controlls of Wiiu Plus HD could turn it into a system seller…

      1. I didnt mind the controls either.
        It took getting used to but eventually its easy. Its just a bit of a pain to hold, but the stand actually helps alot xD

        1. I enjoyed the stand very much also , it gives more precision and is awesome to use , but isn’t exactly something that was going to change the way we play XD.

          100% KIU IS MY GOTY!!! When I first played it my reaction was ”NOW WE’RE TALKING 3DS , NOW WE ARE TALKING!!!!”

  6. I just want another fighter to represent the Metroid series, whether it’s Dark Samus or Ridley (or both). But God help Sakurai if Samus has her appearance from the game that shall not be named. The current look used for Brawl is perfect.

    1. I definetly agree that the Metroid series should have more characters in the next Smash Bros.; only one is a total joke IMO. Ridley or a Space Pirate would be awesome :D

    2. Dark Samus would be good, plus its moves set would be unique.
      Metroid’s whole premise kinda makes it difficult to have another character xD

    3. One way they can make Smash Bros U better is to have different actual “costumes” than just different color variations. i.e. Have samus change different suits like the light suit, fusion suit, or the Hazard suit. Also, Mario could have different powerups as costumes. That would be amazing if they do this :O

  7. However long the next smash takes, I hope that we get some better 1st party soon. Only ONE new Mario (galaxy hopefully) please! Hopefully, Nintendo creates more games around their other characters, such as, Ness, Rob, Captain Falcon, or Diddy Kong.

  8. I can understand why people love final destination but damn everyone picked that stage online. What about the animal crossing stage? It doesn’t have any hazards at all.

      1. its a idiotic assumption that folks who play competitively aren’t having fun.

        its strictly a entirely different kind of fun.

        Also for the love of god get y’alls facts straight, its NEVER been final destination only, the people who only pick it in basic brawl are honestly just mostly noobs themselves who think “lol we’z are playingz liek da proz cuz its FD”

        While FD is a neutral stage that, sometimes strategically is the best stage for one player to pick, its not the only stage allowed, Battlefield, Smashville, Yoshi’s island, and lylat cruise are just a few that are still allowed, and then when you get into a lot of the counter pick stages like Brinstar, norfair, Jungle japes, rainbow cruise, and several others, its clear to see that the dumb “fox only FD ” stereotype that has been plastered on competitive players over the years is complete and total BS, and its a stereotype that needs to die.

  9. The last time I’ve ever played was a demo of Super Smash Bros. Melee at EB Game (GameStop) at a mall when the GameCube was on display. I’m sure that Sakurai is working to the extreme in making a new Smash Bros. title for both the U and 3DS.

  10. i hope its at e3…and although doubtful..hoping for a christmas 2013 release…likely to be a march 2014 release if it is shown at this e3.

    i really wish nintendo did not say anything about smash bros…kinda like how they are keeping quiet about a 3d mario…or zelda..or mariokart….we know they must be working on them…but they havent said anything….them talking about smash bros so early on just makes the wait that much sucks

    1. No please no smashdojo as much as I loved checking everyday it ruined it for me. I rather absolute secrecy with this game.

  11. I’m laughing my ass off right now.XD
    Good on you, Sakurai. You finally put out a forward statement and told fans to sit down and wait like they should be instead of filling the air with speculation left and right that only fans flames.
    Wish other devs had the balls to do that.XD


    That’s right. Focus on your objective, Sakurai-San. Just make sure your making Takamaru’s character model since he is on retro/non revived character that needs to be revealed.

  13. “I don’t balance characters like that.” Riiiiight, Its just a coincidence that Meta Knight, a character from YOUR series just happens to be God tier

  14. I would NEVER expect news about a new Smash Bros. game anytime soon. It probably won’t come out until the Wii U is half over it’s life cycle. There’s NEVER more than one Smash Bros. game on every console. I sure wish that games were easier to make FAST.

  15. I dont think their needs to be any character deletions…think about, brawl was dual-layered, 8GBs, WiiU dual layered will be FIFTY GBs. FIVE ZERO. That’s enormous! They can keep all the characters and keep everyone happy instead of people being sad whenever their character gets cut. I can’t wait to hear the music for the next ssb…and the stages, more epic backgrounds, hopefully with day/night cycles.

    Wonder if there will be “masterpieces” in SSBU?

    Magnus for brawl :)

  16. ” I want to put my all into a full-on launch that really makes that wait worth it.”

    now, this will surely blow PS All-Stars away…

  17. I don’t mind. There wasn’t any news coming so why tell us that. We can see that there isn’t any news! I just hope Animal Crossing gets a rep

  18. “Absolutely not. I don’t balance things based on that.”

    Wow, Sakurai is definitely full of shit here. If that’s the case, why is Metaknight so painfully overpowered? He’s pretty much the only ungimpable character in the game. As well as that he’s insanely fast and basically all his moves are unpunishable. And it just so happens Metaknight is from the Kirby series. Dedede is pretty OP too, though not as much.

    I’d really love to hear what Sakurai has to say in regards to overbuffing characters from his own franchise, because his blatant favouritism is obvious and it’s something he really needs to get his shit together for and fix in the next instalment. If Ganondorf can’t compete with Metaknight in SSB4 then Sakurai can’t talk shit about balance.

    1. Once Nintendo brings out the next Smash bros that they are seriously working their asses on trying to be different, Sony will then copy easy by making the Vita and PS3/4 do the same but more powerful and it will debut sooner since Nintendo did it first.

    2. metaknight is a good comboer but other thaan that he sucks just because ypu noobs cant beat him doesne’t mean hes overpower

      1. put a cork in it noob, you don’t even understand how to use the character nor have you faced anyone that does. I’d love to see you face a true metaknight player. You’d be dumbfounded how you just got killed at 60% damage in a matter of seconds as he got you offstage and ruined your chance of recovery.

  19. This is a question that should not be dismissed as immature, for this is a serious topic. What would happen if one day, every form of exploit in all three Smash Games, such as Wavedashing, were banned permanently from tournaments?

    1. That wouldn’t happen lol, it’s not like Nintendo hosts the important (or any) of the SSB tournaments held today. The Smash Community itself decides on rules & such, so unless they wanted it banned (which I highly doubt will happen) it’s not happening.

  20. Everytime i see sakurai make a comment about the games i’m convinced he has absolutely no effing clue what he’s talking about or doing when balancing the characters.

    Fox a suicide character? da hell? he’s mediocre because he gets chaingrabbed all to hell by most of the cast and was nerfed heavily from melee in other ways, not because he’s “a sucidie character” only an idiot honestly can end up killing themselves a lot with *any* character.

    It scares the hell out of me wondering what his comment on metaknight or ice climbers are…if he honestly thinks he created two balanced characters when he created the crazy gimp machine metaknight that can kill most of the cast below 70% damage, Or the eskimos that have a 0-death grab on the entire cast that is impossible to escape unless the IC screws their timing up, then he needs to have his head examined.

    and also makes me lose more faith in hoping the next smash might have an even remote bit of character balance, even with namco on board….

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