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Happy Christmas


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the readers of My Nintendo News a Happy Christmas. It’s been yet another great year for the site and I want to thank you all for visiting, commenting, and blatant trolling (you know who you are!)  So without further ado, what did you all get for Christmas? Try and keep it clean :-)

– Sickr and Alba

172 thoughts on “Happy Christmas”

    1. aged 40 nintendo gamer

      i remember that feeling i was 11 my mum got me a zx spectrum 48k a tape recorder to load games and a load of games with it and a kempston joystick and adapter

      i thought i was the bestest boy in the whole world ,i did in fact want a .22 air rifle but alas i was told YOULLL SHOOOT YOUR EYE OUT KID

    2. Scribblenauts Unlimited and Uncharted for me!!! I know, it’s a strange mix, but I can’t wait to play those games!

    3. I got my Deluxe Wii U, NSMBU, ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed 3, Super Mario 3D Land, and an Ice Car (BlazBlue) shirt!

    1. My Nintendo related gifts received were a Skyward Sword phone case, Wii U pro controller and a clear protective case for the Wii U gamepad.

      Also got clothes, some ps3 games and some dvds.

      1. Hahah, I got exactly the same, except no DVDs for me! Still, I got Uncharted and Gran Turismo 5 for my PS3, which definitely made up for it!

  1. Thanks for updating and giving us gaming/nintendo news the whole year! I always check the RSS feeds and learn more every day!.

    I got (gaming related):
    Kingdom Hearts 3D
    Pandora’s Tower

    And a coupon for a gamestore so more games to come soon. Also still need to get a few more presents today so i might have more games.

  2. In all honesty, Christmas pretty much SUCKED this year! It’s not very “Happy” when you hate your siblings and don’t want any part in being around them. Therefore I’ll be closed up in my room all day (like I am every single day) and won’t see a single living soul.

    My mom bought me the special South Park Monopoly game, plus 2 copies of the final issue of Nintendo Power. Plus a few other things not worth mentioning here. Not sure what my sister got for me yet. My girlfriend got me a Baby Princess Peach 3DS Stylus, and a Plush Purple Pikmin (plus a DS game). Not much else worth mentioning on a gaming site.

  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE SITE AND ALL OF YOU VISITORS. For Christmas, I got nothing. But since I’m working, I was treatting myself to buy things I’d like.

    So before Christmas, I bought the Wii U. I also bought Ninja Gaiden, ZombiU, and Sonic Racing. I wish Resident Evil would come to Wii U. That would have been a really good gift from Capcom! MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN YOU GUYS…

  4. Hey guys! I got my Wii U!

    I tried updating the system, and the bar barely makes progress then it keeps saying that its unable to connect to a server in a error. Any help?

    1. Check that you router is allowing the Wii U connection to go throgut you may need to put in the password or ass the wii u’s mac address
      spelling mistakes are becouse it’s 2 in the moring.
      ass was meant to be add but i kept it becouse i was amused

    2. When they ask you for the internet code,go and get the code from your wireless router.But when you type down the letters,put them capitalized.

      Merry Christmas!

  5. Jake, the network is ultra ropey before you’ve installed the update. At least it was for me. Keep trying and be patient. Oh, and don’t unplug it. Good luck!

  6. Happy Christmas everyone! :) Got nothing Nintendo related but I plan on buying a White Wii U and Zombi U tomorrow :D I better get one! lol I got Super Mario Candy Cane lol, new Robbie Williams CD, Big Bang Theory tshirt and calendar, minstrels :L and and I got an early bday present, mr bean ultimate collection :D and of course, loads of money! :D lol

  7. I cant see my presents til AT LEAST10 o’clock because they’re such sleepy heads, but I’ll post what i got soon. ( That mysterious Wii U-shaped box better be a deluxe Wii U or someone’s gonna get it!)

  8. this is my favorite site. <3
    I do not know what my life would be without him.
    I know sometimes I tend to be a bit difficult, but at the bottom of my heart, I love Nintendo.
    I can not imagine my life without this great company.
    and of course, I can not imagine my life without you guys.
    I hope that next year is the best for Nintendo, that would make me very happy.
    Merry Christmas to all!

    1. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Either this is an imposter, or Aeolus is begging for forgiveness. I didn’t know I would ever say this, but Merry Christmas Aeolus!

      1. This is probably like what happened during the Christmas Truce of 1914 where for the single moment, opposing factions got together for Christmas.

        So if that is the actual Aeolus, then everyone, enjoy his “truce” while it last; come tomorrow, it’s back to the same old song and dance…

  9. Seeing all these stuff you have got, I starting to fill with envy :[
    I live in Ukraine, and we are celebrating a New Year instead of Christmas, so I will get my presents in January, 1st. But, unfortunately, I will never get so cool end expensive stuff as you’ve got. It’s all because our poor level of life and very limited salaries. Damn government thieves.
    But, of coarse, I feel happy that there are people, who still get happiness from their presents.

    1. When you’re older, you will learn that you get a much greater joy giving something to the ones you love :) not everyone needs expensive electronics, you know. The real gift is being with the ones you love for another safe and healthy year. Merry Christmas!

      1. Fvck that nonsense! Give me everything!

        Lol. No but seriously.. The older I get, its about giving AND getting. Lets be real.

    2. Значит ты говориш по Русский?! Есссс! Я наконецто нашол Русского человеко любит Нинтендо!

    3. Rememer, christmas isn’t even really about the gifts to begin with. I’m sorry that you live somewhere poor. And (I’m going to have a hard time saying this) video games are just stupid time wasters anyways.(god that was hard to say). Just be happy with what you have, and strive for what you want, if you want a cool electronic, then work hard like a boss for it and earn that money! I believe in YOU!!!!

  10. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas


        1. No.You entered late but it’s acceptable.And nope it’s not space ghost,though I’m impressed anyone reconized my icon.Hint:username

  11. It’s so nice seeing people having a great Christmas today. :)
    Happy holidays everyone. I’m so glad I chose this site to be my main source for gaming news.

  12. I was supposed to get the Wii U(now I am getting it in march),but now I got a ton of things for my 3ds.I got a screen protectorfor my 3ds,three 3ds games(kid icarus ,new super mario bros 2(my brother wanted it),and super street fighter iv 3ds(not entirely sure on super street fighter since I haven’t opened the presents yet).I got a nyko battery pack to increase my 3ds battery,head phones,and a 3ds cartridge case.This is very rare for me to get so many gifts,my parents usually get me 1-3 gifts.

      1. (Gets present)…Oh my God!The Wii U!Everyone add me:Shadowman11 on miiverse.Too bad though that I only got the deluxe with no games(my mom bought it without me so she didn’t know what I’d like :/).But guys,add me and give me your Nintendo I.D(if the I.d doesn’t work ,that’s only because I am updating right now.

    1. I have the nyko pack…sooo helpful battery rarely runs out unless I’m doing a major gaming session/using the wifi to log in to allisbrawl while I’m brawlin :)

  13. I got a sexy new 6-core CPU, 8GB of RAM and a new motherboard. No Wii U, though. I’m probably going to wait until Pikmin 3 until I get one.

    1. I dont know why but i just fond that imagine funny xD sitting down with the family, opening a gift a saying “Aww sweeet, 8. Core CPU!!” Like the Nintendo 64 kid

    2. This is what I’ve been trying to get. The possibility of clean or repair installing my OS is the one thing that’s held me back from doing this though. Damn.

  14. I have found MyNintendNews to be a great source of info all in one place. This is my first stop when my eyes open and 75 times throught the day. I love Nintendo soooo much and I am for the first time playing Assassin’s Creed 3!! I’m so happy to have HD gaming now. Thank you for a great year of Bilbo Bloggins!!

  15. I got some nintendo Macbook Pro stickers, which is incredible! I also got Ghost Trick, Phantom Detective and Beyond Good and Evil for the Gamecube! Merry Christmas everybody!

  16. New Super Mario Bros. U and Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed from my parents. We go to my grandparents tomorrow, so I should get a game or two there.

  17. I got absolutely nothing video game related! -.-
    But I’m gonna buy Persona 4 for my vita, with the little bit of Christmas money I got.

  18. I got a load of novelty , humerous , bits and bobs of family. And I bought my family loads of gifts. But I bought my self a wiiu on launch day and have so far bought 8 retil games and 2 indie games. Merry christmas to you all!

  19. merry xmas ninthings, derps, trolls and trollettes !!!
    got a EOS 60D and some great games: Mario Galaxy 2, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Power Paintbrush, Disaster Day of Crisis and Pandora’s Tower ^___^

  20. I got Wii U and 10 games, but the Wii U is faulty. Can’t connect the gamepad. I’m soooooooo annoyed. Been and spent 100 quid on the 3DS Eshop instead, gonna refund it all, I’m so fed up I can’t be bothered with the Wii U anymore, a good portion of my christmas has just been ruined. Thanks Nintendo.

    1. Have you tried pressing the SYNC button on the gamepad at the same time as pressing it on the console ? There is a little red sync button on the back of the gamepad. You need to put a pin or the end of a pen to stab the button. At the same time , press the sync button on the front of your wiiu.

      Thank me later….

      1. No its not that, i’ve done everything like except pressing the sync buttons at the same time and just tried it 3 times and still no luck. I often get “error 165-3000” when it doesn;t tell me the pad couldbnt connect to a Wiiu U

  21. Bitches be jealous, i got a jacket, a belt, a wallet and some jellybeans (contain your orgasms)

    The joys of being 21.

  22. Hey everybody i got a deluxe Wii U yesterday with Black Ops 2 and batman,so if you have a Wii U reply to to this and add me my name is OmegaX5

  23. i thought i was going to get a wii u, but no. But I got a boomerang. They told me i was going to get it next month, well i think i will have to wait. But when that day arrives i will get it with black ops 2 ;). I will tell my name for you to add me.dont forget my name

  24. Dashing through the snow, I buy a new house. No eggnog, stockings, trees, or presents today (presents were all done throughout the year anyway), but that’s okay.

  25. Mynintendonews is my first stop for news, all day everyday. Thank you Alba and Sickr and the crew (if any). You guys are awesome.

    I buy myself games all year round. So for Christmas I got myself a WiiU deluxe, Far Cry 3 and Halo 4. I love Video GAMESSSSS.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. And one last thing….game on everyone….

  26. 1) Happy birthday Jesus
    2) Merry Christmas to my family, all commenters here, and last but not least Alba and sickr.
    3) Merry Christmas To Mr. Iwata, mr. Shigeru Miyamoto, mr. Reggie Fils’ Ame and mr. Shibata.

  27. Got joy and family. Bought my Wii U in September pre-order. Christmas is everyday, now nintendo is giving us pure gaming with the 3DS and the Wii U. 2013 is gaming unlimited, I know for a fact we shall get hit after hit of awesome games, monster hunter 3 Ultimate is my Christmas 20th present :).

  28. Merry Christmas everyone. I’m going to hold off and buy the things I want later. I’ll be getting my Wii U as soon as possible. Have a fun and safe holiday season everyone. Leave luck to heaven.

  29. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    Merry christmas. My nintendo news . Thanks for the all the nintendo news . From from the start of the year to e3 to all the directs. And to all the news that have nothing to do with nintendo that you post during slow news days. And to you guys to all the trolls and the fanboys funny comments . To the loudest one this year (nintward. dragon234, gamer, aeolus, ness, Eric, ice dead people, revolution, Unation, doonzalog) would not be without you guys. Merry christmas every body

  30. i got 250 dollers plus 50 dollers from relatives and with the money i got nsmb2 TekkenTT2 black ops 2 tatsunoko vs capcom and the dark knight dvd trilogy set a 15 dollar cici’s pizza gift card a 15 dollar taco bell gift card and a 25 dollar star bucks gift card and i am getting mass effect 3 for wiiu in a day or two and i might see the hobbit for a 3rd time and i think i am going too get some money from my grandparents

  31. I got 2 new GCN Controllers “Indigo” factory sealed for my indigo gamecube, brand new factory sealed GCN Memory Card, Paper Mario Sticker Star, New Super Mario Bros 2, Pre-Order of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, which i wont get till sometime in march, a Call of Duty Black Ops ll Hoodie, Bears T-Shirt, Camofloge hat/ orange for people to see me in the dark, a BB Gun, with a months supply of BBs, a NES Controller T-Shirt, C.O.D BLK Ops 2 for Wii U and a copy of new Super Mario Bros 2 best christmas ever. :)

  32. I only got a bunch of jackets because I love wearing them. But thankfully my birthday is only 3 days away! More for me!

  33. Merry Christmas, thanks for all the info and laughs over the past year sickr, alba and all the commenters (always good laughs in the comments). I got my Wiiu with 2 copies of Nintendo land because the shop doesn’t realise there’s one packed in the box (luckily they’ll swap it so I’ll get scribblenauts) and lots of other stuff not really worth mentioning. But after nearly 2 long years finally got my Wiiu and it’s even better then I dreamed it would be controllers HEAPS longer then I expected it to be, I heard it was surprisingly light but wow is it light. Update I thought would take hours with my internet (new Zealand internet is always slow) but updated a lot faster only taking around an hour and a half (including install) and I was playing Nintendo land which is amazing, I was kind of expecting a Wii sports like experience cool but boring fairly quickly but it’s really fun and I’ve only played a few of them so far. It’s great the 5 player because now my brothers and sister can play without someone missing out.
    The Wiiu feels really familiar like I know how to use it all ready which is great for ease of use but also takes away the learning a new console experience, but that doesn’t matter much.
    So far really pleased with the wiiu, bummed that trine2 isn’t in the eshop yet :(
    I hope everyone and a lovely Christmas and make the most of those boxing day sales like a ps3 for 225nzd which is probably $125 USD and a 60″ tv for 999 so 450 which is dirt cheap here.
    You may never hear from me but I’m always here, always watching the battles and the trolls (facepalm) but man do I get some great laughs here.
    Well all the best, stay safe and see you next year.

  34. Merry Christmas to Nintendo fanboys and Trolls alike! You guys are all awesome! You have made my year quite…eh…interesting. This is the only nintendo site I have been to where the fans are so devoted to nintendo that they would probably take a bullet for the company. This is also the only nintendo site I have been to that have awesome trolls with memorable names. I love youur quarrels and await many more over the coming years. Thank you guys for making me laugh everyday with your ridiculous arguments! And also, don’t argue about halo with me. I’m probably the biggest halo lover/fanboy you will ever see.

  35. WORST CHRISTMAS EVER! I’m never celebrating Christmas again. Only thing I might do is just send a card to everyone from now on. And that’s where it ends.

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