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Retro Studios Wish You Happy Holidays


It’s that time of year when publishers and developers thank the fans for another great year and a Happy Holiday. Esteemed development studio Retro Studios is no exception as they’ve published a festive eCard to wish every one of you a Happy Holiday season. You can check out the animated eCard right here.

37 thoughts on “Retro Studios Wish You Happy Holidays”

    1. I am sure that they will not develope Metroid Prime 4 in the Future. I rather believe, that Tecmo will develope Metroid Other M 2. They won´t develope Metroid Prime 4, because Nintendo has realised the potential of this guys. That´s why they trusted them to develope Donkey kong Country Returns and even let them help developng Mario Kart 7.
      They will not develope a new F-Zero, that did Mijyamoto already deny. They will also not develope a new 1080 or Waverace, because that are two franchinses which had naver been succesful.

      Eternal Darkness 2 ist also quite unrealistic, because Nintendo probably don´t have the rights at these franchise, Silicion Nights has… so there is one possibility left.

      A new Star Fox(Lylatwars) or even Star Fox Adventures 2 which wouold be just awesome!

  1. What a bunch of fucking trolls ._.
    They get Reggie to tell everyone they’re making a game, sat nothing about it, ever, then just pop their head out and say “Merry Christmas, U mad?”…

      1. It will definatly be at E3. Most likely 2013 as that will mean they been making the game for 2.5 years at that point. But it would be a nice christmas pressie.

  2. Why the fuck can’t just say “Merry Christmas”?, it’s pathetic really because happy holidays could refer to anything.

  3. Close study of ecard must find game hint must find hidden message must locate what game they make clue must break code

    1. you are a complete loonatic for even thinking that let alone typing it,metroid primes were and still are benchmarks for games sir need to shhhhh

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