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Nintendo Has No Plans To Unify Nintendo eShop For 3DS And Wii U

nintendo_eshop_wii_u_3ds_cardsNintendo’s latest platforms, the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, have an online marketplace called the Nintendo eShop, but both of them arn’t integrated, and each features exclusive content.

When asked whether the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U will eventually share the same Nintendo eShop, Nintendo of America’s Dan Adelman said the company has no plans to combine the two platforms’ online stores.

NL: Are there plans for the Wii U and 3DS stores to integrate, share themes, or become one eShop brand?

Adelman: Well we’re calling them both eShop. It’s just that one is the 3DS eShop, and the other is the Wii U eShop. Wii U users can see info in the Wii U eShop about 3DS games, but right now we don’t have any immediate plans to sell 3DS games via the Wii U eShop – or vice versa.

108 thoughts on “Nintendo Has No Plans To Unify Nintendo eShop For 3DS And Wii U”

    1. I think he missunderstod the question what we want is a way that we can buy 3ds and wiiu games using just 1 prepaid card.

      1. Yeah, I think the questions was totally misunderstood and the headline makes the article misleading. Everything Nintendo promised earlier this year leads me to believe they will merge certain aspects of the eshop.
        1) Funds will be shared. If you look at the picture above the eShop cards already indicate this is going to happen. They both use dollar amounts now and there is a picture showing it can be used for both systems. Nintendo just needs a fire lit under its A to make it happen.
        2) Searching of titles gets you information about 3DS titles and Wii U titles no matter which system. If you use search on the Wii U you already find info for 3DS titles in the eShop. Just type in the word “Demo” and you will see what I mean. Actually at e3 they promised this would be possible to purchase titles through a smart phone (possibly browser or application, that was too clear) and later download on your system, which it looks like the Wii U downloads games and updates in the background already. I am imagining this would be like the Xbox360 system when it happens.
        3) Account tied to a user and not the system. If you look in the customer support search, there is already verbiage that mentions this is going to happen. Also, they force you to have a club account just to register your warranty tying you to a user account, which helps them keep track of what you purchased.

        What I don’t think is going to happen anytime so if at all, is being able to share software between the system. So if you buy a console game, don’t expect to play it on your 3DS. And my questions would is what about virtual console games? My guess is no.

        I just don’t think they have finished moving from the old framework to the new framework, which can’t come soon enough. Time to get some torches lit :D.

      1. Exactly. People don’t consider the loopholes that could be created by such a system if it were to be put in place. Another few issues that arise is confusion within the home console market compared to the separate one that is solely for the portable gaming market (in this case the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS).

        If I were your average consumer, browsing the Nintendo eShop for new games, having featured Nintendo 3DS games would throw me off majorly when browsing solely for Wii U content. It is for this reason that the 3DS content is hidden from the Wii U eShop (you have to run a search to find information on 3DS content from the Wii U eShop). The same apples vice versa.

        The only reason these shops should be kept divided is because they ARE divided. They don’t have the same games available, those games that are available are NOT compatible with any other systems than the one(s) they were intended for or made compatible with.

        This points back to the hysterics surrounding Wii Mode on the Wii U and the Nintendo DS functionality on the Nintendo 3DS.

        There was no logical way for Nintendo to incorporate the ability to play Wii games from the Wii U’s OS because of the way that the Wii works (with its own connection to the Internet, WiiConnect24, Wii Shop Channel, its own Mii Channel that resembles nothing of what options are available on the Wii U’s own Mii Maker, etc.). Therefore, they decided to keep everything separate but connected. It makes perfect sense for them to do so from this standpoint.

        As for Nintendo DS functionality, it is obvious that Nintendo DS games were NOT compatible with WPA/WPA2 and other more “advanced” security protocols than WEP. Therefore, Nintendo had to create a separate section under System Settings for the Nintendo DS Profile information to be kept for Nintendo DS games.

        Gratefully, the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS was able to bring over all DSiWare (basically) without any problems playing into its experience. The same just cannot be said about the Wii Shop Channel due to how complicated that process would become and how confusing it would make the browsing experience on the Wii U eShop, once again.

        Sometimes, graceful degradation isn’t always the best way to go about things. This is most certainly the case with the Wii U/Nintendo 3DS eShop connectivity with purchases and content being stored solely by one account.

        The Nintendo 3DS was never made to handle Nintendo Network ID functionality—the Wii U was. The Nintendo 3DS was never made to handle Miiverse—the Wii U was. All support for this functionality has been dropped for the 3DS. Iwata has made it clear before that ONLY the Wii U and their future devices will be compatible with Miiverse and the Nintendo Network. The 3DS just uses an upscaled version of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which they re-branded as Nintendo Network for the sole purpose of, once again, graceful degradation.

        I feel like the 3DS was testing waters for the Wii U and future systems. In that case, it did its job perfectly and continues to outperform all Nintendo systems before it.

        The Wii U is also doing pretty good consider its lack of Deluxe shipments in many regions of the world still. We should definitely see it reach the 5 mil mark before the end of March 2013 if it continues to sell at this rate.

        1. Actually, Nintendo has confirmed Miiverse for Nintendo 3DS, for the near future.

          Trust me, in 3 years, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U will have a unified eshop, 3DS will have accounts, NNIDS, Miiverse, and maybe even video chat. Just wait and see.

          1. Don’t fool yourself.

            There is not a single percentage of chance that the Nintendo 3DS will EVER get a working Miiverse or Nintendo Network ID compatibility going on for it. The most it would get is a Miiverse APPLICATION, which would work only for your Wii U content—NOT the Nintendo 3DS and its games/applications. Why?

            Quote from my comment below:
            “The Nintendo 3DS was never built around the Nintendo Network ID, so the bottom line is that this just wouldn’t work due to that reasoning. There’s no way Nintendo can go about revising their Friend Code system in order to get rid of that and replace it with Nintendo Network ID-compatibility because it would totally divide the Nintendo 3DS fanbase.”

            And, if you’re going to be an idiot and reply again, let me clarify that last point on “dividing the Nintendo 3DS fanbase,” mkay?

            The Nintendo 3DS and its games (like the Wii and Nintendo DS before it) are made to use the UNIVERSAL FRIEND CODE tied to your NINTENDO 3DS PROFILE. These are in no way related to your NINTENDO NETWORK ID, and games that rely on online connectivity would CEASE TO FUNCTION on the Nintendo 3DS if the change to Nintendo Network were made.

            The Nintendo 3DS was NOT made to handle Nintendo Network, Miiverse, or any of its superlative qualities available on the Wii U. These newer services are for the Wii U and BEYOND—meaning the NEXT-GEN portable will have these same services available and more. There is NO WAY you can integrate Miiverse, the Nintendo eShop, and the Nintendo Network as a whole on the Nintendo 3DS without compromising the very structure of the system itself, causing games to cease functioning properly, totally breaking apart the user fanbase as a result, and patching, flipping over, and totally going over all programmed instances of the friend code system in EVERYTHING on the Nintendo 3DS—all which would STILL require users to run an update just to see the changes (hence the “game breaking” dialogue I used earlier that would happen from games attempting to run with Nintendo Network compatibility to use Miiverse or play online with Nintendo Network ID’s). It’s IMPOSSIBLE.

            If you don’t understand this, then please seek immediate assistance.

            1. Lol, trolls. Iwata has confirmed Miiverse and NN will work fully and properly on 3DS in the near future. And please don’t try to reply saying (wrong) assumptions about the 3DS system. Every NN ID has an implicit friend code that mades the connection between people. Why on Earth would that system be incompatible with 3DS?

              Want a proof?

              Please note: “Miiverse is believed to be a self-contained social network of sorts for Wii U players (though it will eventually be made accessible from 3DS, PCs and smartphones).”
              It’s said 3-D-S, not “the next-gen handheld system from Nintendo”.

              Search before you speak.

              1. Troll? Suuure…talk to the guy who owns over 80 games on his Nintendo 3DS and 20 games on the Wii U and only owns Nintendo consoles.

                I totally hate the only gaming company that I have played games on their devices on since the early 90’s with the SNES shortly after I was born. Yup. I despise Nintendo. I just buy their systems and a ton of their games for the sole purpose of trolling them. I’m also on to totally bash every bit of Nintendo news I can because that’s how much I hate them.

                /sarcasm <- If you haven't realized that at this point.

                Look, you can reply to me until your fingers fall off, but that isn't going to change anything.

                Even if Miiverse comes to the 3DS, it won't do anymore than it would on a PC or a smartphone because the 3DS and its games are not P-R-O-G-R-A-M-M-E-D to handle Miiverse or NNID functionality—making it impossible to add anything under that Nintendo Network umbrella of content that the Wii U has exclusively.

                The most the 3DS would get is a browser site or app built to navigate, comment, check news feed, etc., on your Wii U Miiverse account. That would be the extent of it.

                1. 30 Nintendo 3DS games AND 20 Nintendo Wii U games WHILE arguing on internet writing paragraphs? Someone is getting laid tonight bitches.

  1. Of course not, because it would make too much sense to unify them, and Nintendo has no fucking clue what they’re doing, or what their fan base wants.
    Can’t believe I used to be a Nintendo fanboy…

    1. Nintendo may make some dumb-ass choices like this. But as long as their games are good, I don’t see any reason to leave them

      1. Sell one type of e-shop card, have one account for both systems, being able to check for games and sales on your Wii U for the 3DS and vise versa, etc, etc. The list is endless. Makes more sense to unify them.

        1. Precisely. Someone clueless about games in my family kindly bought me an eShop card because they know I like Nintendo, but that means I have to choose which store to redeem it on. I wanted to use it between both, but that would make far too much sense…

          1. Yeah, let’s try to unify two completely different experiences with each other without causing a conundrum. That’s TOTALLY gonna work.

            The Nintendo 3DS was never built around the Nintendo Network ID, so the bottom line is that this just wouldn’t work due to that reasoning. There’s no way Nintendo can go about revising their Friend Code system in order to get rid of that and replace it with Nintendo Network ID-compatibility because it would totally divide the Nintendo 3DS fanbase.

            The Wii U, and future devices, on the other hand, are built around using the Nintendo Network to tie purchases to that one ID that you have.

            Stop being lazy and get over with it.

            We are getting both Miiverse and the Nintendo eShop soon available on our PCs and mobile devices. Can’t you guys ever be content with what you have now, which works perfectly fine might I add?

            1. jaemyz’s situation is not fine though. He got an e-shop card and wants to spend part of the $ on the Wii U e-shop and part on the 3DS e-shop… he can’t do that now can he? So how is that fine?

              1. Uhh…buy another one?

                They’re really cheap, ya’ know? $20 minimum, $50 maximum. That’s like saying you want to get “Wii U Game A” for $60, but “Nintendo 3DS Game A” is $40 and you can’t divide your money (which is $60) to spend between both.

                You choose what you want (or would rather) spend your money on, apply it to that account, and, later on, when you save up more money, buy more cards again, rinse and repeat. What’s so hard to understand about that?

                Oh, and to add to that:

                No matter what, he’s BOUND to have more games he would purchase from either shop. So, the end result of which account he adds money to shouldn’t even matter in the slightest. As said before, he would need money on both to afford the games he wants anyways, so it’s best that he just gets two cards instead of one to make them last longer.

                If they were GIFTS, his situation is even easier to decide. He can simply find which shop he wants more games on, apply it on that account, download his games, and be happy.

                Once again, as I’ve said almost five times now on the same article, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE FOR NINTENDO TO DO WHAT YOU’RE ASKING FOR THE NINTENDO 3DS. It is too late for the Nintendo 3DS to get a proper connection with your Wii U eShop purchases because doing so would require you using your Nintendo Network ID, which, once again, can never be used on the Nintendo 3DS due to its incompatible nature with the accursed Friend Codes system in place.

                I’m just the messenger here, so don’t start on me for that. Nintendo should’ve been the ones to decide that the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U would both need to be made in a way that could have connected the two systems with graceful degradation on both counts. While the method they chose is sloppy, confusing, and mind-boggling, it does work considering what the Nintendo 3DS set out to do at first by testing the waters for the Wii U.

                I agree that people who owned a Nintendo 3DS shouldn’t feel like a beta tester, but it should’ve been painfully obvious that all of this was going to occur when Satoru Iwata continued to make statements about the Wii U’s online services yet neglected to mention anything about the Nintendo 3DS and its connection with the Wii U’s NNID.

                However, it has been confirmed by Iwata himself that Miiverse, Nintendo eShop (account information, purchases, et al.), Nintendo Network IDs, and other future Wii U Nintendo Network functions will only be available on the Wii U and future devices. The Nintendo 3DS WILL NOT make use of those features because, once again, IT IS TOO LATE FOR NINTENDO TO DO SO.

                You can’t tell a game, “start working with NNIDs instead of the universal friend code on Nintendo 3DS systems” and expect the game to magically ‘react’ and perfectly work. Every Nintendo 3DS game is programmed to work with the system’s specific functions—whether that be StreetPass, SpotPass, Play Coins, Friend Codes, Online Matchmaking, etc. The system and its games are NOT programmed to work with Miiverse or NNIDs—the same can be said about the Nintendo eShop. These would simply NOT work, cause confusion, divide the 3DS user fanbase, cause games to break and cease to function, and destroy whatever online connectivity the 3DS had left remaining.

                And so, I reiterate my question…

                Can’t you guys ever be content with what you have in the first place? It’s a system that works as is right now.

            2. You have to be one of the stupidest people I’ve come across on this site. Nintendo said Miiverse was coming to the 3DS, implying that Nintendo Network ID would too, seeing as you NEED a NNID to be able to have a Miiverse account. Not to mention some Nintendo service jack off said that they plan to unify them, and Nintendo only came out and pretty mcuh said to wait for them to announce stuff like that. Nobody cares if the 3DS didn’t launch with an account, it has updatable firmware. Do you honestly think that Nintendo didn’t already have the idea of an account system floating around its headquarters at the time of the 3DS launch? Don’t be ignorant and don’t spread ignorance.

  2. They said no Immediate plans. Doesn’t mean that there aren’t any plans, but I could really care less, but I think they should share the same account and money. That would be convenient.

  3. Who’s actually asking for this anyway?
    “Oh im gona buy a 3DS on my WiiU, then download it onto my 3DS”
    Who the fuck would do that? Thats like ordering a pizza, getting it delivered to your next door neighbour and then going to pick it up. Just cut out the middle, oh wait, there fucking isnt one…

    1. Intergrated stores are pointless, and actually annoying. On the PSN Store, i have to skim through Vita games, and PS+’s free games every week are sometimes Vita games -__-
      I dont want to see Vita games when im on a PS3, because im not playing the Vita, if im using the PS3

      1. If you don’t want to see Vita games on the PS3, then just click “PS3 games” on the PSN store. It’s not that difficult.

        At least the PSN is unified so that you can use your funds on any device you have your PSN/SEN account linked to – which is one of the major gripes people seem to have with the way Nintendo handles this; It can’t be shared. So you must pick one or the other, especially when it comes to point redemption cards.

        A unified store eshop would make more sense to me for a number of reasons. However, I would think they would need to unify their online network period, to begin with.

        1. Thank goodness other people understand how the Nintendo Network really works.

          A unified shop would work, but we would need a unified network to have such functionality work, to begin with. Doing so is impossible with the Nintendo 3DS at this point because it divides the fanbase due to the friend code system that is already utilized throughout most Nintendo 3DS games, along with StreetPass and SpotPass. It’s too late for Nintendo to revise the Nintendo 3DS in any possible way. They know this as well, hence why talk about the Nintendo Network connectivity has been dropped from context since June 5, 2012—the day we first heard word about it in Iwata’s Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct conference.

          1. I don’t think you understand that a 3DS friendcode works different than a DS or Wii one. The friendcode on the 3DS is pretty much an account system already, it just doesn’t have a username tied to it yet. Do you really think that Nintendo would have NNIDs and Miiverse work on handsets and PCs, but not on the 3DS? Also, quit bringing up “HURR DURR FRIENDCODES ARE USED IN GAME TEXT AND DIVIDING THE FANBASE DUUUUR”. First off, no 3DS games *need* to reference friendcodes, because ITS THE SAME ONE FOR EVERY GAME. Why would they even need to bring up friendcodes when the system itself handles all of the network information? Luckliy for us, Nintendo thought of that already, and NO 3DS games make reference to friendcodes at all. Second, how would the transition to NNIDs “divide the fanbase”? If they release a mandatory update, and you can’t play online without said update, their would be no problems. WHICH MOST COMPANIES DO IT LIKE THAT ALREADY. If we go by your logic, every update to any console would “divide the fanbase”. I’ll close by saying this: this isn’t 1995. You’re a smart guy, and you should realize this. Look at the 360, and all of the features that have been added after the fact. Cloud saves, multimedia features, SmartGlass integration, ect. Same with the PS3. Nintendo can certainly link the 3DS and Wii U under Nintendo Network. Not to mention Iwata himself said that Miiverse was designed for both 3DS, Wii U, and future Nintendo devices. Also, the Wii U didn’t even launch with Miiverse, it was added in that horribly long day one update! Thanks for reading.

      2. Well, it could just have an independent “3DS” section on the Wii U and vice-versa. But the main reason for unified shops are:
        – Unified $ credits.
        – Maybe a computer-based, online shop.

        Possibilities are endless with an account-based system.

    2. True, plus most the games they offer on their respective shops only really work on the device of choice. I’m not gonna be pissing blood in rage because I can’t buy Wario Land 2 from my Wii U… which would only work on the 3DS in the end. But hey, I guess the users around here like learning the hard way how buying Wii U games from the 3DS in vice versa would be more of an unnecessary procedure than the straightforward route.

        1. But what if you want a super nes game, im not saying they should unite both but i would like the option that if games are capable on both consoles like nes and super nes why dont have them in both?.

          1. Thats not uniting the stores. Thats allowing downloads on both, but so far, the WiiU doesnt have a Virtual Console library, and the 3DS only has a few NES games, everything else is Gameboy games

            1. You couldn’t just unite both virtual consoles so easily , because they both have different aspect ratios , resoloutions , Button configurations , etc etc.

              The Eshops should stay seperate. Who the fuck doesn’t use their credit card to buy shit of E-shop anyway ?

              1. I have no clue who doesn’t use their credit card to make digital purchases nowadays.

                The problem with Virtual Console is that it has to be (as Nintendward pointed out) scaled, adjusted, and configured to work with the console, its OS, and its different button configurations.

                Scaling isn’t anywhere near as much a problem as adjusting the game itself and its configurations to have it emulate properly on the Wii U/3DS.

                That said, @TheDragon234, the Wii U DOES technically have Virtual Console games on it. They’re just accessible from the Wii Shop Channel instead of the Nintendo eShop—but they’re still there, in other words. The only Wii U-exclusive Virtual Console games we may get in the future are for systems like the Nintendo GameCube, Wii, and Sega Dreamcast, and even that is questionable because at that point we should just get HD ports of all those games (think: Dolphin emulator). You would find me hard-pressed to spend $14.99-$19.99 on a game that plays and looks EXACTLY like its predecessor.

                The Nintendo 3DS should be getting Game Boy Advance and SNES games soon, though.

              2. I do and the only console that would have problem whit the 3ds would be the n64,prepaid is way safer if you got your account stolen they just get the prepaid amount.

                1. You clearly don’t know how credit cards work.

                  If your account information or system gets stolen, you put a hold on your card so no one can use it, cancel it, and change your card number in the process. That’s why most people don’t use debit cards for online content.

                  1. Meant to say “prepaid cards for online content,” NOT debit.

                    Most people actually use debit instead of credit, even though it’s much riskier.

      1. Lets say you are on vacation and they place a great real for 1 day only on a great online only game but you dont have your console whit you what will you do? You get your 3ds or pc and buy it and then you dont miss the real but in reality what i care is for unirte vc games.

    1. “Not in the near future” =\= Eventually.

      They didn’t say, “No way in Fuckin’ Hell will we EVER do that!”
      They did say, “Not in the NEAR future.”

    1. I hate that you STILL have to pay for friggin taxes on the eshop esspecially for the downloadable retail game that happens to be the same price as it is in stores.

      1. Taxes aren’t going anywhere for downloadable games, its a US law now. Anything that is a digital download will be taxed in the future. Either they build it in to the price or they charge you at the register.

        But hey not all states have sales tax.

  4. I can see the point of a unified account such as same money being used for both and network ID. But other than that its not really a big deal

      1. I think you are confuse dragon is not so much of a trouble wen you have credit Varsovia but wen you use prepaid is where the problems are and 1 account can help user who got both consoles,if i buy 50 card but just want to use 25 on 3ds and the other on wii u i should be able and also i doubt you like Nintendo consoles your comments lacks cosntrictivity.

        1. Yeah, but thats got nothing to do with a united store, thats an account system. This is about the store being one store, not shared money and points on an account.
          They never said that they werent doing that.

          1. Lol i dont care to see titles i cant own what i want is the games that are able to run on both hardware on both shops like sony do whit ps1 games.

  5. That’s kinda good. If I buy something from my 3DS eshop, I don’t want it to be subtracted from my (future) Wii U eshop account. Although I really hope that you’ll be able to transfer the money from my 3ds eshop account to the Wii U eshopaccount. That’s all I care about in my opinion.

    1. I take that back.
      Re post: I really hope that you’ll be able to transfer the money from my 3ds eshop account to the Wii U eshop account because sometimes I’m just about .46-2.00 off from getting a purchase. That’s all I care about in my opinion.

      1. And get nes and super nes on 3ds it could be done whit an app like the 1 that transfers the save files of monster hunter.

  6. How would this even work? Im on the Wii U e-shop and im like hmm I think I will download Mario Kart 7? Its a 3DS game how would that work downloading it onto your Wii U? Unless it downloaded to the SD card in the Wii U and not the Internal Memory then you transfer that SD card to the 3DS….If thats the idea what the fuck is the point in that? Makes it take longer and do more work. And vice versa, On the 3DS e-shop and I want to buy a Wii U game??? WTF that makes no sense lol.

    Wii U has its own e-shop and 3DS has its own thats the way it should be.

    1. You wouldn’t download it on the Wii U. They would probably have it where once the 3DS is connected to Wi-Fi, it will start downloading the game. Just like how system updates work.

  7. After reading some comments I can agree with unifying your accounts…But then again you dont have your Nintendo Network ID attached to your 3DS and the 3DS e-shop…

  8. Why not unify them? It would be simpler to sell one type of e-shop card that works on an account that is linked with both systems. Makes more sense to unify them if you ask me.

  9. What would be the point of merging them? How can you download a 3DS game on the Wii U? That wouldn’t make any sense…

      1. That would actually be really cool. You would have to leave your wiiu on all the time though…. All the 3DS would have to do then is give you blow jobs and it would be the perfect system!!!

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  11. Why would they? If they unify, you’ll be able to purchase 3DS excluives on Wii U and it’d make the 3DS basically inert. Why play on a handheld when I can play on my big screen. It’s the same problem the Vita has.

    1. and why do you think people i mean sony consumers preferred to buy the ps3 ver of the vita game, because its better, sony drones know this better than anyone else.

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  13. he does mention “… but right now…”

    which means, in the future, they could integrate, maybe they just to make sure to sort out the possible kinks it will result to, or perhaps, they want to make sure Wii U establishes its identity properly first and eventually they’ll decide to unify them.

    1. its possible, but first the 3ds has to have the requirements for it to happen, plus what happens when you have more than one 3ds? how its that going to work?

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  16. I can’t complain too much here.

    But what I really hate is my inability to GIFT games from the eShop!
    I always thought Nintendo didn’t like doing that with portables, hence why the DSi and 3DS eShop you can’t buy a code a gift it to a friend.
    But with the Wii, I could’ve gift games, but now I can’t with Wii U.
    I want to share the joy of Little Inferno, but I can’t. :(

  17. OMG!!!!!! i Dont No were Ur Getting 3ds isn’t Getting Miiverse 1st of all u Had to here him Say it if u watch the Nintendo Direct For 3ds Smartphones and Pc 2nd Of all this is Nintendos Next Generation portable U can Clearly Read on the Box if U even have a 3ds Hater A NEW DIMENSION IN ENTERTAINMENT THE 3DS SYSTEM COMBINES NEXT GENERATION PORTABLE GAMING WITH EYE POPING Visuals without the need of Glasses 3rd of All even if the 3ds wasn’t Made for Miiverse You Dont no the Full potential of this Damn System in about NNID 3ds haves to get that Clearly to sign in to miiverse in to eshop in 3ds is Already Connected to NN yeah i no u Seen MK7 KIU Fire Embelm NSMB2 and many more the Controls for the Game pad on WiiU are exactly the Same for 3ds u have ur X,Y,B,A Dpad Circle pad then u just Buy the Circle pad pro In u have the ZL and ZR yea shows how much u no!

  18. I’m just wondering if eventually we could have the combination of funds on both eshops, so if you add money to your Wii U eshop account, you can use some of that money for the 3DS, instead of having to put it on both. Maybe through Nintendo network

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  22. That really is inconvenient for the simple fact that many of us have accumulated tons of points on either your 3ds or Wii U we should at least be able to share points (example:You have $30 worth of points on your Wii U but there’s nothing your remotely interested in so you should be able to use those points on your 3ds if desire). I have my Nintendo Club account linked between both and I can redeem game codes between both so why not e_shop points?

  23. If they unified the 3DS and Wii U’s eshop; then players who don’t have a Wii U can Play SNES Games on the 3DS and Gameboy Games on the Wii U for thoses who don’t have a 3DS.

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