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Miyamoto Says Pikmin 3 Will Be More Like The Original Pikmin


Legendary games developer Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed in the latest edition of Games Master magazine that the long-awaited Pikmin 3 will be more like the original Pikmin game which came out on the Gamecube in 2001. Miyamoto says that he didn’t quite agree with the decision to make the second Pikmin game less stressful than the first by removing the time limits. Here’s what Miyamoto has to say about Pikmin 3.

“That’s actually something that all the staff members had to debate over when we were discussing what kind of direction we should take for Pikmin 3. First of all by looking at Pikmin 1 we noticed that it wasn’t a very easy game for people to play, and from time to time they had to feel some stress.”

“Our main aim in Pikmin 2 was to get rid of any stress as much as possible, so that it would be very user-friendly. Well, I myself couldn’t agree with that direction perfectly. That kind of nature of Pikmin 1 was exactly what I wanted to reproduce and I was actually intentionally doing so, so that Pikmin 1 could be a strategic game.”

“When we started creating Pikmin 3 I gathered the main members who worked on Pikmin 2 and talked about how I thought it was important to get back to the basics of Pikmin 1. Or I should say that half of my job at that time wasn’t just to talk, but rather to persuade them to understand what I intended to do and to agree to my idea.”

102 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Pikmin 3 Will Be More Like The Original Pikmin”

    1. Wasn’t there a mode without time limit though?
      But the whole point of the made game was to get back before the end of each day.
      I don’t think the game should have 12 days (or however long it was), till the game ends, that seems silly, but time limit made you strategise, and made each level replayable multiple times, due to multi paths.

      1. It was 30 days in Pikmin. Pikmin 2 also had a time limit, but you could use as many days as you wanted. But that made the game… A bit too easy, although it was still really fun. I remember breezing through Pikmin 2 because there wasn’t really much pressure to do anything quickly.

      2. Unlimited days made the game utterly pointless. Why bother meticulosly planning the most efficient way to perform the day’s tasks when you can just do everything one at a time without punishment. 1 had so much more depth and strategy to it because you had to manage your time. The WAS the time limit, without that your just meandering about for no reason.

        1. I didn’t mean unlimited, but having a decent amount of days to do it would be better.
          I feel like time constraints put a lot of grief on a player. I still like the timed level strategy, but when you get into that mid state where you might not finish the game in time, you end up rushing it, rather than sitting back and enjoying the game.
          The amount of days you have available should be ample, and give you a lot of leg room to really explore all the levels in detail, without feeling like you have to rush through, or forced to ignore an area you want to explore.
          Leaderboards or higher difficulties ect can always be added to test how quickly you can finish the game, and how efficiently, or reduce the amount of days you have, but have the first play throughs feel less restrictive.

    2. this game is surely groovy for the time limit and the strategy alone. i do admit that the first was difficult for me, i’d rather have the difficulty slighty higher than having it easier. more replay value besides, its not like you can change the fucking difficulty setting in story mode anyways. haha

    3. why would they bring back the time limit, that thing in a game like pikmin ruined it . alot! it even did in Nintendo land as well. a time limit is fine, but nintendo likes to have their limits limited as well. its fine to have one but not a strict one. like the first pikmin. you were forced to be strategic instead of have fun. whats wrong with player feedback. basically. its fine,but dont have a super strict piece of crap time limit. what were they thinking. a game is for fun more or less. other elements are time wasters or obstacles that add challenge but not a forced one. anyway thats my opinion. the pikmin series is great though, but those time limits man. ugh

    1. Pikmin 1 had an overall time limit similar to that of majoras mask I Beleive. If you didn’t complete the game in the overall time limit (30 days) then you lost! That’s how I understood it anyways

      1. Yeah, but with Majora’s Mask you could always travel back in time, slow it down and speed it up however you like, so there technically isn’t really a time limit

        1. Yes there is if u go back to da first day with completing a dungeon, u would lose all your progression. So u do have about 3 days (approximately 3-6 hour if u decide to slow time) to complete a dungeon. As i understand it.

  1. I liked the idea of having 1 “day” to accomplish goals. It would be nice if the sky color changed throughout the day, as it does in Ocarina of Time.

    Good move here though. I want original Pikmin formula with HD and a new story!

    1. I’m i remember the lighting changing as the time progressed?
      If not then that would be a nice visual indicator as to how long you have left.
      Less icons/HUD of the screen, the better.

      1. It may have, there was certainly the time progress bar across the top, and I seem to rememberthere being light change right before dusk, but couldn’t remember if it changed throughout the day as well.

        Can’t wait for Pikmin!

        1. Yeah, it would be nice, sort of starting in the morning, maybe mist and dew everywhere, then it gets sunny, then sunset to night.
          Seasons would be awesome too :3

      1. He has a point. Mario 2, Zelda 2, Metroid 2, Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Sunshine (if that counts as a 2 xD), Metroid Prime 2 (to some people, i think it’s better), Dead Space 2, Dragon Age 2, Black Ops 2, God of War 2, NSMB 2, Sonic Adventure 2, Pikmin 2, Halo 2, lot of bad 2’s out there xD

            1. Do you even think about what you write? You first wrote a bunch of games that are the second in their series and then after that, you finished off with “a lot of bad 2’s out there”, implying that every game you mentioned are bad. If a 2nd game wasn’t bad, then you shouldn’t have mentioned it in the list. There are no different interpretations here, that IS what you said, you maybe didn’t mean so but then you have to clarify that and NOT trying to be so damn headstrong with the probability of you leading other people into pointless arguments.

                1. Super Mario Galaxy 2? Seriously? Its galaxies were far more vibrant and diverse than those of the first game, and if I had to choose between the two, I’d be hard-pressed to decide which was actually better.

        1. Mario 2, Zelda 2, Mario Galaxy 2 were not disappointing in the slightest. Zelda 2 is my favorite Zelda game of all time, and just about every other person saw Galaxy 2 > Galaxy. Mario 2 while not a personal favorite, I didn’t find that it disappointed in any way. It was tough, unusual, but I wouldn’t say I felt any disappointment playing it.

          NSMB 2 definitely deserves the disappointment felt (I think a small portion of that was that it was not like the original Mario 2 {not the lost levels}).

        2. I dont like COD but Blops is the best COD since the original by fan consensus.

          And lets not forget. Red Steel 2 and No more Heroes 2

          1. Hell they even say the definitive experience is on the Wii U.
            Its multiplayer just has like a lower limit on Online than the 360 but controls are so much better by leaps and bounds

          1. It didnt impress me as much as the first one, and it wasnt scary :/

            Again, the vast majority of those games arent mad, they just arent what i’d want and what other people want from a sequel. Mario Galaxy 2 amazing game, but i was already blow away and used to what it introduced with the first one. Games that basically didnt live up to the hype or expectations

        3. No se que hare1 nintendo con las tajaetrs, pero ya estan algunas en internet, asique no creo que cobren por ellas. Veo bien lo de las estrellas e incluso monedas de la 3DS para conseguir el archivo que pasar al PC para imprimir.

    1. So all sequels suck in comparison to their predecessors, huh? All of them? Every single one? Ever?

      Does that include Mega Man 2, Street Fighter 2, Pokemon Gold and Silver, Croc 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Banjo-Tooie, Mario Kart 64, SoulCalibur (considering it’s a sequel to Soul Blade), Half-Life 2, Portal 2. Because those are all brilliant games, all the second entry in their respective series and, in my opinion, better than their predecessors.

      I realise my opinions are highly subjective, but my point still stands. All of the games I listed made significant advancements to their respective series and most fans unanimously prefer them to their predecessors. Seriously, who even plays Street Fighter 1 anymore? Many series have awful sequels, but many series have great sequels.

    2. Uncharted 2, starwars battlefront 2, hell vice city was the 2nd 3d grand theft auto, Melee was the 2nd smash bros. Game, metroid prime 2. There are great sequels.

  2. Wait…did Miyamoto just say he’s purposely made Pikmin 3 more challenging? 0.o

    I don’t feel so worried about the next Zelda game now.

  3. Not to sound like a jerk, but we want ZELDA, not Pikmin!
    I want to try Pikmin 1, 2, but for now, I “and many others” just want some sliver of Zelda info, please?

    Pretty please with a damn cherry on top?
    Cmon’ Mr. Motorola, we want ZELDA!!

    1. Shut up you nob.
      “Ermergerd, i want Zelda”.
      What are you, 10?
      Zelda is being made, guess what, most Zelda games take 3-4 years to be made, get over it. Pikmin is a great game, and it’s nice to see developers go off to make another game, with a different genre, can you imagine if Miyamoto just said, “nah, i’ll just make Mario forever”. Zelda wouldn’t exist, neither would Star Fox or Pikmin.
      Stop acting like a spoilt brat, and if you don’t like Pikmin either shut up or maybe its a good sign you should OTHER GAMES.

      1. Althogh I love Pikmin 3 (and spent 2 freaking years coming up with alternate pikmins and storylines for it at school). I too am waiting for the next Zelda for a few reasons.
        1. The developers have said that a few features have been added to the gamepad because of the next Zelda game.
        2. They have also sai that the dungeons will literary take hours to complete.
        3. I love the TLoZ franchise.

        But Joshua, the Zelda game is being made, so enjoy pikmin 3!

    2. The last Zelda game was about 2 years ago.

      The last Pikmin game was almost 10 years ago.

      I’m craving some PikPik carrots if you ask me.

    3. your a retard so, i’ll excuse your your stupidity. now accect my gift of the highest degree. *shoves a grenade up joshua’s ass*

  4. Hmmm, i was happy that pikmin two didn’t had the limmit because i spent a couple of days collecting berry’s for the potions before i went into some caves… but now you say, it does makes your experience realexter less crap i still need to do that and that.

    I hated it the first time on the first one tough, second time i had all parts collected in 24 in-game days. First time i barely had 20 parts before the game ended. And thats a issue i had with the time limmit, if its done its done… i want to be able to explore Pikmin 3’s worlds. They already look awesome and beautiful. (like the tornado creating enemy in the dark level, it looked so awesome lighting up.)

    1. With the 30 day limit there was replay value. I’ve never replayed Pikmin 2, I’ve played through 1 about 6 times. Got it down to about 13 days.

  5. i didnt play the sequel but the first one was really good, i think i give it a try :)

    and the pikmins always remind me on lemmings, dont know why ^^

    1. How, exactly? I was excited to hear this. I felt no sense of urgency when i played pikmin 2, the day limit is what made the first pikmin so great to me.

  6. Yeah and its important that you take the paper Mario series into the same direction as tyd. I’ve been playing sticker star for five hours and I’m not saying its bad, it’s just really odd that you don’t have a hammer attack that’s infinite as well as a jump attack. I keep going back to the same areas to keep restocking stickers. Anyways back to pikmin. I really hope this game holds us off until the next big Nintendo release. This is a game people have been waiting for a long time.

    1. I didn’t even finish Sticker Star, i just have no interest playing it, I’m on the last stages too.
      And reason why is 2 BIG reasons.
      No XP, and no real story.
      The whole point of an turn based is to be story based. Paper Mario, not amazing story, but still funny, still enjoyable. TTYD, amazing story and characters. Even Super PM had a very good story and that wasn’t eve turned based rpg anymore. Now if it had a story, but no XP, that wouldnt be too bad. The whole reason it’s turn based is because you can easily skip all most of the enemies if you want, but, because you need XP for bosses and times when you need to fight, you can easily enjoy it, and Paper Mario has a great fighting system. But because there’s no XP, an no story, every fight feels pointless, beside the boss, which all centre around 1 specific “real world” item sticker, which you might not even have and end up dying because of it.
      I like the Sticker system. Once you get into it, theres lots of strategy behind it, like deciding which stickers to use when, to reduce the amount you use, or keep your health up, or just get that coin bonus, an its good to see coins actually doing something in game. But its still very flawed :/

      1. ^100% this. I find the battles to be 100% pointless. More of a nuisance. I try to dodge them all since really you just throw away stickers for coins and have a chance of losing health. I also thought the story of Super Paper Mario was pretty solid and humoring. Kept me through it to finish it. I can’t believe they stripped the largest main pieces out of an awesome series. Now I’ll be more careful with its successor.

        1. Yeah. I mean Super Paper Mario had a really good story, probably the best in the series, Count Bleck is awesome >.<
          But yeah, everything felt pointless :/
          Also, some of the levels are clearly just filler, the jungle area, there a whole level where you avoid a fish trying to eat you on a raft, then you go down a waterfall, take 1 of 2 paths, and thats it….
          Seriously, what a waste -.-

          I haven't been majorly happy at with Nintendo games recently. Other M was a mess, Skyward Sword was a mess (in my opinion), now Paper Mario :/ not to mention the whole NSMB fiasco.
          There's still been amazing games, like DKCR, Kid Icarus, Kirby (but thats always good), Xenoblade ect, but you can tell that they've kept some developers too long on one franchise, so they feel the need to change it, and while change is good, too much change can ruin it, i'm genuinley worried about the next Zelda…i dont want a Skyward Sword 2 HD…

          1. Skyward sword was a mess? I mean yeah the the whole world was overall a bit linear, but the story was awsome and for once nintendo actually had a perfect balance of side quests with out ruining the experience, the character were amazing for nintendo actually made zelda feel like a 3 dimensional person that dealt like she was important in the game not some 1 dimensional character ( I’m looking at u Tp) and groose and ghirahamvwere fabulous, it all felt perfectly balanced in my eyes :)

          2. Surprised you don’t care for Skyward Sword. It’s my favorite 3D Zelda to date. I loved the side quests, I loved the stamina meter, the boss fights were actually hard, regular enemies were hard… the new weapons were great, the story was epic, etc.

            There are some downfalls though, I didn’t like returning to explored areas, I think the series needs to get into voice acting. I don’t care if Link has no voice, but other characters should talk to you and not bombard you with text boxes.

    1. I disagree, I don’t even use half the days they give me anymore. Granted, it takes practice, but it’s what makes it so great.

  7. You should be able to chose a difficulty:
    Easy mode: infinite days, enemies do little damage.
    Normal: 50 days, enemies usually deflower or kill pikmin.
    Hard: 30 days, enemies always deflower or kill pikmin.
    Intense: 15 days, enemies will 1-hit kill pikmin.
    If it takes about 30 days to beat the game, this could be a good feature.

  8. It does add to the difficulty level, but it makes it a lot more strategic. I don’t remember Pikmin 2 much, only played it a little, but I do remember hustling and running around trying to get everything done before nightfall. That was part of the fun!

  9. They can still leave out the time limit and keep it challenging. Ever seen Mario Bros speed runs? Just implement that into Pikmin 3 and have a leader board so you can see how fast you did compared to the rest of the players online. Many many Nintendo games give you either platinum, gold, silver, or bronze star for completing a level within a certain time frame. Kinda like collecting the 3 star coins in many of the Mario Bros games. There’s many many strategy games that don’t require time limits to keep it challenging, like Star Craft, Command and Conquer…etc.

  10. I wish I could write a letter to Nintendo, telling them which games they should base their sequels after. They are about to start disappointing people by choosing the wrong games.Pikmin 2 and Paper Mario 2 are the primary games they should listen to for their respected sequels and I’m sure there are many more games out there that they may be choosing the wrong sequels to listen to. I hope they chose the right game for New Leaf to take after because I don’t want 2013 to be a year of disappointments…

  11. I’m new to the Pikmin series and fell in love with it during E3 and then the Nintendo Land mini-game. Maybe I’m just too inexperienced with it, but the time crunch sounds excessive. I like a challenge, but at least give me enough time to explore or turn it off if I choose.

    I know I won’t really know until the game comes out, but I’d like to be able to at least finish the game. The reason for my concern is that I haven’t been able to complete stage 7 on NL and can’t any of the masteries yet. I just hope that Pikmin 3 is a little easier to pick up when it comes out.

    1. Go buy the first and second games for Wii? So you’re not lost, they’re like $16 and $17 used at Gamestop. I haven’t played the Nintendo land pikmin and idgaf, I’m not getting a Wii U until pikmin3 is out anyway so that minigame is non-factor. If you want to decide whether the time limit is for you, play the first one forsure, pikmin 2 was easy outside a couple caves where you watch your army get massacred :/. Watching those little guys due is the most cringe inducing thing in videogames.

  12. Honestly, this is disappointing news to me. I hated Pikimin 1’s time limit. I still haven’t been able to beat it to this day.

    Quite frankly, just because Pikmin 2 had infinite days doesn’t mean it was easier. You may have had all the time in the world this time, but the challenges were a lot harder in Pikmin 2.

  13. To me Pikmin 1 was perfect, it´s still the second most played game I have on my Wii, but I really hate Pikmin 2, how the game change to be more combat oriented, full of some of the most cheap enemies in the most cheapest placement and the bad programing, Pikmin 2 was just so unpolished, hearing that Pikmin 3 will be more like the first one is so good.

  14. I may be the odd ball but I liked the unlimited days. I like each day being on a time limit however. I also liked going underground because it taught me how valuable my Pikmin were since they can’t reproduce down there. Too me the game wasn’t easier than. The first only if you knew what to do with your purple pikmin.

  15. Pikmin 2 was only “easy” because of the caves, where time effectively stands still and you can be there forever. They cancelled out this problem somewhat though by making some quite frankly terrifying bosses (the Waterwraith especially).

    Basically, Pikmin 2 was still challenging, but for different reasons. The problem with Pikmin 1 is you couldn’t explore the gorgeous worlds because of the time limit. You were rushed to do everything 100% of the time. They could sort this out by having the worlds a lot smaller, but making a lot more of them.

    In effect, I’d like Pikmin 3 to be a combination of the best bits of the first two. 1 had more soul and purpose (collecting ship parts to repair your ship before you die was a lot more meaningful than collecting treasure to pay off your bosses debt), 2 had more challenges and bosses.

  16. I like the limited 100 pikmin on the field I’m just not sure if this game can handle 7 different species of Pikmin and still be as fun as Pikmin 1 and 2.But then it does have new creatures that are faster and stronger.

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  18. Oh MAN! This could be both good AND bad! Very BAD! Sure, it’s good to think that it might not be too easy (I HATE childishly easy games). But I really enjoyed those underground areas in Pikmin 2, where I finally didn’t have to worry about the dumb time limit.

    I also hope they bring back a lot of real life products for the Pikmin to collect. Some of the treasures in Pikmin 2 got a bit boring. Such as all of the multiple rings, jewels and marbles etc. I wish every treasure was unique. It would be funny to see a Mario action figure and some DS or classic cartridges from the NES, SNES and N64. I love nostalgic real-life products. R.O.B. The Robot’s head was one of my favorite treasures in Pikmin 2.

  19. Can’t believe I’m about to say this…

    I agree with Miyamoto-san. Despite the fact that I HATE being timed in video games, both Pikmin 1 and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask are perfect examples of the time mechanic affecting gameplay correctly. It’s nice to see Pikmin 3 return back to what made the series so unique to begin with.

    1. Agreed. I don’t know why everyone here is so disappointed by this news. I honestly don’t even like pikmin 2 very much.

      1. I didn’t like Pikmin 2 anywhere near as much as the original.

        To be honest, I felt as if it was going to be the last in the series because it nearly sucked out the entirety of what made the series an innovative, strategic game done right for home consoles (something that was not very popular at that time or now). For a long time throughout the Wii’s life cycle (until the New Play Control! series was announced), I thought that the Pikmin series would end up buried with the likes of other great Nintendo classics—man was I wrong.

        Since then, we have seen Nintendo actually PUSH the series into your everyday consumer’s hands by including Pikmin as an AR Card among the AR Games pack that you get with each purchase of a Nintendo 3DS system, introducing a Pikmin section of their Game Guide on, and having Pikmin actually carry all of your data by hand and whisk all of it away gracefully to your receiving device during a system transfer.

        It’s just absolutely beautiful. It brings tears to my eyes each time I see their little leaves, buds, and flowers on their heads bobble away as they take away my data. :’)

        I hope we will see this same treatment applied to games like Star Fox and F-Zero soon.

  20. I don’t know how I feel about this. I enjoyed the difficulty set by the time restraints of the first game, but also enjoyed the extra time to fully explore everything in the second.

  21. i played all the games in the pikmin series so far. i hope 2 get part 3 too. sometimes i wish i could transform into a bulborb with an extra long tongue, just because red pikmin are sexy. :D

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