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Warren Spector Would Like To See Epic Mickey 3


Warren Spector, the developer behind the Epic Mickey franchise, has told Red Bull that he would love to see the Epic Mickey franchise continue. Spector also suggested ideas for some Oswald games, as he would love to see the character have his own shot at stardom. Here are some of Warren Spector’s ideas.

“Oh man, there are so many aspects of Disney’s history to draw from, we’ll never run out of material. There are all sorts of forgotten characters, concepts from films that were never made, rides that have been retired from the Parks or never built at all,” he says. “We could map games for the next 80 years about Disney’s last 80.”

“I should probably keep some secrets, but I’d love to do something with all the rejected versions of Tinkerbell [from Peter Pan] we saw in the archives – I think fans would get a huge kick out of that.”

“I’d love to see the Disney Epic Mickey series continue – there are plenty of stories still to tell about Wasteland and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse! I’d love to see some Oswald games, where he’s on his own. He deserves a shot at solo stardom. Then there are the ‘duck’ games – Donald, Scrooge, etc – that are just waiting to be made. And a bunch of us at Junction Point have thoughts about Goofy and the Gremlins and a hundred others.”

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65 thoughts on “Warren Spector Would Like To See Epic Mickey 3”

    1. The first game was pretty good. Nothing amazingly incredible, but still good. It’s easily the best of the three Epic Mickey games currently released.

  1. Gunna buy Power of Illusion for 3ds when it’s less than £20 , Hope it’s as good as castle of illusion. That was the shit on the Megadrive…

    1. Same here. I enjoyed the demo, but fear that it’s as deep as the gameplay gets.
      Given that, I’ll probably pick it up when it drops in price.

      1. You can never trust reviews fully these days. Maybe it’s not worth full price which is why it’s getting 6/10’s , but it should be a cracker for 20clams…

          1. That’s what I’m saying. Reviews can be accurate in a Call of duty declassified is unplayable sense , but games that edge a 6 or 7/10 , you need to play them to see if you like usualy.

            Many low rated games I have ended up loving!

  2. Hmmm sounds bad…B4 the first game came out I was somewhat interested in it but…never really got into buying it, I guess I am lucky I didn’t…

  3. Just let one of Nintendos development studios help you Warren specter, and make the games Wii U 3DS exclusive. That is the only way these games can become legendary.

  4. If they do make an Epic Mickey 3 I want them to make sure the game is amazing before releasing it, I don’t care if it takes 5 years. Epic Mickey 2 was a huge letdown for me.

    1. Then drop your pants and call me pedobear because I am no kid and I still enjoy myself some disney from time to time.

    1. I think only the people who bought 1&2 earned the right to say this…
      But I have on good authority that it’s true..

      1. I’ve only been fooled once (Epic Mickey 2). I enjoyed the first one, my only complaint is that I wish it was longer. If they remade the first game in HD and added all the good parts of the second game (voice acting, being able to revisit all areas at any time, areas remain as you left them and don’t reset when you leave and come back etc.) I would definitely buy it again. And Spector had said he wants to put the first game on HD consoles so I hope my wish comes true.

          1. Sounded like you!
            1.) thanks for saving my Wallet.
            2.) I thought they planned on those things for Epic 2, and just didn’t deliver?

            It’s a real shame. A Lot of people were pumped for Epic 2, this letdown has really hurt their rapport with fans, something that will be hard to earn back. (as with anything)

            1. Voice acting was good overall, but in some parts it got annoying (Gus CONSTANTLY telling you what to do, even when you’ve already started doing it).

  5. Please don’t make another game unless you iron out all the problems in the series…Bought Epic Mickey 2 with high hopes but it was super disappointing especially compared to the first one. A more appropriate name for the latest game would’ve been Epic Shitty 2.0…

  6. lol! Not a fan of Videogames that have to do with Disney. Even Kingdom Hearts. I never liked Mickey as a videogame character and I probably never will…

  7. Only if they completely rewrote the game engine from scratch. Epic Mickey’s engine was beyond saving, and using it in EM2 (along with Oswald’s faulty AI) pretty much killed it.

  8. It is clear Warren Spector is not the man for the job. He doesn’t understand that the Capcom Mickey Mouse games we played when we were younger were every bit competitive with Super Mario games or any other action platformer of the day. There are expectations. Mickey Mouse is first and foremost an action platformer and he can’t can make that game. He sucks. He doesn’t even realize that he can’t do it. He doesn’t even realize his competition is Super Mario Galaxy and he isn’t even close.

  9. This series does everything right but play well and thats pretty much warrens department as near as i can tell. How this guy is famous for anything other than being a salesman, i’ll never know. No one this renowned should be able to design anything as clunky feeling as the epic mickey series on their worst day and hes done it twice now…

    It seriously feels like youre controlling a character with playmechanics that are supposed to be in a different game. Its not as bad as playing super mario world with guile from street fighter, but youre not supposed to fight controls, cameras and jumps when you play a game. Youre supposed to fight bad guys.

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