Namco “Not Really Sure” If Tekken Characters Will Join Next Super Smash Bros.

During a recent interview with NowGamer, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada was asked whether we will see Tekken characters in the next Super Smash Bros. games. Harada replied by saying that, recently, this question is one of the most frequent questions Namco is asked. Harada thinks that fans of Nintendo’s brawler wouldn’t want Tekken characters in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Super Smash Bros. fans – do you want Tekken characters to join the Super Smash Bros. roster?

“That question was one of the most frequently asked questions we got when we announced the project. Especially from abroad.”

“The fans, rather than asking about Tales or Gundam, or some of our other franchises, the fans abroad saw Tekken as one of the key words and took off on that.”

“We’re not really sure at this moment but when thinking of the playerbase who is playing Smash Bros, maybe Tekken characters is something they wouldn’t want, so I’ve been pulling back on that a bit. But I don’t know.”

129 thoughts on “Namco “Not Really Sure” If Tekken Characters Will Join Next Super Smash Bros.”

  1. Forget the Tekken characters and instead put the Tales of characters in the games.

    Tekken is more of a Sony thing anyway.

        1. LOL every time people say “Give me Tales!” I’m like oh yeah they should add Tales from Sonic :P I have no clue who Tales is from Namco-Bandai…sorry

          1. Miles “Tails” Prower, based on on the animal appendage, a tail. They want characters from the “Tales of” games.

  2. Smash Bros is supposed to be for NINTENDO characters, but hey, they may get it to work. I’ll keep an open mind.

      1. And this is not a bad thing! Solid Snake came from a very very different gameplay but he fit well in the series, expanding them. Brawl should be as the Simpsons series where famous celebrities appear as cameos. Here some of the most iconic characters of Namco should appear, at least one character ;)

        1. (;___;) OH GOD NO!
          That really sounds terrible. Please keep the 3rd party out of SSB. And personally I think Snake was terrible (of course he could fight well, but as for fitting in… Not quite.

      2. Yeah, I know. They worked great with Brawl, too. But Smash Bros mainly focuses on Nintendo characters. So, they should be careful if they want to add more characters not from Nintendo. But as I said, I’ll keep an open mind. Adding a handful of other characters may prove brilliant.

      3. So that was a good thing? I didn’t really mind Sonic, because he appeared together with Mario in games I kinda see him as ”half a Nintendo character”, but they should’ve kept Solid Snake the fuck out. It IS supposed to be for Nintendo characters, but Nintendo thinks money has the better argument in this discussion.

        1. Well any company would choose making money over pleasing a handful of people who have this set of ideals of what a particular game should and shouldn’t be.

        2. The very first Metal Gear game was on the NES. The best version of MGS1 was on the Gamecube, subtitled “The Twin Snakes.”

          The more you know!

          1. The very first Metal Gear game was on the NES. The best version of MGS1 was on the Gamecube, subtitled “The Twin Snakes.”

            The more you know!

  3. I’d like just one : the one i’ve been playing in the series since forever, even if he wasn’t here.

    Mokujin. He would be fantastic with all 35 Brawl characters.

  4. I do not want Tekken in it. But Sonic was okay and Snake I did not really like. I wish Snake would leave but it is also kinda nice that he is there… I just do not know

  5. Maybe a few characters as dlc if people want them but at most 1 character and maybe 1 level, unlike Sony, Nintendo has enough well known and diverse 1st party, both new and old to keep this game first party exclusive (just mentioned Sony because quite a few characters are already 3rd party and I have seen a lot of people’s wish lists for its roster mainly consisting of 3rd party ip’s)

      1. I suspect Pac-Man, 1 SC, and thats probably it. Wouldnt mind a Telken but this article says other wise, but id love a DBZ character.

  6. Even if i was into Tekken, I wouldn’t want to see any more than one or two. Namco-Bandai pitching in and co-developing is great and all, especially if it means a shorter wait, but Smash Bros is still a celebration of NINTENDO’s family of characters, and it wouldn’t be right if there were a whole bunch of N-B’s stuff in there.

    (I’d personally rather they added Digimon characters, but that’s beside the point…)

    1. Digimon? Really? Only reason I’d want that so i could use Pikachu and kick the living crap out of them. Pokemon>Digimon

      1. A Digimon would own a Pokemon any day in battle. (Nintendo should definitely work on a crossover game with Namco Bandai to make a Pokemon vs Digimon game).

    2. “I wouldnt want to see any more than one or two?” Ummm well dont be thinking they are like… “Ohh who should we add?? Devil Jin, King and maybe Isaac from Golden Sun?”…Noo way they are thinking like that. There is going to be ONE, SINGLE character added from Namco-Bandai. It will probably be the most iconic from Tekken, or possibly Pac-man, or maybe most popular from Soul Calibur, or Isaac from Golden Sun(because he was already in SSBB). Nothing more, but POSSIBLY somthing less if they dont put any characters in…think of that?

  7. lol i would LOVE to see some tekken characters in a smash game. i wouldnt be heartbroken if non of them ended up in the game though lol

  8. since a Tekken character, Heihachi, is already PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, i feel it would be unwise to do so. doing so would unleah trolls saying “gah! Nintendo copied Sony now!” i’d much rather have a Tales character. specifically Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia. i feel he’d bring an entirely new style of combat to Smash Bros, rather than fists and single swords. (Captain Falcon, Link)

    1. That makes no sense! How would Nintendo copy Sony? Namco is working on the game so it would make sense to get a character from their “universe.” If it happened to be a character from Tekken than thats great. Only Trolls would say crap like “Nintendo Copied!”

    2. well heihachi was on soul calibur for ps2 exlusively and for ps all stars but put jin hes the mmain protaganist

  9. Yes I do! But I think only one. It would be smart to include like the main characters from most of Namco’s franchises like Tales, Tekken, Klonoa. I know Klonoa is not that popular but i think he would work well.

  10. why don’t all the manufactures come together and create a joint melee game

    Starting off, you only have access to brawlers from your console – willU, you can play only WiiU characters, PS3 characters for PS3 owners, and xbox characters for xbox owners (for licensing or whatever). Then it could have massive online appeal powered by steam or something and now everyone can play together. Make characters from other consoles unlockable / downloadable. Download a “Tekken” pack and use those characters as you wish on any console after you’ve reached a certain level to unlock other systems / brands.

    I dunno that would be pretty cool. I’m tired of not being able to play with other gamers because of the console I’m on.

  11. don’t overstep your boundaries. brawl was bad enough. let’s try to keep it a little more simple this time around

    1. “Brawl was bad enough?” I dont think Brawl was bad. It was a good game that had a much greater lasting appeal than most games thats come out in the past 3 years… Plus the roster expanded in the best way since the start of the series. Sonic and Snake(3rd parties) joined, plus Pit was “brought back.” The game was a definite step up from Melee.

      1. As far as characters, I agree with you. But Melee allowed all skill levels to play and ENJOY it, while Brawl game mechanics were dumbed down (floaty and an overall slower feeling game). They need to go back to a Melee style speed and feel, and they need to put Geno in SBB4. He’s long overdue and would meld perfectly in smash bros.

        1. “brawl was bad enough”
          melee was not even balance, more than one character were to powerful and light characters are easy kill, while in brawl they fix that problem, if they go back to melee, all the character will not be balance anymore, and sakurai said he want to balance the game, so its clear where there next game will go.

        2. brawl felt great because it felt more like the original smash. more of my casual friends gravitated towards brawl then they ever did towards melee. it was too fast for them.

  12. I think they should do someone from Soul Calibur!!! Also if they were thinking strictly Tekken then sure, I dont mind! Put in Devil Jin, or King, or the Panda Bear in!!! I Aso think the Wooden Man and the Kangaroo could work too.

    1. i dont think the devil jin matches the style of the smash bros series how about jin kazama hes the main character

  13. Wait a minute, why the hell is Heihachi in PlayStation All-Stars then? That’s basically the same game, just with Sony characters.

    1. Probably because PlayStation characters were in Street Fighter X Tekken and the PS3 and Vita have exclusive characters (like Pac-Man, Megaman, etc.).

      The three companies (Capcom, Namco Bandai, Sony Computer Entertainment) probably had some sort of agreement.

  14. I say either Lloyd or Klonoa should join SSB. Preferably Klonoa as he’d fit in pretty well. He would have a very interesting move set as well. :D

  15. I don’t mind tekken characters … but lets just say if there isn’t one I wouldn’t be sad at all… the less namco the better…

    if pac man is in there I’ll kill myself…


  16. I would like to see some Tekken characters. I know I’m in the minority but I’d like to see Lili and/or Alisa

  17. The only logical and realistic guest character to be featured in Smash Bros is most likely Pac-Man because it is one of the oldest mascots and the best known worldwide even amongst non gamers.
    But if they decide to put aSoul Calibur character then so be it but Pac-Man should be the obvious choice.

  18. I say namco promotes characters off their new Tales game.. Tales Of Xillia 2, they probably wont considering the game will be for PS3, but it would be great Promotion non the less.

      1. Well then it could be: Cress off Tales of Phantasia, Lloyd off Tales of Symphonia, Luke off Tales of the Abbys (I hope not, I hate lukes gutts), Ruca Off Tales of Innocence, Shing off Tales of Hearts, or Asbel off Tales of Graces.

        but I’m just saying the new gamw so the could promote it here overseas.

  19. No no no no no, if the is a god no… I love teken but they do not belong in the same universe.. What happened to refining the game for what it is? Not to mention how can you put any 6 button fighter style characters in a 3 button style game?

    1. nevermind what if there was one tekken character (jin kazama) , one tales of ??? character and the macot of namco pacman

  20. No Tekken, never!! Tekken starts in playstation, until the 3ds one. I want to see like Megaman, it’s capcom but this game starts in NES and isn’t a ssb character. Or Pacman it would be weird since he only eats white dots, idk or came back the melee ones that they left out in brawl.

  21. Put the guys who don’t already have their own fighter games in. This isn’t tekken cross smash bros, it’s smash bros. Bring in a gundam, I’d love that. Or any anime characters really, even though they’re fighters already (mostly), they aren’t game specific, they come from a different entertainment medium, so that should be cool I think. Also any other awesome franchises you guys have

  22. Hell, even the guys at Namco are thinking guest characters are a bad idea, they’ll only do it if fans press them for it. Personally, I’d rather not have any guest characters (yeah, that includes ditching Snake and Sonic), it’s supposed to be a celebration of Nintendo. Nintendo has enough franchises their ignoring at it is, this is the only game where those titles can get any attention.

  23. I think they should just limit the roster to Nintendo characters. I don’t even want to see Sonic again, let alone Tekken characters. It just feels shoe-horned in, and I think that is part of the reason why Brawl felt off balance.

  24. Jin should be on super smash bros. because jin is super smash bros material you know. If heiaichi was on playstation all stars so should Jin be on super smash bros. For Once…Thank you.

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