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Monster Hunter 4 Gameplay Videos

Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of Capcom’s breakthrough PlayStation Portable hit Monster Hunter, and Japanese comedian, Satoshi Inoue, have got together to provide you with some footage of the long-awaited Monster Hunter 4 which is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. Monster Hunter 4 was originally meant to come out in Japan in March, but it has since been delayed until the Summer. You can view all the videos here.

30 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4 Gameplay Videos”

      1. Bullshit. It was confirmed people who play MH 3U on the 3DS can play online co-op with the people who are playing it on the Wii U.

  1. If this docent force me to buy a wii u smash bros will… curse you nintendo! haha :) looks good. Still has that piss colored field though… lol :)

  2. hey, doesn’t look as good as ultimate, but its advancements and upgrades for outway that.

    plus it doesn’t look bad at all.

      1. that old chestnut is nonsense the competition is the software we can have competing games on a single format NO ONE SAYS THAT WEN ITS SONY LEADING

        1. They were going hella cheap for little time. $180 for a bundle that came with something like two or three games, a memory card, PlayStation Plus sub, etc.

          I’m sure it will get a slight price drop next year sometime (likely in the later half of the year), so maybe you’ll be more inclined to check it out then.

          1. there is also a reason why i stick with Nintendo it’s because their consoles have a small percentage of fail rate,and if it breaks they’ll fix it for free, and knowing my luck it would snap as soon as i touch it. haha.

            1. and if it breaks they’ll fix it for free, and knowing my luck it would snap as soon as i touch it

              talking about both ps3 and 360

              1. I trust sony my ps3 had some issues and the costumer service was great. Same goes for nintendo. But with Microsoft i’ve had the most difficult time, I’ve had multiple problem with my xbox live account and I DREAD calling there customer service. Maybe its just me but I have the worst luck with microsoft.. Im on my 4th xbox 360 and its having issues as it is…

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