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Sonic Racing Demo For Wii U And More Come To eShop Today


Nintendo of America has announced that it’s releasing a demo for Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed on the Wii U eShop. The company also revealed that there will be a demo for Adventure Time: Hey Ice King why’d you steal our garbage?!! on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Both demos are available today in North America, so go and download them.

30 thoughts on “Sonic Racing Demo For Wii U And More Come To eShop Today”

          1. Right I see :) . I just saw this news fresh on IGN , must of slipped my mind that it’s the same thing as what you reported earlier…

          1. Don’t worry :) Im gunna buy Special Edition aswell , it’s got good reviews and The performance of the game is good aswell I believe. Touch screen feautres and Remote play ? That sounds good to me!

            How are you enjoying it ? If the trilogy gets announced for wiiu , I will sell Special Edition. Buy the trilogy and then wait for ME4 :)

            1. I love Science fiction. The Comic has you make Important decisions that you are really not emotionally bonded to, but it’s certainly better than nothing!

              The graphics are not as “smooth” as AC3, but they are very sharp, and the colors and textures Pop!

              There are relationships I feel like I should care more about, but didn’t at first.

              That all said, the music is wonderful, and as I am playing, I’m slowly making the connection to the game that people who played 1&2 already hae going in.

              I’m just being 100% honest here! I truly am enjoying it, and it’s like a good Vodka, it gets better the more you drink. :p. I have a feeling I’ll be totally vested in my characters within another 2 hours of gameplay.

              It’s a great game, I had no regrets until this announcement! >:( But I’ll continue to play, if only to experience the “better” ending. It’s supposed to be a lot better than the one that was released initially, pissing off fans.

              1. I dont think the trilogy is coming has it is, a version of 1 and 2 bundle together makes more sence and if they find a way to update in some way it will actualy make it wort the 60 for both.

              2. I’ve already played all three mass effects on 360 :) but want to play this one again on wiiu , I can just make the same decisions again or even slightly different using the dark horse comic.

                The touch screen features and ability to play on teh gamepad sound really really cool :)

  1. A Racing game, normally i dont play any racing games other than Mario Kart but i herd so many positive things coming from this game i might as well give it a try…

    1. Im really enjoying Sonic & All stars racing transformed, it looks good and plays really well, it also has many tracks and character, a really good and fun game to start with your Wii U

      1. Btw it plays beautiful and looks amazing on the gamepad, also you can play the Career mode with up to 4 more friends, its amazing.

  2. Does anybody know” if they fixed the Unbeatable Boost Level Glitch in World Tour, i kinda don’t wanna get the game until they do’ cuz i can’t unlock Gum if they don’t have the glitch fixed with the patch yet.

  3. When the heck is sega gonna fix that unbeatable boost glitch in world tour cuz im not gonna buy this game until they do.

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