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UK Charts: Only Wii U Game Is Nintendo Land At Number 40


The Wii U is continuing to struggle in the United Kingdom despite it being the holiday season. The only Wii U game in the entire top forty is Nintendo Land which is slowly edging out of the charts at number forty. However, Just Dance 4 for Wii is doing incredibly well sitting pretty at number two. You can view the entire top forty all-formats charts right here.

45 thoughts on “UK Charts: Only Wii U Game Is Nintendo Land At Number 40”

  1. The Wii U doesn’t do to well in the UK it seems, heard nothing but bad news about low system sales, etc. (From UK)

    Hoping things will pick up for the consoles sake.

    Is there any way to check the software sales for Australia? Really curious how well they are going here.

    1. Give it a chance…. It’s only been out for 3 weeks lol… It’s seriously just a case of installed base. And THE MAIN reason is that the UK has been severely understocked with Wiiu’s. Europe has been in general. People don’t dislike Nintendo In the UK , quite the opposite , the Wii , DS and even 3DS are just as big here anywhere else in comparison to how other consoles are doing.

      There is about 7M Ps3’s , and a similar amount of xb0x 360 and a similar amount of wii’s.
      There is only about 90K Wiiu’s in the Country.
      So how does an installed base of 90K compete with 3 different installed base’s of 7M each ?
      It can’t.

      I’m guessing a lot of wiiu consoles are under christmas tree’s.

      In short Nobody should worry about the wiiu until this time next year , when it has an installed base , And you will see NSMBU still lodged in the top 40.

      Just be happy it has a headstart over Ps4 and 720…

      1. The only bad thing that could happen to uk wii u owners is that they dont get games in the future but since they are part of the european market they are safe.

        1. Of course we wlill get games. But Like Scribblenauts and NG3 RE , maybe not always on the same date. But the same thing happens to America , there’s been plenty of times recently when games come to Europe and don’t arrive in America….

          You guys played Pandora’s Tower for wii ? :P

    2. i wouldn’t be worried about australia at all actually
      australia is such a small market that it’s nearly insignificant how well the console is doing there

      aren’t you getting the US localized software versions anyway?

  2. It’s because there are so many great games out already. We’re spoiled for choice. I had to choose between Nintendo Land, Black Ops 2, NSMBU, FIFA, as well as Batman, Darksiders, etc. It doesn’t help that the console is so expensive as well.

    1. Every retailer has their prices set just right in the UK . EXCEPT GAME!!!

      They have their games set at the Eshop price of £54:99. Everwhere else is £39:99 / £44:99 Max.

      GAME deserve to be shot in the face. So do Nintendo of Europe for pricing the Eshop games like that. Are they trying to fail deliberately ?

        1. Even if they delivered by Concord , I’m not paying £55…. £55 is basically just shooting yourself in the foot. Nintendo is supposed to be the family friendly image , not the most rediculously over priced..

      1. It you little pussy motherfucker, cunt whore, UK only got 50,000 units, and they all sold out so shut your dirty mouth ho.

      2. Yeah man it depends were you are… I have a buddy who hasn’t been able to find a wii u within 100 miles of his house. He ended up buying it off line.. so maybe you can find them in your location, everyones going to have a different story based on were the live.. Im glad i’ve pre-ordered mine because around were I live I’ve only seen a few after the first launch day. And it people were in a target arguing over who had it first..

  3. To be fair, i know our country is full of fucking clueless morons when it’s comes to gaming, but since September we’ve had Dishonored, Far Cry, Halo, Hitman, AC3, NFS:MW, amongst msny many other, while the only games i currently want are Ninja Gaiden, ZombiU, maybe NSMBU and some eShop games, and thats probably it till next year

    1. Ill be surprise if there is more than 50,000 wiiu i all uk and divede those console betwin 30 games im surprise that at least got 1 game on the list.

    1. This. Have yet to see a single Wii U advert. And I’m watching the stuff that people in my age group would be watching.

      Have seen dozens of Just Dance adverts however :(

  4. The UK market doesnt matters anymore… since a few years germany got the bigger european videogame market. So i wouldnt get to much about tbe uk charts anyhow :)

  5. UK never backs Nintendo so who cares where they stand? Nintendo is a huge success everywhere else so no point in worrying over ONE, SMALL country… ;)

  6. Not surprised. Reason? Even though I like Zombi U, it’s not that killer game. Once that killer game comes out, Wii U software will be back in the top 10. Too bad Raymond legends didn’t release at launch. Based upon the demo, that could’ve been the killer game.

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