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GameFreak Says Pokemon Will Evolve In 2013


Japanese publication Nintendo Dream has received a Christmas greetings card from the developers behind Pokemon, GameFreak. The greeting card doesn’t really contain any exciting information, except that the development team says it’s looking to evolve the Pokemon franchise during 2013.


154 thoughts on “GameFreak Says Pokemon Will Evolve In 2013”

    1. no, fuck you, i already wasted a lot of money on 3ds and stuff just to get a 3ds pokemon rpg, so nintendo can jerk off and fuck us with pokemon on wii u……………

        1. You guys realize pokemon was made specifically for handhelds right? Making the game for home console would be wrong. So wrong.

          1. not necessarily… they just have to do it right… like XD and colossuem but better and the wii u would be the perfect console to prove this…

            1. Depends on your definition of Cross-Play.
              Pokemon Stadium allowed you to import your Pokemon Yellow Pokemon into Stadium.

              It was pretty kick-ass in my opinion.

      1. that is rude towards nintendo… btw… probably make it for both and the wii u one, if they do it right, could be great…

  1. I would buy a WiiU if it had a full-3D Pokémon game where they used the NFC to allow you to buy Pokémon cards and move data onto the game by putting it on the gamepad (I would also lose all my money buying Pokémon cards).

    1. damnit that would finally get me to buy those damn cards… i would so love AND hate them for doing that… both at the same time… :D

    2. That is the only way I will ever buy the Wii U. Grr why is nintendo so lazy!!!! They could make such an awesome pokemon game on wii U or 3DS but they choose the COD path and keep releasing the same game OVER and OVER again. I really hope this game comes to 3DS and really DOES evolve. Because pokemon is the main reason I even buy nintendo consoles and is my second favorite game. Imagine being able to play pokemon online with your friends and they could travel with you and trade and stuff.. GRR it would be soo cool! HURRY up nintendo!

      1. Isn’t Cod doing the pokemon path since pokemon came out earlier…o.O
        Pokemon on 3DS will come. On wii U would be wayyyy to addicting imo xD

    1. actually, i would rather have a 2D Pokemon Game on the WiiU. I just don’t like the 3d fuzz. i prefer my zelda 2D, i prefer my mario 2D, and i will prefer my pokemon in 2D. I’m a 2D Sprite Guy… but in the end, any pokemon rpg on the wiiu would be nice and will be bought.. ^^

  2. A new Stadium with environmental damage like the battle revolution beta on the Wii U and 3D RPG with 2 versions on the 3DS? Please Nintendo?

    1. pokemon that don’t evolve: Farfetch’d,Kanghaskan,Pinsir,Tauros,Lapras,Ditto,Aerodactyl,Unown,Girafarig,Dunsparce, Qwilfish,Shuckle,Heracross,Corsola,Delibird,Skarmory,Stantler,Smeargle,Miltank,Sableye, Mawile,Plusle,Minum,Volbeat,Illumise,Torkoal,Spinda,Zangoose,Seviper,Lunatone,Solrock, Castform,Kecleon,Tropius,Absol,Relicanth,Luvdisc,Pachirisu,Chatot,Spiritomb,Carnivine,Rotom, Audino,Throh,Sawk,Basculin,Maractus,Sigilyph,Emolga,Alomomola,Cryogonal,Stunfisk, Druddigon,Bouffalant,Heatmor,Durant. U Mad bro?

    1. wasn’t there a rumor that game freak is doing a trilogy for Pokemon black and white? becuase that would be amazing! i loved the 1st and the 2nd games!

            1. since when? thats what i was thinking lol. b/w was awesome. haven’t tried 2 yet but i can’t se how it could be bad. i kindof hate ti when someone just trashes on something, but has nothing bad to actually say about it. like when most people get into flame wars about consoles, they never really have anything to say about the consoel they don’t like besides that they think it sucks.

              1. Pokemon B/W didn’t had a feeling of what pokemon is all about. Exploration sucked, New Pokemon designs were terrible, Story was too focused on, The game was too linear, town after town after town, it’s not like you figure out what to do by yourself. As I can see you weren’t a fan since Gen I. No wonder you find Gen V so good.

      1. well the first one was good.. the second improved on some things, but the world is starting to get old…. i really don’t think a third would be a good idea… especially as i don’t think many people would buy a third part if they haven’t played the first two – which wouldn’t be a problem with a new main game instead of a sequel.

        1. Ya plus the 1st was good but then i play the second and i would have been good if it wasn’t the same region I just got bored of it real quick i hope GameFreak doesn’t do a trilogy because I feel is losing the fun i’d on the 1st one since from my experience in the game there was hardly any new areas and no new pokemon besides Keldeo and Kyurem new forms

  3. Give a real 3d RPG or mmorpg I’ve always wanted since I was a child.
    Honestly though, announcements like this never turns out to be a good thing.

    1. If your comment had a face, I’d stab it.

      In its face.

      In other news: am I the only one who wants a Battle Revolution 2? The customization feature in the first one had a lot of potential that I don’t feel was fully realized. Plus, like someone else mentioned, the scenery damage from the trailer was awesome.

        1. The two do NOT go together, trust it from me, Played them both, but knowing game freak they would combine the two horribly and ruin them both

  4. Then people realized Pokemon ALWAYS evolve.
    Then they realized they said Pokemon will evolve in 2012.
    Dont get too excited.

  5. If they mean evolve by make a different style of Pokemon game like an Action RPG, then count me in. I’d love to see something different instead of the same game with new Pokemon, moves, locations, mechanics, etc.

    1. lol Pokemon platformer…that would blow everyone’s minds! HAHAHA!… seriously though. I hope it is a new 3D pokemon game!!! Or Pokemon Stadium 3!!! Or Battle Revolution 2!!!

    1. Colors are over now we use world resorces next Pokémon will be Pokémon petrol and Pokémon nuclear energie whit a secuel calles the power of solar energie.

  6. New 3D Pokemon game with brand new pokemon!?!? :O Pokemon Snap 2 for Wii U? Pokemon Stadium 3/ Pokemon Battle Revolution cross over? Pokemon Conquest sequel for Wii U? Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby remakes?(ON WII U!??) I HOPE IT IS ONE OF THESE! Or somthing similar :P

  7. Personally I’m hoping for a Tokyo Jungle-esque revamp where you play and level up as a single wild pokemon and unlock new pokemon as you progress through the game.

  8. I have an idea for them what about ,Pre-evolution, what i mean by that is you can have your evolved pokemon can go through a process where they can go back a evolution but with a different features

  9. So if Retro is making a Wii U game and Gamefreak are teasing something about pokemon the game “Evolving”… My GOD!… This might be a clue towards what Retro is making for the Wii U… I think it could be a Pokemon game that acts completely differently from Pokemon Stadium and the Pokemon series in general, maybe it will act like the Pokemon Anime were you take control of the pokemon and you can move around your opponent just like a Fighting game and you can do awesome combo moves with mixing the pokemon’s attack to make one big one


    It could be a RTS game where you control an army of Pokemon and Pokemon Trainers, who knows

  10. Pokémon Will be released on 3DS & WiiU
    On both Pokémon Will be a 3D game with crossplay(3DS&WiiU connecting) and the ability to play online(MMORPG like)
    All the Pokémon released till Pokémon diamond Will be in the game( rare pokemons of newer games will also appear)
    That is a big improvement of pokemon

  11. Personally, I’m hoping for either a Pokemon MMORPG (which would be amazing and cost me all my spare time) or a new standard pokemon game with starters other than grass/water/fire. How about a Psychic / Dark / Fighting starting trio?

  12. A Wii U version would be cool… not just a side game but an actual game. Use the GamePad as what bottom screen is for DS and Wii U for what top screen is for DS.

  13. I hope so pokemon has gotten so dull in terms of gameplay. I played all of them except for black/white 2 but never got as far as beating any except the originals up to ruby. Same graphics, same story, same procedure over and over. They need something fresh at least make a 3d one if they plan on recycling everything over and over I miss playing it but can’t seem to get into it any more

    1. i hope to god they aren’t making BW3.
      i’m not saying that B/W aren’t fun though, cause i like it (havent played the 2nd one though)

      but a 3RD ONE? that’s just too much. same with the supposed “super mario galaxy 3”

      1. Ya making a 3rd one will just make it no fun at all and will make them lose a lot of money because just by adding Genesect Meloetta and the original dragon its not going to make a diffrence its probably going to be the same gym leaders with the same elite four with same starters and same pokemon I personally wouldn’t buy it unless they add some new pokemon or make it 3d or do something I wouldn’t expect. GameFreak is a company so all they probably care about is money if they do a 3rd part they will end up losing because of there cockiness for thinking fans of pokemon will buy it just cause its pokemon. In my opinion we need another black ad white game for atleast another 10 years

  14. Given the construction of the mons in 3D figures, I would assume that they’re referring to either Gen 6 or a Wii U-specific “main” Pokémon game that features 3D models as opposed to sprites. As far as I’m concerned, it’s about damn time. Especially given the creation of the 3D Pokédex. Now that that is a thing that exists, they really have no excuse to make the next Gen with 3D character models.

      1. OK.Evolve.
        To adapt to a new environment or learn new instinctive abilities through the release of unused information within your Genetic code (which can be passed on), or via Mutation, (generally a trait not passed on.)

        That’s MY definition.

  15. I hope they allow the franchise to actually evolve not just release another clone of past games. You can do so much with the world without having to adhere strictly to the same formula established in Red/Blue.

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  18. 1. Kill the whole ‘your character can’t run, swim, or get a bike until-‘ stuff.
    2. Cel shade the game (If we’re talkin’ Wii U).
    3. Cameos from the show wouldn’t hurt.
    4. Give Pikachu an alternate evolution that you’re not ashamed of (guess this tip’s more for the anime…).
    5. … Something with fusing pkmn (Solrock + Lunatone for example).
    6. Customizable character, like with Battle Revolution. Age progression?
    7. Gym battles and Elite 4 + Champion battles fought in front of large audiences. You eventually get your own fan club. You can battle and trade pkmn with them and get items and clothing from them. Oh, and praise…
    8. When a wild pkmn appears, you can check its nature and tell if its holding an item via whatever C-gear-like tool you get.
    9. Light Type please?
    10. Dual-type moves (Always thought moves like Solarbeam, Scald and Flash Cannon should be dual-type).
    11. Like with the Abilities, give Type Advantages. Psychic pkmn should never get confused.
    12. Only charge us like $8 for it. Thanks!

    1. 1: Uhm, meaningless complaint.
      2: And they aren’t, since the entire premise is “Pocket Monsters”.
      3: Except that’s already happened.
      4: Pointless.
      5: Already happened.
      6: Okay, but age progression is, again, pointless.
      7: POINTLESS.
      8: Doesn’t matter if you can’t control what nature it is anyway.
      9: Pointless.
      10: Still pointless and potentially game breaking.
      11: Lol, no.
      12: Now you’re just being sad.

  19. Action RPG pokemon game and a big open sandbox world? well, i think it will be the most complex action RPG game ever released (you know, more than 600 pokemons and more than 500 different attacks and animations, 17 different types, how much items? etc), you go it?

    That would be freaking awesome on Wii U

  20. As much as I’d want pokemon to be on wiiu, gamefreak has said that home consoles have never been their priority. One of the purposes of pokemon, was so that it was portable, hence “pocket monsters” All I know is that if we get a new wiiu pokemon game, it better not be a pokepark 3, I hate pokepark, it felt like a sesame street meets pokemon game -.- I’m hoping for an XD sequel. I think we should have snap 2 for 3ds. One thing that would be awesome is to have conquest 2 for wiiu, and make it an epic rpg like xenoblade.

  21. To those who keep saying “B/W 3 wouldn’t be fun” Or “Games haven’t been fun since…” I have one word for you: Nuzlocke.

  22. Every one has there right to a there own opinion and playing Nuzlocke in my opinion it ruins the fun of pokemon completely so are you saying that all people that disagree suck or can you explain to me what you mean by Nuzlocke oh and im one those people that think b/w 3 shouldn’t happen because the game starts getting boring but i do think they should make it at least 10 years from now that way ill will be fun again

    1. I was of the same opinion about Nuzlocke at first. But my friends all played the challenge and I kept hearing about it. The final straw was when I actually read the Nuzlocke comics. You really can’t understand just how emotionally attached you can become to your little digital friends until you play the game in a manner in which your time together is finite. It’s not for everyone I suppose, but at the end of the day I think you come out of Nuzlocke better for the experience since it not only causes you to care more about how reckless you are in battles, but also exposes you to catching pokemon you would skim over nine times out of ten. What I ultimately meant is that if you love the games but they seem to be getting stale find a new way to play them.

  23. I would pay $10 or maybe even $15 a month to play a good Pokemon MMORPG, and I would be in line on release day for a $60 Pokemon Snap U

    1. Pokemon is not a game that should be played as a MMORPG. Pokemon is about battling, trading and collecting, no epic stories or endless stories. And by the way 5th gen sucked and was too linear no exploration was fun, legendaries were horrible. R/S remakes must happen to bring back the good ol’ pokemon and no stupid non sense from fans like you.

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