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Happy New Year


Alba and I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. As I mentioned on the Christmas post it is has been a fantastic year for the site, and that is thanks to all of you. 2013 is gearing up to be a great year for gamers in the West with Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Fire Emblem: Awakening on the Nintendo 3DS and Rayman Legends and Pikmin 3 for Wii U. What games are you most looking forward to playing in 2013?

– Sickr and Alba

137 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

    1. Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Lego City: Undercover, Monster Hunter Ultimate and 4, Wonderful 101, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Beyond: Two Souls, The Last of Us, Watchdogs, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow-Mirror of Fate and Unchained Blades to name a few.

    1. God, i hate that they’re dragging out the KH HD… Cant i just have 1 and 2 and be done with it? Nope, gotta wait and pay double than what i want. Great.

  1. All of those, Luigi’s Mansion, The Last of Us, Dead Space 3 (maybe, we’ll see if it just turns out to be Resident Space 6), Lords of Shadow 2 and 3DS, yeaah there’s a lot xD

    1. It’s developed by Ubisoft, and after the success of ZombiU and AC3 on the nintendo beast, it is coming to our eight generation console later, with all DLC.

      1. I’m a little skeptical about Watch Dogs all together.
        “Oh i can hack into all these networks and use technology as a weapon. But give me a gun and i’m John McLain, yippiekiyay motherfucker”.
        Just seems illogical. Let’s sneak in, and be incognito but then make cars crash and blow up and shoot guys in the face. Worse stealth than Assassin’s Creed, which explains alot.

  2. The main ones I’m looking for are the two 3DS games you mentioned being Fire Emblem: Awakening and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, because they’re some of my favourite game series’.

    1. lol, I can’t help but LAUGH at your comment. This is going to be the YEAR of Nintendo! :D We are going to get sooo many great things. I am sooo excited!

      1. True we have SO MANY games coming in for 3DS and Wiiu exclusively .

        And then we have E3, Which is going to be a Nintendo Shaped Nuclear bomb up the ass of MS and PS. SSBU gameplay /launch window , Monolith softs game ? , Retros game ? , Zelda 3DS , etc etc etc. Some shit is gunna go down at e3 I swear…..

  3. Happy new year everyone!
    I’m looking forward to Scriblenauts Unlimited, Lego City Undercover, Pikmin 3. I think they are in the top positions right now.

  4. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Animal Crossing: New Leaf!!!

    Also, why are people forgetting so much about MH all the time? That game is epic and should be thrown into everyone’s faces so more people will go buy and try it ;)

    1. I have never played a Monster Hunter game.
      It’s strange, I seem to be having trouble getting hyped for it. Does it have Local Coop?

      1. It does, the 3DS game can play together with other local 3DS+game or a Wii U with the game. Also the Wii U has online play, the 3DS version doesn’t though. But you can move your save file back and forward from the 3DS to the Wii U version, which is pretty awesome.

        1. If it has 3DS Local Co-op, and looks A LOT better than Heroes of Ruin, I’ll certainly buy it.
          IDK, Heroes wasn’t horrible, maybe it was more the glitches and repetitiveness, I really wanted to like HoR, but I don’t.

          I really Hope Monster Hunter is better. I will wait for some user reviews first.

          1. Monster Hunter is HECK a lot better than Heroes of Ruin. I’ve played several earlier games from this series and put hundreds of hours in every single game. This game has heck a lot of content so it’ll be sure to keep you busy for quite sometime as well.

          2. Mhhhm. I didn’t hate HoR. I actually put about 35 hours into the little bugger. But it was just so far from being what it should of been. I just hated the way you never ever ran out of health or magic potions. Maybe you had to use about 8 out of 20 on each boss and then you smash some generic scenery and get them back straight away.
            I also hated the nasty framerate and glitches.

            Other than that is was fun. 6.5/10

            Monster Hunter tri for wii is a 9.5/10 beast. And I presume MHU will be for wiiu too. The main thing I am excited for is just playing the game with a proper (1080p) resoloution now. The game is gorgeous. And now it gets the clarity it always deserved….

    2. There are more people hyped for monster hunter 3 Ultimate than you think, read the posts below yours. Remember Sony drones shall buy either the Wii U version or 3DS since playstation consoles lost the rights of monster hunter to Nintendo.

      1. I know the people are there, but a lot of news websites seem to not really mention the game that often. Like they’ll post a list of upcoming 3DS/Wii U games and MH isn’t even in the list. Also, when I posted this message I was the only one posting about MH here :P.. so yeah might have spoken a bit too early.

        Needless to say I’m excited to see the number of people who want this game in general growing – though I’m just a MH hardcore junkie and would like it to become insanely popular so we never have to be unsure about the next titles coming to the west ever again. :D

  5. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    Finally gonna get a 3ds with the epic kid icarus uprising and monster hunter 3ultimate . mario kart 7 and maybe oot.

  6. I am waiting for aliens, retro studio game announcement, pikmin3, Rayman legends, and i know Nintendo got alot of secrets game for us that they gonna show this year

  7. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    And gonna play black and white . Then black and white 2. Cant wait for a pokemon announcement for 3ds hope they go all 3d like in like the game cube games

  8. Sad new year,i hope nintendo will close for ever,microsoft will get more money by their best products and i hope cancer to the most regions HAHAHAH

    1. Wishing you a prosperous new year as well. Prayed against your evil wish of cancer. You need to realise this is very well Nintendo’s year. All they need is one or two block busters, one third party exclusive and it’s in the bag. Microsoft won’t have it easy because the PS4 will most likely be more powerful than the Xbox720 with a copied Wii U controller.

      1. Uhh… no Microsoft has more money to throw around than Sony lol.

        and Sony threw all their eggs into the gaming industry so …. its up in the air.

        But Sony cant do anything worth jack jigga crack. And Microsoft keeps filing weird patents for things that will turn gamers off majorly

  9. awww,Sickr do you got 3ds or WiiU or 360 or PS3.Add me on 3ds 2363 6674 0779.WiiU: maniax300 360: Bigboy25 Psn: maniax300

  10. The Wii U games I’ll be looking forward to in 2013 are Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101, and an announcement from both Nintendo and Retro Studios either at E3 or Nintendo Direct.

  11. Happy and prosperous New Year! Alba and Sicr it’s the West, Middle East, Africa, Island central and south America that are nintendo. I have friends from all regions, Nintendo is loved by more people than even nintendo itself knows :). MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE!

  12. WII U 32GB model is $400 and 8GB model is $350 ( Look at [NEW]).
    I feel like I am going to get riped off by nintendo at those prices.( Do not start saying ps3/xbox is more outragous in prices as they at least came with larger HDD’s and offerings).
    Instead of lowering the prices, all they did was increase them $50 higher.
    At least PS VITA will have a price cut in 2013.
    I am always woundering if nintendo will release 64GB models.
    And the 3DS eshop have overrated user rated 5 star games that do not deserve it ( I am noticing that all user rated products are either 1 star or 5 stars, but never in between).
    Also nintendo needs to price cut 3DS digital eshop games.

      1. I’m thinking this is just AMAZON rising the prices on the new console.
        OR, Nintendo did rise the price up by $50 for each model.
        But, I do not know what to say about this. Maybe nintendo has gone greedy with the wii u OR is could be just AMAZON rising the prices for the wii u to profit.

        1. Amazon(.com) doesn’t sell Wii U systems. You’re looking at individual people or companies who are selling Wii U consoles through the Amazon seller function (like ebay).

          These are likely people who purchased the systems to resell them, thinking there was going to be a huge shortage that they could make profit off of.

          The SRP for the Wii U is $299 for the 8GB and $349 for the 32GB.

          1. Atlast the voice of reason i could have said that but could not find the words my english is kind of limmited :).

    1. Don’t buy from… thats your first problem. Who knows kf Nintendo will release a 64GB model?? Also, to each his own rating on the e-shop, and lastly Nintendo would discount e-shop games if no one was buying them…. sooo, people must be buying them! ;)

  13. Since I only own the Wii U now and have an old outdated PC, my gaming knowledge has fallen to the wayside.

    From reading up and watching Youtube videos, I’m really excited for Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Monster Hunter and Aliens: Colonial Marines. The lego game seems promising considering that I’ve never played a lego series game before.

    Lastly, this is purely speculation however going off of one of the previous E3s there was hinting at the possibility that EA might produce a Battlefield game for the Wii U in the future which I would absolutely love. Sadly, I’ve missed out on the series since BF2 on PC and thoroughly enjoyed in then. So assuming this is coming, I can’t wait!

  14. hey guys you think new super mario bros u DLC is coming soon? I just need the star coins for the star world and im done with the game.

  15. Happy new year guys!

    Scribble nauts unlimited
    NG3 RE
    Rayman Legends
    Aliens colonial marines
    Pikmin 3
    Wonderfull 101
    Bayonetta 2
    Monster Hunter Ultimate
    Project cars


    Luigis mansion 2
    Fire embem
    Animal Crossing new leaf
    |Castlevania MoF
    Pokemon mystery dungeon

    Any many many others I shal buy this year!!!!




    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone ^-^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Happy new year everyone! the game I am looking forward to is a new donkey kong country on the wii u, i love and can’t stop playing that series !

  18. This year is going to be great, I can’t wait for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Pikmin 3, LEGO City Undercover, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates of Infinity, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight, Bayonetta 2, Game & Wario, Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101 and hopefully if they bring over some of the Japan exclusive’s I hope for Project X Zone, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest X.
    Plus there’s Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider to name a few games on non-Nintendo consoles.

  19. Of course, as many others will more than likely proclaim, I am looking forward to playing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. It’s scheduled to be out by the end of March.

  20. Off of the top of my head, my games for this year:

    Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
    Soul Sacrifice
    Tomb Raider
    Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    Bioshock Infinite
    Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
    Killzone Mercenaries
    The Puppeteer
    Beyond: Two Souls
    Pikmin 3
    Gears of War: Judgment
    Until Dawn
    The Last of Us
    GTA V
    Metro Last Light
    Monster Hunter 3 U
    Sim City
    Lego City: Undercover
    Rayman Legends
    Crysis 3

    I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting and there are some I also can’t talk about yet. :) It’s going to be a great year for gaming.

      1. I don’t think consoles could have really done this new Sim City justice. At least not any consoles that were on the market back when they first started developing the game.

        And Until Dawn is a PS3/Move game. Horror/Survival. Kind of like one of those dumb teen horror films; But I think it looks interesting enough, from the gameplay previews I have seen of the game:

  21. HAPPY NEW YEAR Sickr AND Alba!
    I love this site. You’ve kept me informed of all things Nintendo, and I don’t even need magazines as long as I’ve got this site to inform me of things. This (and 2 other people) are the only ones I’m following on Twitter MyNintendoNews is the only reason I go back several times a day.

    This is the year I’ll finally get a Wii U, Pikmin 3, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. But I hope Nintendo releases a cool special edition 3DS XL soon, because I’m holding out on buying any 3DS games until I get an XL. I don’t wanna ruin any games by playing them on my small 3DS. I can’t wait to see what games Nintendo is working on this year. As far as games goes, I think it’s gonna be a great year. Much better than 2012.

      1. My nintendo news is as far the best nintendo site in the global but,@sickr and @Alba you should ban the trollers and that zigfried too and make a new comment option which it will be good for the site’s ballance

  22. Now that it’s 2013, I’d like to ask you (Hideki Kamiya) a question. Do you want to start on/reboot Star Fox or Murasame Castle first when you get done with Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2?

  23. Happy new year minna! Thanks Sickr and Alba for making such a nice site with up-to-date Nintendo news pretty much daily. It’s easier said than done to run an active site like this, good work!!

  24. Wii U:

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    Pikmin 3
    Rayman Legends
    Wind Waker HD
    Any other games from Nintendo Direct that Come Out this year and I like


    Fire Emblem: Awakening
    Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
    Pokémon X Y
    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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