Here’s The Sparkling Box-Art Of Pretty Cure All-Stars For Wii

pretty_cure_all-stars_box_art_wiiLast week, Namco Bandai Games announced that Pretty Cure All-Stars will launch in Japan on March 28th, 2013. The dancing game features characters and songs from the Pretty Cure series and is exclusive to Nintendo’s seventh-generation console, the Wii.


      1. Dunno if these are English Exlusive sweets , But midget gems , Tootie Fruity’s and Fruit pastels……

      2. im sure they taste just like american candy, but they have different names and shapes :)

    1. too late i can give you a link to where you can see all the hentei comix both hentei and none

  1. Not that there’s still Wii games being made and that fact that a Wii U is backwards compatible, Nintendo doesn’t have an excuse not to localize certain Wii games the West doesn’t have. Please give us the action packed Pandora’s Tower and the gorey NIntendo IP Zangeki no Reginleiv!

  2. off topic: you can now watch YouTube videos on Wii U browser now, strange how no one even talked about it.

    1. um we all know that like a month ago google said they fix it even this blog tolds us to check it out.

  3. *Now if This Cover doesn’t Attract your Attention in a heavily crowded store, Nothing Will……
    Too Many Cute Anime Girls!!! (Its almost Sickening)……. I think my Weak Heart is Gonna Explode from all the Cuteness!
    I Don’t care If your a Hardened Criminal whos been imprisoned for over 10 Years, U Can Not Deny that that is 1 of the most Awkwardly Adorable Things U Have ever seen in Your life.*

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