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THQ Clarifies Horrible, Slow Wii U CPU Comments, Talks Metro Last Light


THQ head of global communications and studio representative for 4A Games Huw Benyon has clarified the company’s early statement that Wii U has a horrible and slow CPU. Benyon says that the comments that have been attributed to the company should be taken with a grain of salt. The developer says the comments were never based on an analysis of final hardware.

“Take any of the comments you’ve seen attributed with a pinch of salt,” Benyon said. “It’s certainly not been based on any kind of analysis of final hardware.”

“Our look at the Wii U extended to a very early look at some very early kits. We… we did some work on it, but we made a decision fairly early on that we weren’t going to commit further resource to it. So yeah, we didn’t go too far.”

Thanks, Nintedward

105 thoughts on “THQ Clarifies Horrible, Slow Wii U CPU Comments, Talks Metro Last Light”

        1. God, I remeber that video! Yeah, I unsubbed from that guy after his videos started to show that he clearly doesn’t bother to look more thoroughly into a situation and see if there’s more to the story than what’s in front of his face. For someone who likes to analyze different pieces of tech, he certainly is incapable of trying to see if there’s more to the negative news than what’s first heard, but honestly, I’m guessing the partnership side of him wanted to release this negative news to gather views and money since negative news, unfortunately, attracts more attention than positive.

          1. I unsubbed from him for the same reason. Lol he’ll probably make a video stating I was only relaying the message.

          2. Holy shit is the moderator of this site even a FAN at all? Im not saying you have to have blind adoration or be a complete fanboy, but 99% of the shit that is on this site is negative…or slightly positive with a nice little backhand comment to it.

            1. I know right? I’m getting sick of seeing Michael Pachter shit and comments from stupid developers who hate the Wii U! I can understand why he would post this type of stuff sometimes, but half of what he posts is negative…

              1. Let’s be honest, half the reason he posts most of the Pachter nonsense is just so we can laugh at how ridiculous it normally is.

    1. Lying or not, THQ is dead to me until they give me Stick of Truth on the Wii or Wii U.

      Otherwise, I could care less about them or their opinions.

        1. Also THQ’s opinions continue to remain useless.

          Obviously, THQ is back peddling because they will have some game on the Wii U. Why else would they would say that? I am NOT saying that SOT is coming to the wii u…probably just some other title.

      1. This is funny. Children trying to understand economics.

        A 40 percent stock raise from a DOLLAR means nothing. They’re still, for the most part of it, doomed.

  1. They decided early on they weren’t going to back Nintendo, dint even bother looking. Sounds very anti Nintendo to me, I hope they regret their decision, as for me, I won’t be buying their games until they do.

    1. Uh, I’m sorry… what? You mean the same THQ who was one of the first third party companies to support the Wii U openly? The same company to bring Darksiders II to it?

    2. Those comments were made by one lazy developer who just happens to work fir THQ and chose to judge a hardware based on the first dev kits.

      THQ has been one of the first third parties to support the new hardware. Those words were not the official stance of the company but just of a lazy developer.

  2. Why did THQ let Darksiders 2 come to the Wii U if they believe Wii U has a slow CPU then, like what the fuck Bro, you’re the publisher, and now you dont want Metro:Last Night to come to Wii U, what the fuck is the difference???

      1. That’s what the Wii U’s GPGPU is for. Nintendo used one because then the CPU doesn’t need to do much, because the GPGPU can do a lot of the things the CPU is usually required for.

  3. It’s a bit too late to take your comment back now THQ….. You already kicked up a Huge shit storm all over the internet with your absurd anti-Nintendo Statement , which was quite franly a lie so you could damage controll the fact that you COULD NOT AFFORD to bring your game over.

    Why did you officialy announce the game for wiiu in the first place ? Didn’t you look at the dev kits before you ANNOUNCED the game in the first place?

    What a bunch of cocks. Ofcourse the wiiu is powerfull enough to run any current gen game and make it look even better. Manfred Linzer of Shin’en games even said those exact words himself ”The wiiu can have better graphics than any game from the PS3 or Xbox 360”

  4. There still beating around the bush instead of admitting they don’t have the funds to take a chance on a new console with a small install base. They can only afford to take sure bets right now. Leave luck to heaven.

  5. So, what have we learned.
    1. They used, most likely, the original dev kit (that alot of other launch games were made using).
    2. That dev kit is old as hell, and in fact the internal parts of the system have changed since the “project cafe” we knew about, and E3 2011.
    3. They spend probably a month, maybe less actually using it.
    4. They used the CPU to manage everything, rather than what the GPGPU is designed for ( no aeolus, i dont want to see a 5 year okd neogaf post)
    5. THQ are broke as SHIT, nearly dead.

    “Herpderp, WiiU is weak”.

    1. Spot on. You know about the dev kit’s being changed , The wiiu must have a pretty big graphical potential , regardless of what anyone says. A few of the games framerate issues are probably from the fact that the dev kits were changed and they had to adjust the games even more in a shorter amount of time.

      I think the future is bright for wiiu. even if the PS3 has a Hex core 128GB RAM 4 GTX’s Celotaped together…. (sarcasm)

      I am seeing what I want to see from the wiiu. Can it fun native 1080p Games ? Monster Hunter Ultimate Seems to Think so. Does it have Framerate issues ? NSMBU and Nintendo Land are both 720P with Butter Smooth Framerates and pretty Gorgeous Visuals , Especially Nintendo Land , that game is suprisingly good looking…
      Nano Assaut Neo is a Glimpse at what the GPU can pull off , and looks almost stupidly good.

      People need to step back and appreciate the Canvas that Nintendo now have to make the next 3D mario , Zelda , Metroid , Smash bros games on. They’re gunna look fucking stunning.

      The wiiu has a few Niggles here and there , And I was worried about it before launch . Once you spend a week or two with it , you see what Nintendo was trying to and has achieved…

      1. Honestly, the Nintendo first party games will prove the capabilities of the system. Nintendo have always had “that Nintendo polish” when it comes to their games, similar to how Insomniac, Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog perform on the Playstaton, their games look and run waaaay better than anything on the systems.

        I know that has alot to do with optimising, and the fact the game only needs to run on the single console, rather than multiple and PC, but its still proof of what the system can do, its all about how compatible multiplat games are, and how simple their engine is.

        Metro Last Light is a horribly made engine, yes it beautiful, but in terms of compatibility and optimising, its bad. The developers just think “if you dont have the latest PC tech, we dont give a fuck”.
        Yet Hideo Kojima can make the Fox engine that blows any current gen game out the water in terms of visuals, and character models (the way Big Boss moved as he crawled and got up was insane), but its all runnin on ps3 tech.

        It goes to show experience and knowledge always triumph, and Nitendo have ALOT of that.

        1. Agreed , Ground Zeroes looks like What I imagine PS4 graphics to look like. I imaginbe PS4 will just be 1080p that…..

          When Zelda comes out in 2 years , there will be articles saying ”Does zelda look as good as Generic Ps4 launch title A?”

          Same way people compare Resi Rev to Uncharted GA on Handhelds…

          1. Exactly, thats all because Capcom resident evil engine, is very very good.
            I was actually surprised how good ResiRev looked, and with the 3D its insane, ive never been as immersed into a Resi game as much as that (also love how people complain about the lack of analog, when its the exact same control scheme as Resi4 aka one of the best games ever).

            1. People don’t look at the controll Options for Games these days , not even Real Reviewers.

              A- The traiditonal Default Resi 4 controlls
              B- Dual Circle pad CPP controlls
              C- Change button configuration to allow A,B,X,Y to aim (works excellently) which allows move and shoot without a CPP
              D- Gyroscope Aiming. Move using Circle Pad , Aim using Gyro Scope (works excellently) which allows Move and shoot without a CPP.

              But ofcourse in reviews they say ”its bad because you can’t move and shoot without a Circle pad pro” .

              People were complaining about Blops 2 on wiiu saying ”the buttons are too different to xbox” but if you go to button layout and select ”classic” it is like for like button for button 100% the same as xbox 360 controlls….

              1. The A,B,X,Y to aim is terrible and always will be terrible. Gyroscope was shit. Dual analog sticks is the only effective controls for it.

                1. I found A.B.X.Y to be so good , that I questioned the need for my purchase of the circle pad pro. And the Gyro Aiming actually works perfectly! It’s gimmiky , but it does work.

      2. As much as I agree that the Wii U will do well, I don’t agree with your points. Its barely a strain to run Monster Hunter. It’s a 3DS port with some 3DS textures slapped on- the floors and background textures still look shoddy, it isn’t an impressive game. Sonic and All Stars and ZombiU both have framerate issues, too.
        All this is showing though is that it depends on the developer, so we’ll see what happens.

        1. Sonic Racing And ZombiU DO NOT have any framerate issues at all fool . You’re speaking to someone who owns both of them games. ZombiU has a really really smooth framerate about 30FPS+ I wouldn’t be suprised if it is about 45FPS. Sonic Racing is about 30-45FPS .

          ZombiU when you walk into a new area can stutter a bit because it’s finishing off loading , other than that the whole games is excellently smooth in terms of framerate. And Sumo Digital actually confirmed via twitter Sonic Racing has the best Console Framerate.

          1. I hate it when people go on and on anout framerate. I havent played a game that wasnt first party that didnt drop franerate at least once. Its basically natural these days.

          2. I’ve played the hell out of Zombie U recently, and I’m really sensitive to frame rate issues, I can’t remember any time that it’s juddered or varied at all.

              1. Because it doesn’t have a proper log on. It’d sort of remove the whole point of having an opinion if anyone can just edit it.

            1. Source ? Because Steve Lycett said via twitter to not worry about Reported Framerate issues of sasrt , Because apart from the PC version , the Wiiu version actually has the highest Framerate out of the consoles.

              Where did I read this you ask ? on this site. Have fun digging through articles……

              You ”lying piece of shit” , I’m only refering to a Developers word you ”lying piece of shit” . lmao.

              1. Why the fuck do I need to give your a source for THIS? It’s COMMON KNOWLEDGE.

                Get your lazy ass to google and start searching, it’s right all over the goddamn results. If you find anything that says the consoles AREN’T locked to 30 fps, then post it.

                1. The statement that Mr Steve made springs to mind. When he said that apart from the PC version , the wiiu version has the best framerate .

                  And guess what ? Go and read the IGN review of SASRT wiiu. They say it peforms ”NOTICEABLY” better than the xbox 360 and ps3. Go check it out…

                  1. Find his goddamn “statements” then. Even though you’re still wrong, he’s talking about stability – not higher FPS, IDIOT.

    2. 2 is redundant.
      3 is…also redundant.
      4 is nothing but guesswork from a disgusting piece of shit who honestly thinks a game developer won’t take advantage of a GPU setup for such. Making this particular point a completely ignorant one and downright embarrassing for perhaps ANY game developer to read if they ever came across such drivel.

      It’s as plain and simple as the day, you’re utter Nintendroid trash. Hurry up and kill yourself.

  6. I thought as much. And likely they stopped doing further exploration of the hardware early on because they they are loosing money. The rate THQ is going they could eventually end up like Eurocom.

  7. Glad they clarified their statement. However, why hasn’t any journalists asked them why did they 1st announce that it would come to the Wii U, then changed their mind. What changed? They managed to get Darksiders 2 running on Wii U, and that’s a big game. Plus, their releasing this on Xbox/PS3 (6yr old hardware). Hopefully, they will rethink this.

  8. look at this: nintendo gives them a slow shitty cpu to start so devolpers don’t try to max out the wii u since the start, that way games will escalate better in the next years, the first good game we’ll see will be probably in 2014 since devolping for better cpus take more time.

    1. Well knowing Nintendo (or Retro), they normal just show up with a game at E3 and release it by the holidays, so we might get it a little sooner than 2014

  9. I’m getting tire of some of this developer they fail to think the 89 to 90% of us gamer own all 3 system. The ps3 will soon be replace with the ps4 and the 360with 720.. Why in hell will I buy a game for this 2system . If your are a low in mula made the game for pc and wii u . For get the other system for now till the new consol get out to the public

  10. You know what… I’m going to get Last Light for PS3 or PC because you have to admit at least they said it themselves that they are too lazy to use the newer dev kit which deserves some respect for saying that out in public.

    Good on you THQ… now please, develop Metro Last Light Wii U with the NEWER dev kit.

  11. this is like 2 to 3 weeks old.. also to this date you’ve never even mentioned the latest iwata asks even though i’ve sent you a link

  12. 12:56/ Cipher Peon Greesix

    Does everyone who bashes Nintendo have financial problems?
    .Pachter’s only relevant when he calls Nintendo the devil
    .Geoff Keighley

    1. Lol this made me laugh XD

      Btw, sony is actually pretty nice with Nintendo its just the fans that make this into a so call “war” infact, trenton wished nintendo good luck with the WiiU before it launched and called it a great console.

      Source: Playstation Blogcast #50

  13. I knew they had old dev kits. They probably didnt even know about the gpgpu. See this is why you know the hardware before judging it

      1. The CPU is perfect, consumes 50 % less wattage than the PS3 and Xbox360. Yet it has a capability to run generation eight computations; this is even before the GPGPU is awakened :).

        1. “The CPU is perfect, consumes 50 % less wattage than the PS3 and Xbox360.”

          and with that, confirms you have absolutely no idea what you’re even talking about

      2. They used a less powerful CPU because the GPGPU does a lot of the jobs the CPU is made to do. That’s the beauty of Nintendo’s logic against yours.

  14. Aeolus I always patiently wait for days like this, when the truth is nicely painted on your Sony loving self. You are a mid gamer since at the very least you own a Wii U. Now sit back and enjoy Monster hunter 3 ultimate with us gamers; that’s Gamers to a Tee.

    1. Je ne sais pas si le sujet a e9te9 de9je0 aborde9, mais est-ce que les cine9matiques vont eatre inte9gre9es dans le jeux : Cela apporterai e0 mon avis, un plus inde9niable.

  15. Back when I loved WWE wrestling games, THQ was one of my top favorite 3rd party publishers. But now that I care nothing about wrestling OR the games, they’re just an average, mediocre company.

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