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Super Mario Bros 3 Heads To Japanese 3DS Virtual Console In New Year


Nintendo has confirmed that the iconic Super Mario Bros 3 will be arriving on the Japanese Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in Japan during the New Year. Nintendo will release the game In Japan on January 1st for 500 yen. Super Mario Bros 3 was the last Super Mario title for the NES.

16 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros 3 Heads To Japanese 3DS Virtual Console In New Year”

  1. I am starting to hate from nintendo because of this kind of stuffs. Everything happens in Japan and stays there even if it would have come it would be like a year later.

    1. Compare population to system sales and you’ll understand why. More and more people in Japan have the console, and even though the 3DS has done well in Japan, it isn’t nearly as successful outside of Japan. So they are allowing them to get the best stuff first since it keeps them happy over there.

      To be honest I’m more mad at Nintendo that I’ll have to repurchase this title. I already have it on Wii VC so why can’t I just download it for free on the 3DS off my account?

      I don’t think they realize they are sitting on a gold mine if they allow the VC to be cross compatible on all Nintendo devices. I’d be more than happy to buy $5 NES games then if I could just buy it once, and play it on the 3DS and Wii U, and whatever future handheld comes next.

  2. I have lost countless hours exploring this game, almost as many as I spent on SMB2.

    But if Nintendo thinks I’m paying for another VC rehash game, their right.

  3. It has to come to NA! and soon please… this game is the embodiment of everything i love about nintendo and why i fell in love with videogames in the first place.

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