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Wii U Basic Set With Nintendo Land Only $299.99 At Best Buy


US retail emporium Best Buy has begun discounting the Wii U 8GB Basic Set presumably because the Deluxe is getting more love from consumers. You can now pick up a 8GB Basic Wii U system with Nintendo Land for $299.99 on the Best Buy website. I’m not sure whether the offer is replicated in stores, so you will need to check.

26 thoughts on “Wii U Basic Set With Nintendo Land Only $299.99 At Best Buy”

      1. I think it is because it comes with Nintendoland now. The original was just the Wii U and controller and NO game for $299.99 right???

    1. Nintendo Land comes free with the Basic Set according to Best Buy, so you’re basically saving 59.99.

      Deluxe is still preferred for most people due to its colour, storage, accessories and DDP, though.

  1. Now THIS is the way it should have always been. Makes people look even dumber for preferring the Deluxe set. just because of the extra memory etc. Who cares about the memory when you can just use an external hard drive, or a piece of plastic that holds the console (or game pad) up?

    But unfortunately, by the time I finally buy a Wii U (when Pikmin 3 comes out), this offer probably won’t exist anymore.

      1. I don’t care about downloaded games. I’m one of those “physical copy or nothing” gamers. So that premium promotion doesn’t interest me in the least bit.

  2. Oh for the love of god!

    What if it has less storage?! buy a frickin hard drive storage or ask that for christmas (even though it passed already) and the accessories are not really that necessary! What if is white? White is a good color!

    For god’s sake, guys, not to be mean but whoever doesn’t have a Wii U, get this offer at best buy because is freaking worth it!

    1. I WOULD get it if I had the money. But Christmas took all of the money I had saved for the Wii U. I’m very annoyed.

  3. That 10% offer is kinda dumb. You can wait for physical games to buy them when on sale. I just got 6 Wii U games for the price of 4. Buy 2 get 1 free ^_^

      1. true that… but you kinda have to ask yourself if that’s really worth it .. and how many games are eventually gonna end up exclusively on that store within 1 year that you want to buy
        and these titles are usually in between 10-20$ anyway… so 10% off isn’t gonna do much
        at that rate you’d have to buy 34 games within the first year on the eshop to offset the 50$ you paid extra

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