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Game Of The Year 2012

rhythm_heaven_feverOut of all the great games that were released in 2012, including Kid Icarus: Uprising, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop DistancePokemon Conquest, Crashmo, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Scribblenauts Unlimited and Little Inferno, one special title is my personal favorite.

My game of the year 2012 is Wii-exclusive Rhythm Heaven Fever, also known as Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise.

For me, picking game of the year is primarily based based on one factor – fun. To date, with over 87 hours of playtime and counting, Rhythm Heaven Fever is the second most-played game on my Wii.

The music video game, developed by Nintendo and TNX, features over 50 quirky and addicting minigames that are easy-to-learn but challenging to master. From beautiful visuals to catchy music to extremely fun gameplay, Rhythm Heaven Fever has it all.

For more on why Rhythm Heaven Fever is my favorite game of 2012, read our Rhythm Heaven Fever review.

Everyone has his or her own opinions… What is your favorite game of 2012?

173 thoughts on “Game Of The Year 2012”

    1. To clarify: What criteria does a game have to meet in order to be considered game of the year material – according to your standards here at My Nintendo News?

            1. Well, I’m still thinking about all the stuff I bohgut last year which is still in the package waiting to get out. Young Justice 6 inch figures. DC Direct I picked up at NYCC and the annual sale at a local shop. Dozens of HeroClix that I’ve acquired in the past 3 weeks. My NYCC commemorative Tshirt is still in its wrapper. So much stuff that when I went to Wal-mart last evening and saw the DCUC Crime Syndicate 5 pack at the reduced price of 37.40 that I just said No. .Next year? I’d like to see someone finally make a 6 inch scale Rocket Red.

        1. games are made just to make you have fun, like Xenoblade Chronicles, it was the game that gave me more fun this year, fun is something that you cant explain how you gained it, its something that you just feel, i didnt get the opportunity to play rythm heaven, because i never found it in stores here in Mexico, but i saw videos of it and it looked really adictive, like SSBB but in a diferent way, thats why i agree with Alba saying that rythm heaven was her choice because she had more fun with that game

        2. You are over-thinking this dude.
          Alba’s just making a fun post on what game he/she enjoyed playing the most in 2012, it’s not an official award or anything. :p

          1. Yeah, but Alba is obviously a casual who does nothing but make opinionated posts on this site. This is MY NINTENDO NEWS not MY NINTENDO NEWS WITH ALBA’S TWO CENTS ABOUT THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY!

                1. By saying faggot? Think again pal. If that were the case I would be “afraid” of my sister. Which I’m not. Once again though, you’re a faggot.

        1. Well Sony are always copying the shit out of Nintendo so much that they seem to end up as Nintendo news quite a lot.

          In other news I’m buying a ps vita off my lil bro’s friend! he doesn’t like it. I’ve test drived it and I love it. He bought it with Declassified pre installed *facepalm*. That game litteraly has worse graphics than almost ANY FPS on the wii.

          That aside , Wipeout has amazing graphics , so does Rayman origins and gravity rush and uncharted.

          I do like the PS vita……… But it’s simply not as fun (to me) as the 3DS…..

              1. No, Aeolus is just a little Sony fanboy who got caught by his mom masturbating to transvestite furries, so he takes out his angry and guilt on the Internet.

        2. Yeah, but news concerning other companies often (albeit vague) has some connection to Nintendo as competitors. E.g comparing details of future consoles with Nintendo’s current hardware or something, I dunno. Posting something like ‘X believes PS3 game Y is GOTY’ just doesn’t seem to fit that trend.

        3. Also, it seems to attract Sony fanboys. I’m sure you’ve been asked this several times, but you obviously don’t like Nintendo, so why exactly in the fuck are you here?

        1. Who said is not,maybe he play other consoles too i play all consoles and my fave game this year is final fantasy thearythm.

      1. :P Well I heard of it and so did alba. A game doesn’t have to be well-known to be game of the year in someone’s view.

        1. Nope, Wikipedia says it came to Japan on June 10, 2010, Europe August 19 2011, and North America on April 6th, 2012. So for “Game of the Year” would be a game that came out in 2012, and Xenoblade arrived in his region in August of last year.

    1. I thought it was good and i may have gone teary eyed .__. but was hardly a game, same with Heavy Rain, more like an interactive movie/TV show.

      1. I’d honestly put it in the same category as Virtues Last Reward and that.

        If I had to pick one that isnt interactive movie/tv show like, it would be dishonored.

        1. Yeah, that game’s good too.
          I still wouldn’t count it as a game, an interactive novel, but doesn’t make it bad at all, wasn’t overpriced either like Heavy Rain or every Quantic Dream game

  1. xenoblade chronicles is my goty. fucking loved that game from start to finish. the last story is a close second.

  2. My GoTY: Kid Icarus Uprising. 90 some hours for me. Really tried to go for the 100%, but with impossible ones like beating all chapters on intensity 9 (and couldn’t use a feather on it either) so I had to give up at some point.

    I’m hoping to get Xenoblade soon… (I’m in the states).

  3. Nintendo exclusive GOTY? hmmmmmmm

    NSMBU , Nintendo Land , The last story , Kid icarus uprising , Resident evil revelations , Virtues last reward (on vita too) . Xenoblade (considering it launched in 2012 in USA

    Between one of those , and i’m probably missing some.

  4. Unfortunately my game of the year comes from the Xbox. The game I have played the most and still do since its release is Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. One of the greatest games I have ever played. On the side of Nintendo, my NINTENDO game of the year is Kid Icarus Uprising. A fantastic game for the 3DS. :)

                1. Awwwwwwww! Do you like building little pixelated houses and building tunnels because you are a loser in real life? Poor kid! I feel so sorry for you little guy!

                  1. 1) Minecraft encourages creativity, you can stick to your rehashed kiddy mario shit if you like
                    2) I’m 2.01m tall, don’t know where you got little from
                    3) Not much of a loser, I’m actually fairly successful and have played the property market exceptionally well
                    4) Had enough of being a faggot yet?

      1. Everyone knows, those who don’t like Minecraft never tried it. ;) Or your pretending to hate it cuz you are butthurt it didn’t come to the Wii and has no chance on Wii U!!

            1. Minecraft would be a bigger hit on the Wii U than the Xbox 360… more casual gamers are linked to Nintendo. Hope it will come when Microsoft and Mojang’s contract runs out!

  5. Rhythm Heaven Fever is also my favorite game of the year. I can’t believe how a simple game like that can be so addictive. Though it left me so frustrated cause I could never got my 50th perfect: Remix 10 :(

  6. Never played this but I’ll check it out. My fav game this year would have to be bowsers inside story, Even though it wasn’t released last year

      1. Ahhaha. I’m wondering of they would make a bowsers inside story 2 since I think the gameplay was wonderful. Have you played partners in time?

        1. No I have not, though I do know the gameplay is like Bowsers Inside Story, and I too hope for a Bowser’s Inside Story 2!

  7. Wow guys. Just Wow.
    Alba’s just having a little fun, and STILL this became a troll post war?
    STILL people are complaining?
    Lighten up guys.

    @Alba: I haven’t played that game, but will give it a shot given your review. I would say my game of the year would be Kid Icarus on the 3DS, and ZombiU on my WiiU. I’ve sunk a lot of time into both.

    There have been sooo many games I’ve enjoyed this year, so runners up would be:
    – Little Inferno
    – Metroid Fusion, Virtual Console
    – Liberation Maiden
    – RE Revelations
    – virtue’s Last Reward
    Too Many to pick just one!

    PS: Happy New Year.
    Don’t let the blog-snobs get U down !

          1. He’s right.
            Why do you like supporting a site you seem to hate?
            Web-trends much?
            You are helping this site generate far more hots than if you had kept your mouth shut.

  8. In my opinion, my game of the year is Nintendo Land. My reason is because Nintendo have introduced to everyone globally on how the Wii U GamePad works and the functionality in the way we play games on their new system…. especially asymmetric multi-play.

  9. i’ve played so many games it’s hard to keep track, i guess the game i played the most is Ninja Gaiden 3: RE an amazing game

  10. Wow! I see a lot of Kid Icarus Uprising Game of the Year posts….It just so happens mine is also KID ICARUS UPRISING! :D

  11. GoTY for me is Kid Icarus Uprising, because I can’t pick LoZ OoT 3DS as it was released in 2011 :( K.I.U is still an amazing game though. Thats why its my GoTY this year ;)

  12. GoTY for me is Kid Icarus Uprising, because I can’t pick LoZ OoT for the 3DS as it was released in 2011. :( K.I.U is still an AmAzInG game though! Thats why it’s my GoTY this year! :)

  13. Resident Evil: Revelations for me. Raid mode is challenging and addictive! Btw, Happy New Year to everybody!

  14. Wow. Just wow. Before I say something that gets you all butthurt, I’ll say this: tie between Kid Icarus: Uprising and Resident Evil: Revelations.

        1. Here ill say it:

          Alba is a casual ganer with shit taste in video games.

          NSMB U, Nintendoland, KI:U, ZombieU, Paper Mario SS, ME:3, Batman AC, ect.ect came out and his GOTY is RHF?

          Either Troll Post or Shit Gamer.

  15. my game of the year is………….idk

    i don’t think i’ve played any games from 2012 lol.


          1. I’m talking about the console version of Sonic Generations. I don’t know why, the game itself takes about 2 hours to beat, yet I spent well over 400 hours playing it and replaying it, I have every level memorized and sped-run perfected to a T

  16. Only on the internet can people complain about an innocent post praising Rhythm Heaven Fever…

    BTW, my game of the year (on Nintendo) is Kid Icarus: Uprising. But that’s only because it was released in 2012.

    Really, the game I’ve played the most in 2012 has been Xenoblade. And I STILL haven’t finished it…damn this ‘life’ that keeps getting in the way!

  17. i am bad at these “best” or “favorite” things (Kid Icarus is the first thing that came to mind though)

    there were some pretty cool games this year
    expecting some cool games next year

    video gaaaames

  18. Well in terms of games that came out this year, i’d say Dishonored, Borderlands 2, Xenoblade, or Kid Icarus (if that came out this year).
    But i only play Skyrim this year so it kinda overshadowing xD

  19. I must get a hold of that game. I’ve wanted to try it for quite some time, but haven’t found an affordable copy in my country yet. I’ve mostly seen it for full price and even if it’s worth it, It’s a bit too much right now. But I must have it. <3

  20. My favorite was Rhythm Heaven Fever as well! Great choice Sickr!
    I would put Kid Icarus second though, it was also incredible.

  21. Overall for me I would have to say Halo 4, what can I say I’m a major Halo nerd. But if I had to choose for nintendo, it would be Pokemon black and white 2

    1. I didnt like it that much :/ battling seemed pointless, due to no EXP, i almost wondered why it was in the game at all, and when battling is pointless, and the story is nowhere near as good as the previous game, the game becomes pointless :|
      I like the Sticker mechanic, one you get used to it, it’s quite a deep system, working out whih sticker to use to minimise hit on you and the amount of stickers you use.
      Also the paper universe in the game took itself to new levels, some really awesome stuff they do with that, lie stacking Toads in a cupboard like a pile of paper, or scrunching them up and being thrown in a bin, and how the cloud have wires holding them, it’s really good.

      But as gameplay and story goes, it just didnt deliver at all :/ Thousand Year Door is one of my favourite games ever though

        1. Thousand year door was a fantastic game, one of my favorites for gamecube. But my favorite game of all time is super mario sunshine.

  22. I don’t know, I think the best game for the first have of the year was Kid Icarus, and best game for second half was Black2/White2

  23. I really loved “hey ice king, whyd you steal our garbage” the fact that i went back to the roots of Zelda 2 made it all the better. Its not my game of the year, but it certainly deserves honorable mentions.

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