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Fluidity: Spin Cycle Coming To Nintendo 3DS eShop Tomorrow


Nintendo has announced that Fluidity: Spin Cycle will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS tomorrow. To celebrate the upcoming launch Nintendo of America has released a new trailer for the game which can be seen here. Interestingly 3D has been disabled on the game due to the fact that you spend the majority of your time tilting your Nintendo 3DS from side to side to control the water.

9 thoughts on “Fluidity: Spin Cycle Coming To Nintendo 3DS eShop Tomorrow”

  1. While i get why they dont have a 3D effect on the game, the only main reason i can see why they’d remove it is to stop reviewers saying “ughh, the 3D is pointless, -2 points”.

    1. i think it is because it would be very hard or even impossible to keep the sweet spot whilst continually moving the 3DS from side to side.

      1. I know thats why, but you can just turn it off using the slider. But you know someone, and most likely a reviewer will trash talk the fact the 3D doesnt work

        1. As long as its a fun game, I doubt a reviewer will take the 3D capability into account when reviewing the game. If they do everyone will know/understand that it matters not. 3D is a very minor component that adds relatively nothing to the gaming experience. It really is just a gimmick.

          1. I respectfully disagree.
            3D is no more a gimmick than High-Definition. Extra visual effects to make gameplay more fun.

            Re-releasing a game in HD: Gimmick? Maybe sometimes, just as with 3D. In the case of THIS game, it may have been more of a gimmick, other games, such as Revelations, Kid Icarus, Vektor Escape, etc… I absolutely love the 3D and it makes the games much more enjoyable for me.

            You may not prefer 3D, and some may not appreciate a company re-releasing old games in HD. These are all options to provide additional entertainment for those who want it.

  2. I hear some people saying that if 3d was enabled, some reviewers would take off for it. Well, I guarantee that some reviewer will take off points for it that having it. It’s a no win situation.

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