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Check Out This Portable SNES

portable_snesA modder by the name of robotairz recently uploaded a gallery of a portable Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which can be seen above.

The modder says he or she made the device in 2011 and is offering to sell it. If you want to purchase this portable SNES, send robotairz a personal message on Reddit.

Several photos of the device can be viewed here.

54 thoughts on “Check Out This Portable SNES”

    1. The case itself is actually far from a toy, I own one, and it’s basically capable of surviving a plane crashing in the ocean. (Assuming it doesn’t catch fire, and you can find it again, Lol)

      Anyway, integrated with a SNES, it’s just a retro game system mod, like a Gamecube I saw once integrated with a Starwars ATAT walker.

    1. Ugh I wish! Nintendo is incredibly slow bringing gaames to the eshop. How is it so hard? Just package each game with an emulator and let us download it! It can’t be too hard considering I could go on coolroms right now and download every good snes game in less than an hour.

        1. I know, but it still can’t be complicated enough to where we don’t end up ever getting any. They have got to at least try because my 3DS has been boring lately, and I waould like some good old fasioned SNES games.

  1. They need to start remaking classic hardware with new parts so we can experience older games but played properly through the proper hardware and not emulated. It makes a big difference.

      1. Its because a lot of 40 year old nintendo fanboys bash younger people, saying that we all play iphone games or don’t understand what gaming really is. Its really annoying. So we state our age to teach ignorant fools a lesson.

  2. Best console of all time now portable?? Hell yeah! I still own my snes to this day since its launch in 1991, of course 360/PS3 dickriders wouldnt understand, too powerful for their eyes lol

  3. This is pretty awesome! Now if he made a portable original XBOX that could play Halo CE, and Halo 2, I would buy that so quickly!

        1. Mostly because Japan is the biggest handheld market, and Japan shits on anything Microsoft (It wouldn’t do well here in the states either, as it would probably be in direct competition with the Vita or direct competition with the 3DS, and would get smashed either way.

          1. I know but Halo on the go, I would buy it in a heartbeat, I wouldn’t care if it failed or not! But it would be rought o enter the handheld market, I can understand that.

  4. Ha pretty cool even though it looks pretty chunky. But whatever, as if it’s so easy to make an egronimic, portable version of a home console xD

  5. let me speak for aeolus here: “this thing is shit. fkn shitendo fan boys will eat up anything shitendo. This thing is dated running a fkn 20 year old cpu and gpu. any true gamer would never touch this thing. It’s laughable, can’t even output 460p visuals. also, im an asshole”

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