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Animal Crossing New Leaf Is First 3DS Game To Sell 2 Million Copies In Japan


Japanese publication Famitsu has revealed that Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the first Nintendo 3DS game to sell 2 million copies in Japan. The latest instalment of Animal Crossing has managed to hit this milestone in just two months. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is expected to launch in North America and Europe during the second quarter of 2013.

43 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf Is First 3DS Game To Sell 2 Million Copies In Japan”

      1. I want to get it but I know if I do then is shall never go outside again and will spend the rest of my life selling fruit to Tom Nook

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  2. This is great, another nintendo original IP killing them softly lol. This Christmas is beautiful, I was planning on making fun of Ness and his cronies, then I realized am a nintendo Stewart. We do behave in loss of common sense ways, thus am enjoying everything nintendo and having a merry Christmas :).

  3. Sorry, but can someone tell me why this Franchise is so loved?
    (I’ve never played Animal Crossing But have seen a few videos about it, yet I can’t seem to grasp the charm behind these games that would make so many people love it).

    1. It’s a nice relaxing game where you get to have your own town and talk to animal villagers. You catch fish, bugs, fossils, etc. It’s a life simulation game. You have to play it to understand to TBH.

    2. Well, you can do A LOT! You can buy from a wide(and by wide I mean VERY wide) selection of furniture to decorate your home. You can catch tons of bugs and fish and dig up fossils to collect for your local museum. You can make designs for your clothing such as umbrellas, hats, shirts. There are special holiday events that keep you entertained all year round like an Easter hunt in the spring and building snowmen for presents in the winter. There is fun multiplayer local and online so you can experience it with friends :) It is the best! A fun relaxing game absolutely anyone can play and enjoy.

  4. I want this game so badly, i remember how excited i was when Wild World came out when i was in the 6th grade, now i’m graduated and i still feel super excited about a upcoming animal crossing game.

  5. 2,000,000 * $40 = $80,000,000 Dollars for Nintendo.
    How will they ever survive?!
    Animal Crossing just paid for the entire R&D for the 3DS.

  6. Hard to believe it’s already been out in Japan for so long, yet we still have to wait MONTHS for it. I don’t see why Nintendo is waiting so long to release it in the US?

      1. No, if you look at past US AC releases, they have all been within a month of the Japan release date. Nintendo is making up this excuse so they don’t release the “big seller” games all at once (Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Fire Emblem, etc.). They’ll draw out the most money this way which is unfortunate for those of us who have been waiting for this game for several years already :(

        1. im just as confuse as you are man, i don’t like the idea to talk about religion or race in a video game relative….i mean whats the point?

          1. It’s just a meaningless term that was barely meant to be directed towards Jewish people. It’s similar to how some people call things “gay”, but not meaning it literally.

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  8. I wish I would have waited until Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion came out to buy a 3DS. Because there hasn’t been a single game worth buying on the 3DS since I bought it on launch day. I bought Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D and never played it (because I already played it 2 or 3 times on other consoles. And I wanted that promotional Soundtrack CD), and Super Mario 3D Land, which I found to be too easy and boring. And now that there’s a 3DS XL, I REALLY wish I would have waited. I’m not making that same mistake with the Wii U. I’m waiting until Pikmin 3 comes out to buy THAT. Because I don’t care about ANY of the current games for it.

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