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US Thieves Steal $2M Worth Of Wii Consoles From Nintendo Distribution Site

Wii Discs

Thieves in the United States have managed to steal two million dollars worth of Wii consoles after raiding a warehouse at SeaTac’s Seattle Air Cargo. The thieves drove two large diesel trucks into a Nintendo distribution site inside Seattle Air Cargo on Saturday evening and snatched 7,000 Wii consoles. The thieves worked together using forklifts and then loaded the Wiis into two 53-foot semi-truck trailers waiting outside the centre. Here’s what the police had to say.

“If we don’t get any tips ahead of time, it will be the selling of these consoles that will lead to their capture. It’s gonna be pretty hard to hide 7,000 Wii game consoles.”

Update: A spokesperson for the King County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to Kotaku that the consoles stolen were in fact Wii U’s, and not Wii consoles like ABC reported.

103 thoughts on “US Thieves Steal $2M Worth Of Wii Consoles From Nintendo Distribution Site”

    1. HAS TO BE AN INSIDE JOB!!!!….seemed perfectly planned
      Kinda sucks for us Nintendo investors.. but they can the serial numbers and brick the wii u’s..then collect insurance

      1. they stole wiis not wii u’s

        and i doubt very much that the wiis are capable of transmitting any kind of unique identifier over the web

    1. USAsians?? Really? Are you a mental defective? You didnt spell a single word correctly. I commend you. Because that’s actually pretty impressive.

  1. this sounds like it could be the story to the next mario game….

      1. Italian mob boss = ”You mean to tell me you stole 7 fuckin thousand Wii’s?”
        Mindless thug = ”uuuhhh , yeh boss you said wii’s right ?”

  2. Oh no… Not the Wiis… Whatever will we do? It’s not like the WiiU is out or anything. The Wii is what people want to buy!

  3. Silly cops. Selling 7,000 wiis would actually be easy :|

    Called go to a bad part of town and sell them for real cheap. Like 50$ a piece. That’s 350,000$

  4. These things are going out of the country. Like the police said its hard to hide or sell 7,000 Wii without anyone noticing it. So Probably Mexico…. Or maybe it was Canadians since they can’t find normal Wiis other than the mini apparently ó_Ò

        1. Allso canadian and stores sell out same day wii u arrives, even supermarket, last place people think look, sells out with in 48 hour.
          I got wii when they where 3 years old and where still always sold out.

    1. After update, these are WiiU. And most likely going to elsewhere since Canada isn’t that good of a market for these things (low demand, fairly well-regulated market…)

  5. The thieves managed to get away with 7,000 portable Wii gaming consoles after raiding a warehouse at SeaTac’s Seattle Air Cargo.

    Portable Wii gaming consoles? Wat.

    1. Here goes another mistake because is this the Wii, Wii U, or both? Because first it said portable, and now at the bottom it said it retails for $300, which is totally the Wii U. The video also mentions the Wii U, and not the Wii.

      I’m so confused.

    2. People don’t know the difference between a wii or wii u other than the hardcore crowd. Saw people in store saying no to their kids because they already have a wii at home. LOL

      1. Yeah. Facts need to be straightened out.

        According to the video, it was a bunch of Wii U’s. The article also says that a “Nintendo Wii” retails for $300. Obviously, that’s the Wii U. Then they go on to say – “see our Wii U review here”. So…. My guess is that it wasn’t just Wiis but Wii U’s.

        Most people just don’t know the difference yet.

    1. Well, it is kind of hard to tell the difference if you are not much of a gamer. They both have wii in the name so its possible you could still say its a wii if you don’t game much

  6. Wait? 7000 x 300 = 2.1 mil… This means it has to be the Wii U. Thes guys are monsters. They deserves to burn in the deepest layer in hell for this. You know, the hell where the moon crashes every third day and all the bad endings of all games ever made are played in replay… IN STATIC!!!

  7. So either they stole Wiis and think they stole Wii Us which means tey are stupid or they stole Wii Us which means stock shortage my ass.

      1. yeah, 7,000 in ONE distribution center, im pretty sure there is more than one, or else nintendo wouldnt have sold over 400,000 Wii U’s its first week.

  8. I’m pretty sure Nintendo has access to the mac addresses of wii consoles (not sure what the wii u has but I’m sure they have access to that too) and they say that they can remotely brick consoles so perhaps they could just brick them ALL and then ask where they got the consoles from when they are sent back for repair.. Umm I’m rambling..

  9. Seriously? What is wrong with America? -__- why can’t we live in our own happy world? There is always someone/some people to ruin it for everyone else…

    1. No it’s not. I have no idea how the fuck this is good publicity, stop riding there dick. It shows there security is absolute horse shit and how will retailers trust them now if they can’t even secure there products properly?

      1. For this shows that people know what is in demand. It’s the hottest electronic video game console this Christmas my friend. When people see on the news, and this is passed on by word of mouth; families and gamers will want a Wii U for Christmas. Christmas is beautiful every new console release by Nintendo :).

        1. Or the fact they saw it as easy prey? Shit, you have to try and reverse everything to suck NIntendo off, it’s quite sad.

      2. Sad they didn’t want to steal your precious RROD, or green light of death skyrim glitch fest blue ray player? Smile for now we know that they Wii U is a highly sought out console, even by highly organized thieves. Might be Ms trying to stop the Wii U’s momentum lol.

      3. this is all assuming that warehouse was actually directly owned by nintendo which i doubt very much
        and why should retailers care? they’re not the ones who are gonna pay for the lost merchandise
        that’s either the warehouse owner, nintendo, or, more likely, the insurance company

  10. Wow that is just messed up! We don’t have that many here already as it is and now we have 7,000 less ‘facepalm’ this is why we can’t have nice things!

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  12. How the Thieves Stole Christmas
    Let’s hope their hearts grow 3 sizes bigger and give those Wii U’s back like pulling a Grinch thing there.

  13. People people…let’s not fight amongst each other…we are not Sorny trolls…
    We all know this was Microshit slaves’ doing!
    They can’t stand Nintendo selling stuff over there!
    Stupid Red Necks…

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  15. As if Nintendo would ship Wii Us without insurance. It’ll probably be the shipping company that takes the financial damage while Nintendo get a huge insurance payout. Christmas may have come early for Nintendo :D

  16. I hope they catch these assholes and nail their asses to the wall. They probably ruined a lot of people’s Christmas here.

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