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Star Fox Adventures’ Lead Software Engineer Says He Understands Why Game Was Negatively Received

star_fox_adventures_charactersNintendo GameCube-exclusive Star Fox Adventures’ lead software engineer, Phil Tossell, says he understands why there was plenty of negative reactions surrounding developer Rare’s action-adventure game among fans of the Star Fox franchise.

Tossell says he knew the game had flaws, and he thinks that it borrowed too many elements from The Legend of Zelda, which supposedly made it less unique. Regardless of the amount of criticism the game received, Tossell says he’s extremely proud of what his team achieved with the final product.

While I don’t think Star Fox Adventures was the best title in the series, I enjoyed it quite a bit… What did you think of the game?

“I totally understand the reaction, because many of us on the team felt the same way. Personally, I knew the game had its flaws, but also it borrowed a little too heavily from Zelda, I think. It also felt a little too much like the Star Fox elements were tacked on – which of course they were! But saying all of that, I’m incredibly proud of what we achieved, especially given the amount of time and resources we had. I think some of the criticisms were unjustified and seemed to revolve around it not being a proper Star Fox game like all the others, rather than judging it on what it was. I’ve had plenty of people come up to me in subsequent years and say that they loved the game and didn’t understand why it received so much criticism.”

94 thoughts on “Star Fox Adventures’ Lead Software Engineer Says He Understands Why Game Was Negatively Received”

    1. it’s like with most “bad” games. it’s just most gamers are just too picky and and if just a little thing has changed in a series people will get butthurt.

      1. I enjoyed this game a whole lot more than the space shooters. I wish they would have kept going in this direction. It was the only Star Fox game I bought. I can remember when this game was in development and it had nothing to do with Star Fox. It was just gonna be called Dinosaur Planet.

    2. SFA was essentially the gameplay equivalent of Ocarina of Time; it was even better than Super Mario Sunshine IMO. However, I still prefer Star Fox 64 style gameplay.

        1. but picking up new consumers…Plus, it isn’t like there was no space shooting parts to the game. They can still make Star Fox games where you do both fly in the airwing and walk on the planet’s surface.

  1. The game wasn’t bad. It just had Star Fox slapped on it sell more copies. If Star Fox was no where near it. It wouldn’t get a lot of negativity.

  2. I thought it was awesome! I’m still hoping for a sequel, maybe with more playable characters like Falco and Wolf. Unfortunately that will probably never happen. Oh well, I can dream can’t I?

    Side note: Regardless of whether or not there ever is a sequel, I think it’d be cool if Krystal was brought back, maybe she becomes a permanent member of Team Starfox? Again, I can dream can’t I?

    1. I dream of a sequel as well :(

      They could do so much more today than they did last time. The game still looks good today for Gamecube standards, think of what the 1080p graphics could look like! *sigh*

  3. I’ve never played any of the star fox games except 64 which was awesome but a really short game. Its understandable why it was received negatively since the snes and 64 version where good, people had high expectations for the gc star fox games.

    1. People were upset at the fact that it strayed away from the space shooter it was known for. I loved the game and want another one like it. But obviously people can’t appreciate any change within an established franchise. Sadly this is what keeps developers from innovating and thus leads into the call of duty direction

  4. And I was thinking all this time it was because it was a game that has nothing to do with star fox nor his type of game play cof cof Dinosaur Planet cof cof with the character of star fox slapped all over him just to try to get some sales.

    It´s a good game, but it´s not a good Star Fox game

  5. Can I use the “opinions” argument from the Wii U here too?



    OPINIONS!!!!!!!!! O-P-I-N-I-O-N-S

  6. If it’s SOOO BAAAD that gameplay styles change then why did nobody complain about Super Mario 64 or Metroid Prime ?

    I personally love that game as well as I love Assault, starwing starfox 2 and lylat wars.

    1. becouse they were made (almost) flawlessly and still felt like mario and metriod games the styles changed but the mechanics didn’t. metriod was still metriod and mario was still mario

    2. theorangefish, I agree 100% Star Fox Adventures was a pretty awesome game. People complain about the game play and the dialogue of the characters but those are two of my FAVORITE parts of the game lol. It was nice to see Fox out of the cockpit and the dialogue always kept me entertained so why is it bad? MAKE A SEQUEL!!

  7. One of my favorite games, i replayed it a while back and even now being older its still great, i feel it really could have become its own great new Rare series if it was still “Dinosaur Planet”, instead of a psuedo-Star Fox which had the the baggage of nostalgia it could never get over.

  8. This is my most favorite Star Fox game I EVER played. I liked it better playing as Fox himself than just being in the cockpit the whole time like in Star Fox 64. Star Fox Adventures was pretty awesome if you ask me. Loved everything about it! :D Wish they’d make a sequel to it I liked it so much. ;( Hopefully Krystal will be coming to Super Smash 4(like she should have 2 games ago…)

  9. The biggest reason people think it was bad was because it was different. I can’t remember much from the game, but a friend of mine had it, and I think it was a good game. Of course, I didn’t know about starfox 64 than, so I couldn’t compare it, but if you look at it aside from 64, then it’s very good! :D

  10. To be honest, I did not really like this game. Fighting got a little boring for me and the Arwing parts were short and limited. I think that part of the reason could be because it is a starfox game and that it should have arwings, land masters, guns, etc.. I never really compared it to Zelda, but I do think they did take too much from it… Especially the parts when you pick up an item. Almost single time! I hope the next starfox is more like assault.

  11. Well, I normally HATE space shooters. But Star Fox was my only exception. I loved Star Fox, Star Fox 64, and even Star Fox Assault was ok. But I got burned out on the series after I finished Assault. Back when I played Star Fox Adventures, it was during a time when I was half and half about being a Star Fox fan still. The game was ok for what it was worth, but all of the characters and the story bored me FAST. My favorite part of the whole game was when Andross appeared at the end and Fox gets into his arwing for the final battle. The rest of the game was, meh.

    My brother liked it just because the characters all spoke out loud. Go figure. But it was one of a very few games that I got rid of. I gave it to my nephews (but later re-purchased it just for my collection).

  12. You, it did seem to garner a lot of criticism for deviating so far from its source material and felt a lot less ‘Starfox’-like than anything we’d ever seen. It’d be like taking the Zelda franchise and sticking Link in a vehicle the whole time instead of on-foot missions, it just seems like a weird idea. Still, I remember thinking the visuals and play control were pretty darn awesome and I enjoyed playing it at the time. I actually enjoyed ‘proper’ StarFox sequels a lot less after that one. To me the last great SF title was StarFox 64. I really hope they can make a new installment that feels more like that one.

  13. It was a bad designed game. First level, pcking up barrels. FUN RIGHT?!
    Just watch the Jontron episode about it.

    Also, it wasnt Star Fox. Thats like if Mario turned into a FPS game, it would make no sense.

    1. nonspecificactionfigure

      To the comment of Mario in a FPS….I would like to direct you to Yoshi’s Safari…in which you a Mario using a gun (Super Scope) in the Mushroom Kingdom !!! It was on rails instead of free roam, but a shooter nontheless!

    2. It isnt really like Mario in a FPS though. Fox is a living being stuck inside his cockpit all game long. Taking him out wasn’t anything out of the ordinary really, because he has to come out eventually and what better way to show this than making a game pretty mich based on this. Putting Mario in a FPS is not really the same thing. He has nothing to come from(like an airwing for example). the pieces just connect better with Star Fox Adventures than if Mario became a first person shooter lol!

  14. This game was fun, yet most of the hate was probably because of it not being like 64 or SNES like some say, but they would need to learn this was just a type of game, not a direction I think.

    I like both types, I liked this as it’s type plus I love adventure games, and I was open to play this. :)

    If they do make another one of these, they could tell people that this is just a Adventure version, not a replacement.


  15. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    A bad gameThanks to miyamotto for making them use fox, a while back ign wrote an article about this and how that decision ruined the game since they covered the dinosour planet game from the start they were dissapointed. Miyamotto is a legend i agree but he is human and we make mistakes

    1. Thanks to Miyamoto we have what I consider a gem. Star Fox Adventures gave us hilarious dialogue, a good playing experience and Krystal, my favorite(and many other’s) Star Fox character. Much better than another space shooter, because those can get pretty boring.

  16. The game isn’t bad and Zelda is great also but those arwing missions on the n64 were so good it needed to be re released on 3ds ;)

  17. When I first got Star Fox Adventures, I thought that it was a good idea for Fox to appear in a Zelda-like sort of game, since I wasn’t a huge fan of space shooters. But everything in the game bored me. The characters, story, even the different items that Fox could collect, and the scarabs for currency. It all just felt so blah. An insult to the amazing Zelda series.

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  19. We are in a time where people complain about everything. While Star fox 64 is thd best ever, Adventures and Assault were great games too. Adventures was great because it finally let Fox explore a planet, and a beautiful one, this game has better than graphics than most wii games out there. Assault on the other hand brought Fox to its roots with added on foot concept, in a way adapting a bit the exploration part.

    1. ^Thank You!!! The only Star Fox series game I would ever agree to being pitifully bad is Star Fox: Comand. < THIS is the S.F game people should be hating on. Not Adventures, because Adventures was fantastic! and Assault was great too!

  20. As a game by itself, it was great. But when I look at it as a “Star Fox” entry, I get a certain feeling. At first I thought it was disappointment. But now that I consider the gameplay, the sudden appearance of Falco at the end, Fox’s somewhat unsurprised reaction to Andross’ last minute unveiling, and the portrayal of Fox as a “cool” adventurer rather than a usually stoic mercenary who recognizes military protocol, I don’t feel disappointment. Instead I feel like I’ve been lied to.

  21. That game was epic. I’ve replayed it so many times and I don’t get tired. Its like an epic spin-off. Love it and I still hope Rare someday returns to Nintendo to make awesome games like that one again.

  22. Star Fox Adventures could have been better if Krystal didn’t joined the Star Fox team, a one game appearance would have been enough for her. Hope Nintendo reboots Star Fox 64 and let Krystal be on her own way…away from Star Fox.

  23. this game sucked ass, but like with every bad game, you have youre “i wanna be different so ill say i enjoyed this shitfest” crowed.

    it was the Adventures was the worst thing to happen to the star fox series.

  24. Star fox adventures is my favorite game of my childhood and one of my fav games ever. They need to make a sequel or some thin’

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