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Tank! Tank! Tank! On Wii U Going Free-To-Play In Japan

tank_tank_tank_box_artPerhaps because it didn’t sell as well as publisher Namco Bandai had hoped, Wii U launch title Tank! Tank! Tank! is now available to download as an upgradable demo from the Japanese Nintendo eShop.

Japanese players can download a basic pack of the action game for free, which supports multiplayer and allows them to select the city map for Free for All, Team Battle and Giant Monster modes.

Players who download the free version of Tank! Tank! Tank! can only play it three times daily; however, this restriction is removed if players purchase any downloadable content for the game.

To unlock more parts to the upgradable demo, players must, of course, purchase the offered downloadable content on the game.

41 thoughts on “Tank! Tank! Tank! On Wii U Going Free-To-Play In Japan”

        1. How do you know that’s what he’s talking about? He just said he hopes it makes its way to the states.

          I guess you have some magical powers of interpretation and extrasensory perception.

                    1. Except I said I didn’t know. So read a little closer.

                      Everyone else is so sure about what this guy said, I’m saying I didn’t know and they couldn’t know for sure either because he said “it.”

                      “It” can mean anything.

                      -Reading Comprehension

          1. topic of the story was ” tank x3 is going free to play” then I said “I hope this comes to the states” even though that is breaking traditional english writing rules, if one were talking you could easily figure out what I meant

  1. Just throw Godzilla monsters in there, and see sales skyrocket. The one of the cover already looks a little like King Ghidorah

    1. This ^

      also, if this offer comes to the US, I will be taking advantage of it.
      But I’m not paying $50-60 for the game.

  2. I feel like the lack of online play really hurt this game. Its what drove me away from not getting it. I’ll most likely pick it up used at some point but still. Online play seemed like a must for it!!!

    1. yea that is exactly what killed it. there was a demo video where 3 people where playing and you could see everyones faces. which meant all 4 of them were using gamepad’s which meant online

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  5. Cool concept, the game just wasnt executed well. Needed online play(which it doesnt have) and it was too expensive at launch. This game could have been a hit. Oh well… They’ll get it next time, or not.

  6. Namco Bandai can release tank, tank, tank for the Wii U, but can’t release Dark Souls 2? I have nothing against tank, tank, tank, but if publisher’s think their going to flood a Nintendo console with shovelware again, they better think twice. It was understandable with the Wii, but not the Wii U.

  7. I like the game. I find the money I invested in it well spent :) But I do not recommend it to people who wants a game they can play for hours. They really nailed the arcade feel, you know. The 10-30 min playing at the time is enough.

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